Popular Mechanics - 1980

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Special Features - First Look At The Cars Of The '80s (It will be a tumultuous decade in Detroit. PM pins down the carmakers to give you an inside track on what the market will bear); When Your Furnace Quits (Power failure, furnace malfunction or fuel shortage could cost you plenty if you lose heat in the dead of winter. Here's how to avoid house-wrecking damages); We Test The Biggest Outboard (Mercury's 300-hp whopper delivers a credible 3 mpg in PM's trial); Plastic Pipe For Do-It-Yourself Plumbing (All you need to know to work with the latest materials); Top Decks For The New Metallic Tapes (Recording and playback tests on four new decks show great sound possibilities with 'metal' tapes) Automobiles And Bikes - Imports And Motorsports; Detroit Listening Post; Saturday Mechanic: How To Tune Up For Fuel Economy - Part 2; Car Clinic; The PM Garage; PM Puts You In The Driver's Seat Of The Cars Of The '80s; Truckers With The Yen For Beauty; Driving The New 4wd Tubodiesel Scout; PM Owners Report: Saab 900 Home And Yard - Appliance Clinic; Energy-Saving Fireplace Cover That's Easy To Make; Homeowners' Clinic; Do Your Own Plumbing With Plastic; Sweep Your Flues Clean: Avoid Costly Chimney Fires; 39 Steps To Weather A Winter Power Failure Electronics, Radio And TV - PM Electronics Monitor; 4 New Tape Decks Worth Singing About; PM's Silencer Cuts Off Nagging TV Commercials Every Month - Letters; Notes From The Editor; PM Briefs; It's New Now Shop And Crafts - PM Workbench; Simple Clamps From Scrap; Hints From Readers; New Now For Home And Shop; Weekend Workshop: 4 Quick And Easy Projects; Two Bright Ideas For Shop-Made Lamps; Workshop Minicourse: More About The Bandsaw Boating And Outdoors - All Outdoors; New Boats For The 1980s; PM Tests The Biggest Outboard Ever; New Gear For Snow Sport; Snowshoeing - Old Sport, New Action; Camping Gear - An Answer Made To Order Science And Engineering - Science Worldwide; Grand Design: That's Some Kind Of Suspension; Looking Down In The Dumps - For Energy; How You Can Pull Cash From Trash Photography - Photo Hints Aviation - 7 Exciting New Sports Planes You Can Build

Special Features - Olympic Ski Jumpers - Human Flying Machines (Engineering of both the jumper's form and the hill he tries to beat make a spectacular but safe Olympic event); PM Drives 3 New VW's (First extensive driving trials for the new Vanwagon, plus pickup and convertible models); How To Keep Your Basement Dry (PM runs down the best ways to avoid the most common homeowner problem); Testing A Pedal Plane Anyone Can Fly (M.I.T. biplane design advances human-powered flight technology); Attic Remodeling (PM's model project gets the most from an unfinished attic); New Projection TV's (Pick 'em for screen brightness, or build your own kit projector) Automobiles And Bikes - Imports And Motorsports; Saturday Mechanic: How to find, service and replace your car's sensors); The PM Garage; Car Clinic; Detroit Listening Post; Driving The 1980 VWs; Driving The 1980 Honda Civic Electronics, Radio And TV - PM Electronics Monitor; What To Look For In New Direct-Drive Audio Gear; Hints From Readers; Computerized Sketch Pad You Build From A Kit; Get The Big Picture: Pick Of The Projector TVs; Build A Giant Screen TV - From Kit Or Scratch Science And Engineering - Science Worldwide; The Jump Anatomy Of The Top Olympic Spectacle; A Human Flying Machine; The Freedom Balloon; 100 Ways To Beat The Border; Plastic Gets Tough Boating And Outdoors - All Outdoors; PM's Pick: 10 Boats That Are Tops For 1980; Tabs To Trim Gas Use By Half!; New Gear To Go Afloat Every Month - Letters; Notes From The Editor; PM Briefs; It's New Now Home And Yard - New Storm Door Lets Your Front Door Show; Homeowners Clinic; New Heat Pump Lowers Your Hot Water Bill; Appliance Clinic; Homebuilt Tractor Cab Takes The Bite Out Of Snowblowing; UL Pushes For Safer Appliance Power Cords; Shop-Made Hardness Tester For Metalworkers; How To Make Room At The Top...With Class; 11 Ways Water Gets Into Your Basement - And How To Stop It Shop And Crafts - New Now For Home And Shop; PM Looks At Handle Repair Kit; Hints From Readers; PM Workbench; 4 Valentines From Your Shop; From Lincoln's Law Office: A Handsome Pine And Maple Bench You Can Build; Weekend Workshop: 4 Great Projects For Your Shop; Automatic Center Finder; Pivotal Radial-Saw Rip Fence; Mobile Accessory For Tool Cabinet; Rotary Punch For Neat Holes; Workshop Minicourse: Installing A Bandsaw Blade Photography - Photo Hints; Six Photo Mistakes Even The Pros Make - And How To Prevent Them Aviation - What It's Like To Fly The M.I.T. Pedal-Powered Biplane

Special Features - Gardening And Outdoor Living (PM's annual special includes complete project plans plus advice and ideas for getting the most from lawn and garden. The 35-page section begins on Page 137); Commuter Mopeds (Here's a compete rundown on bike types and things to consider before you make a Moped part of your work routine); Secrets For Finding Firewood (PM spots seven not-so-obvious sources for obtaining good firewood cheaply or free of charge); How To Drive For Maximum MPG (Department of Energy and Arco test programs now under way across the country show you how to boost your mpg rating from 20 to 30 percent. To start, read about the techniques); Build A Child's "Roll-Top" Desk (Complete building plans in this issue) Automobiles And Bikes - Imports And Motorsports; Detroit Listening Post; Saturday Mechanic: Cooling System Supper Tune-Up; Car Clinic; The PM Garage; What You Should Know Before You Start...Commuting By Moped; Fuel For The Future: Driving For Economy; PM Owners Report: Audi 4000 Shop And Crafts - Hints From Readers; New Now For Home And Shop; Wooden Escutcheon Plates; Carbide-Tipped Router Bits; Decorative Cabinet For Spools; Something For Nothing: Projects From Throwaways; Build This "Roll-Top" Desk For Your Youngster; Workshop Minicourse: Joinery; Old-Time Shutters That Look Great - And Save Heat; Build PM's Perpetual Calendar; Two Handsome Hurricane Sconces You Can Make; PM Workbench Boating And Outdoors - All Outdoors; Miniatures That Shoot; Special Camping Section New RV Lightweights That Go Light On Fuel; There's A Hitch In Towing With Compacts; Kit Gear For Low-Cost Camping; Accessories To Go Along Photography - Make Your Own Camera Harness; Photo Hints; A Right Arm For Your Tripod Every Month - Letters; Notes From The Editor; PM Briefs; It's New Now PM's 1980 Gardening And Outdoor Living Guide - Build PM's Back-Yard Utility Shed; 1980 Models: 10 Muscle-Powered Yard Tools; Hand Mowers: Keep Your Lawn And Yourself In Shape; Privacy Fence You Can Build In A Weekend Or Two; How You Can Haul A Big Harvest From A Small Plot; Protect Against Rot And Insects With Pressure-Treated Wood; 15 New Products For Yard And Garden; Turntable For Grooming Bonsai; Sturdy, Stylish Gate Is Easy To Build Home And Yard - Appliance Clinic; PM Looks At Another Rust Primer; New Products You Should Know About; Homeowners Clinic; New Products For Your Yard; 7 Ways To Get Cheap Firewood; Refrigerator Tune-Up That Cuts Operating Cost; PM Looks At An Automatic Lawn Feeder Electronics, Radio And TV - Move Up To A Moving-Coil Cartridge; PM Electronics Monitor; New Digital Sound Breaks All Records; Now Ham Operators Have Got The Picture Science And Engineering - Science Worldwide; Patrolling The Pipeline At The Bottom Of The North Sea; Grand Design: A Colossus That Stands Up To The Sea

Special Features - Prewinter Car Care (Special 48-page section on family car maintenance gives engine tuning tips, tells how to choose tires for the cold-weather months and much more); Guide To Stoves And Space Heaters (What's new in stoves plus electric and fuel heaters to put the right amount of heat where you need it); Owners Report: Mazda RX-7 (They're turning cartwheels over the rotary engine's performance. Plus - preview of the '81 models); Atomic Clocks (How time is split into trillionths of seconds - and why we depend on it); Detroit's '81 Models (The new cars in color, plus PM's rundown of what the Saturday Mechanic will find under the hood) Automobiles And Bikes - Detroit Listening Post; Imports And Motorsports; Car Clinic; The PM Garage; Can The Rotary Engine Survive The '80s?; PM Owners Report: Mazda RX-7; Detroit '81: Driving The GM Models; Driving The Ford, Mercury And Lincoln Models; Driving The Dodge, Chrysler And Plymouth Models; Driving The New AMC Models; Driving Mazda's New FWD GLC; Fuel Cells Hit The Road; Coal: A Hot Controversy Home And Yard - Appliance Clinic; Don't Get Locked Out; Homeowners Clinic; How To Keep The Home Fires Burning...Safely; Space Heaters: How To Choose From 31 Types; How To Saw Firewood On The Double; Kitchen Remodeling Science And Engineering - Science Worldwide; The Clock That Splits Seconds - Into Trillionths; Fuel From Sawdust; Wind Reaper; The Electric Pipeline; Droplet Power; Nuclear Brain Scanner; Wrist Radio-Watch Boating And Outdoors - All Outdoors; A Camping Expert Fits Out His RV Every Month - Letters; Notes From The Editor; PM Briefs; Tech Front Lines Fall Car Care Guide - Cover; Saturday Mechanic Looks Under The Hoods Of The GM Models; As Push Comes To Shove, The World Picks Front-Wheel Drive; Saturday Mechanic: AMC; Saturday Mechanic: Ford; Saturday Mechanic: Chrysler; Get Ready To Face The Challenge; Choose The Best Tires For Winter; Assemble PM's Winter Emergency Driving Kit; How To Repair Rust Damage Service Tips - Section 1: Cooling System; Section 2: Engine; Section 3; Battery; Section 4: Prewinter Lubrication; Section 5: Safety Checkup Shop And Crafts - Hints From Readers; Two Great "Tools" You Can Build; Keep On Pedaling, Even In Snow; PM Workbench; New Now For Home And Shop; Workshop Minicourse; 8 Great Ideas For Woodcutting; Chair For Our Roll-Top Desk Electronics, Radio And TV - New Computer Adventure Games; PM Electronics Monitor; Pocket-Size Computers; Zap! You're Checkmated; New Scanners Deliver Action-Packed Listening Aviation - Now: True Solar Planes Photography - Photo Hints