Popular Science - 1974

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Highlights Of This Issue - New Turbotrains Pace The Comeback Of Passenger Railroads (European technology is making our train service faster, more comfortable); Superconductors - Cold Comfort In The Energy Crunch (Supercooled materials will help us save power normally wasted as heat); This Steam Car Works - And It Meets Tough '77 Standards (Carter's engine drives without coddling - exactly like a standard car); How To Pick Your '75 Car For Better Gas Mileage (We've checked the mpg of economy cars, mid-range cars, and gas guzzlers); Home Heating: Again This Winter, Efficiency Is Essential (Computer studies, plus better accessories, will help you beat fuel costs) Cars And Driving - This Steam Car Works...And It Meets Tough '77 Standards; Catalytic Converters In The '75 Cars - Do We Really Need Them?; Will The New Converters Be A Health Hazard?; The '75 Compacts: Detroit's New Standard-Size Cars; How To Pick Your '75 Car For Better Gas Mileage; New System Monitors Air In Tires; Automatic On/Off Switch Saves Gas Science And Inventions - Superconductors: Cold Comfort In The Energy Crunch; How Laser Beams Paint Hi-Fi News Photos; Revolutionary On-Site Energy Source For Your Home Special Report - New Turbotrains Pace The Comeback Of Passenger Railroads Outdoor Recreation - Can-Am 175 - A Mountain Goat; Boat That Clams Up For Traveling; Boatman And Fisherman Team Up Aboard A Coho Catcher Home Improvement - Deep-Textured Tiles Look Like The Real Thing; Home Heating: Again This Winter, Efficiency Is Essential; U-F Foam - The Answer For Uninsulated Homes; Two Ways To Tile By The Sheet; Hydraposit House Painting: Color It Fast; Make Your Own Property Map; Steel Studs Frame Any Wall Fast; Pumice Makes Decks Skidproof; Oil-Burner Clock; Wall Rack Displays Your Skis; Low-Cost Storm Windows For Basement Wells What's New Digest - Windpower Bikes And Belly Boats; For Pilots: Night-Vision Goggles; Mini "Dish Ovens" Save On Energy; Bike Camper; What's New In Boating; What's New In Tools; What's New In Home Improvement; Wnat's New In Electronics; What's New For Your Car Tools And Techniques - Lazy-Man's Guide To Snow-Throwers; Consumers Get A Hot New Torch; A Yard Vac For Your Garden Tractor; $35 Chain Saw - Gutsy And Basic; Operation ID Lowers Theft Risks; Speed Changer For A Drill Press Electronics - Projection TV; Electronic License Plate; Security Electronics For Your Leisure Home PS Buyer's Guide - How To Choose And Use All Those New Adhesives Every Month - PS Readers Talk Back; The View Down The Road; Recreation Roundup; Look And Listen; Detroit Report; New Ideas From The Inventors; "Say, Smokey-"; Science Newsfront; PS: What's News; Taking Care Of Your Car; Shop Talk; Wordless Workshop