How To Order

First you need to decide how you want your purchase shipped and how you would prefer to pay for your purchase. The options available will be explained below.

The two methods of shipping that I use from the United States Post Office within the continental U.S.A. are First Class and Priority Mail. First Class is the less expensive of the two methods but takes longer for delivery. By their definition Media Mail cannot be used since nothing containing advertising is allowed to be shipped by Media Mail. Old magazines and old ads are advertising, even though they are not current.The Post Office usually tells me it will take two or three days for Priority Mail and around one week for First Class. Insurance and tracking are also available upon request with Priority Mail. The Shipping and Handling costs that I charge are dependant upon the actual cost. If your order has more than one ad or magazine I will charge you just enough to cover the actual shipping and packaging costs. If you email me with what you want to buy and the zip code that it will be shipped to I will give you the actual cost. An average cost for shipping one item by First Class is $2.50 and by Priority Mail is $5.40. The price of $5.30 is programmed into my PayPal buttons for domestic shipments and is an average of what the actual costs will be. From Michigan where I live Priority Mail can cost me from as low as $4.75 up to $5.83. I have chosen to use the $5.30 price as one that allows me to break even.

Please, if you are going to send a check or money order to me, send an email to me letting me know that a payment is coming and what it is coming for. If you don't, and if someone else orders the last of an item that I have before your payment reaches me, it will be sold to them. If you let me know you are mailing a payment for something specific, I can make sure that it is available when your payment arrives.

Payments can be made one of three different ways. I accept PayPal, money orders and checks. If PayPal is used I will ship your purchase within one business day of receiving notification from PayPal confirming payment. If you would prefer to use money order or check these can be mailed to
Vic Schermerhorn
214 Sunset Drive
Dowling, MI 49050.

If payment is made with a money order I will ship your purchase within one business day of receiving payment. If payment is made by check I will wait for five business days to be sure that the check clears before shipping your purchase.

We do make sales and ship to locations out of the United States. The prices assigned to the PayPal Shopping Cart buttons are for shipping within the Continental U.S. only. Email me with your location and I will be more than happy to supply with exact shipping prices.

e-mail Vic with questions