Popular Mechanics - 1979

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Special Features - Special Section: RV's And Accessories (The top new motor homes, vans and trailering rigs for camping are covered, plus the toughest questions on off-road tires and PM's ultimate custom camping trailer, in a 12 page section); PM Owners Report (VW Diesel Rabbit owners are a happy lot after driving 2.3 million miles for an average of 46 mpg); Programmed Stereo Easier Than Ever (Automation in decks, tuners and turntables puts a music system at your beck and call); Annual Gardening And Outdoor Living Guide (Shape-ups for spring plus ideas for a California hot tub and great folding lawn furniture, reports on the '79 mowers and garden shears, and an interesting selection of new products) Automobiles And Bikes - Detroit Listening Post; Is This The Bicycle Of The Future?; The PM Garage; Your Motorcycle: How To Improve Your Braking Technique; Imports And Motorsports; Car Clinic; PM Owners Report: VW diesel Rabbit; Twilight: A Twice-A-Day Challenge To Your Driving Skills; Saturday Mechanic: How To Stop Stalling Boating And Outdoors - All Outdoors Special Camping Section; New Rigs For Rolling Vacations; Vans And Rigs That Tow Trailers; Camp Trailer With Everything; The 12 Most-Asked Questions About RV Tires; New For RVs; New For Campers Shop And Crafts - Hints From Readers; PM Workbench; PM Looks At 3-D Duplicarver; Workshop Minicourse: Using Sandpaper; Chisel Holder Made From Scraps; PM Looks At Insuleater; PM Looks At Lathe Attachments For Sharpening Milling Cutters; Build This Workbench Drafting Table For Under $50; Workshop Has Wheels: Will Travel; Rediscover The Jump Rope; PM< Looks At Rockwell's Sander-Grinder Aviation - Ultralights: They're Reinventing The Flying Machine Every Month - Letters; It's New Now; PM Briefs PM's 1979 Gardening And Outdoor Living Guide - Cover; Now You're Really In Hot Water...If You Build A Hot Tub; Solar-Heated Hot Tub; Landscape Edgings - Where Neatness Counts; Trickle Irrigation: How A Drip Can Save You Some Bucks; Garden Shears: How To Pick The Best Of The Crop; Build PM's Folding Lawn Furniture; An Expert's Guide To '79 Mowers; 17 New Helpers For Yard And Garden; Products For Easy Outdoor Living Home And Yard - Homeowners' Clinic; Energy-Saving Lighting Control; PM Plan Of The Month: Phoenix - An Expandable Van You Can Build For $2000; Appliance Clinic; Gems From Junk; Preparing Surfaces For Paint; Patio Sweeper Does It With Water; Good Snowthrowing Storage Electronics, Radio And TV - Roll Your Own Electronic Dice; Tune In On The Airborne Action; New Devices Make Stereo Listening Easier Than Ever Science And Engineering - Science Worldwide; Elite Forces: Keeping 'Em Rough 'n Ready; Lifesaving Surgery Under A Lens Photography - Photo Hints; Here's The First 110 SLR with interchangeable lenses