Popular Mechanics - 1953

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In This Issue - Look What's Happening To Your Blood; Floyd Clymer Reports On Motorcycles; Special Auto Supplement - Men And Machines That Make Automobiles; Parade Of The New Cars; What To See In '53; American Engineers Look At Foreign Cars; Mexican Road Race; Antiques On Parade - The Glidden Tour; The Making Of A Sail; Earthquake Fighters Rebuild A Railroad; Diving 45 Fathoms For Pearl; Titanium - "Tough Guy" Of The Lightweights; "Whirly Bird" Pilots Go To School; He Bosses 11,000 Acres By Radio; Bad-Mans Ghost Town For The Craftsman - Just Like New With Flexible Paint; Here's Glamour For Your Basement - Part II; Plastic Casting; 36-in Model Of The SS United States - Part III; Break 'Em In Right!; Know Your Hammer; Stands For Your Power Tools; Radio, TV And Electronics; Clinic For Homemakers Automotive - Hudson's New Light Car - The Jet; Specifications Of The 1953 Cars; Scoreboard Of 1952 Automobile Production; Taillight Quiz; The Old And The New; Studebaker Sparks '53 Line With It's Sleek Sportster; American Sports Car Designed For Mass Production; "Binging" Safety Lanes Provide Warning For Motorists; Demountable Cabs Speed Engine Repairs On Snub-Nosed Trucks; Quickly Applied Tire Chain Automotive Accessories - Folding Auto-Snack Tray; Adjustable Plastic Safety Filter Reduces Headlight Glare; Mobile Unit Gives Auto Radiator Quick Test; Children's Auto Seat Permits Standing While Riding Aviation - Alert Hanger Doors Yawn Open In 30 Seconds; Predict Intercity Helicopters For Short-Distance Runs; "Lemon Powered" Autopilot For Lightweight Aircraft; Power Of Jet Engine Is 10 Times That Of A B-29; Supersonic Transport Planes Are Years Away, Says Expert Farming - Grain Combine Dries As It Harvests Crop; Electric Tractor Uses Trolley-Type Cable To Reach Power Supply House And Home - Three-Section Skillet; Shopping Reminder; Removable Door; Bottle-Cap Grip; Wallpaper Squares; Lamp Unit; Tray Attachment; Automatic Cleaner; Table-Top Oven; Swinging Tray; Scenic Wall Panel For Future Rocketmen; Two-Way "Chatterbox" Keeps Constant Contact; Folding Steel Legs; Rust Preventive For Home Use Can Be Sprayed Or Brushed; Ice "Cubes" Drop In Basket In Automatic Refrigerator Industry - Truck Lift Transports Fishing Boat To Water's Edge; Increased Water Use Caused By New Industries; Barge-Borne Sulphur Plant Floats To Bayou Site; Hand Rotary Pump Moves Liquids In Either Direction; Smoke Meter Tests Air With Radar Microwaves; Cable Serves TV And Telephone Military And Naval - Amphib Lands Big Tank Ready For Combat; Bottled-Gas Lamp Produces Infrared Rays For Military Use; Pressurized Suits; Marine "Hit And Git" Raids Harass Reds Office, Shop And Store - Calculator Results Are Automatically Printed By Typewriter; Device Applies Cemented Tape To Wallboard Joints; Telephone Holder Plastics - Floating Plastic Dome Could Cover Stadium; Trtansparent Wound Dressing; Plastic Die Takes 100-ton Pressure To Form Truck Panels; Plastic Floor Tile With Honeycombed Back Needs No Adhesive; Welding Liquid Mends Broken Plastic Articles; Glass-Floor Storm Panel Resists Hurricane Winds; Modeling Plastics For Artists And Amateurs Science - Sunspots May Be The Principal Cause Of Warmer Weather; Space Travel Poses Knotty Problem For Future Voyagers; Analyze Fish Noises For Clue To Detection; Radioactive Material Emits Powerful Glow; X-Rays Show Presence Of Weevils Inside Wheat Grains; Selective Chemical Kills Pond Scum Miscellaneous - Dutch Plastic Bicycle; German Bobsled Utilizes Short Skis As Runners; Paddle Wheel Creates Artificial Surf In German Pool; Radiophones Clear Canadian Winter Roads; Snagproof Zipper Detaches When Clogged; Outboard-Motor Auto-Lift Hood; Planes Herd Ducks To Refuge; Dutch Church Is Constructed With "Accordion" Walls; Boats Sheathed In Glass With Workshop Kit; Home-Movie Projector Has Simplified Design; German Movie Camera Held Horizontally; Tiny Glass Balloons Form Strong Aggregate; Book Riffling Helps Lip-Readers; Face Washer For Handicapped Attaches To Faucet; Fish Alarm For Sleepy Anglers Craftsman And Shop Notes Index - Automotive - Auto License Plates Reinforced By Hardboard Backing; Cleaning Automotive Floor Mats; Tape Around Wire Splices Secured With Weather-Strip Cement; Shock Absorbers Eliminate Bounce Of Small Wheel On Trailer; Chain Placed Around Truck Tire Guards Against "Exploding" Rim; Tire Mounted On Service Truck Prevents Scratched Bumpers Farming - Rotary Tiller Speeds Digging Of Pipe-Line Trenches; Protecting Empty Grain Sacks; Discarded Auto Tires And Rims Fitted To Tractor Wheels; Operator Rides Small Lawn Roller To Provide Necessary Weight Hobbies And Novelties - Novel Domino Set Made From Cornstalk Pith; Old Brass Keys Make Unusual Pins; Model-Railroad Car Painted Easily When Held With Ruler "Hands"; Mystifying Tricks With Color For Your Next Party House And Home - Hacksaw Blades Used In Slicer; Solving Home Problems; Sound Of Telephone Ringing Amplified By Pan On Floor; Door Key Attached To Clothespin Hidden Easily Outside Home; Holder For Steel Wool; Burned Out Pilot Light Removed By Paper "Wrench"; Turns Of Wire Around Pipe Leak Reinforce Liquid-Solder Patch; Rubber Glove Rubbed On Mohair To Improve Vacuum Cleaning; Trim Dresses Up Square Archways; Television Hassocks; Photoflood Reflector Doubles As Pin-Up Lamp; Adhesive Tape Over Saw Teeth Safeguards Wall Surface; Gutter Cleaning In Winter Weather Simplified By Using Ice And Rope; Two-Wheel Cart Made From Scrap Materials Serves Multiple Uses In Home And Garden Office, Shop And Store - Paper Glue-Cup Holder Made From Tin Can; Safe Wire-Stripping Method; Newspapers Tacked To Workbench Kept Handy For Paint Jobs; Handy Tool Rack For Workbench From Corrugated-Metal Strip; Difficult Inside Measurements Made Easy By Quick Caliper; Improvised Air Syringe For Shop; Staples Prevent Sticking Pages; Magnets "Tack" Notices To Bulletin Board Made Of Plywood Covered With Sheet Steel; Tiny d.c. "Power Pack" Uses Flashlight Batteries; Socket-Head-Screw Wrench Improvised In Emergencies; Ruling Compass Adjusted Quickly When Rolled Along Drawing Board; Nitches Identify Padlock Key; Scraper On Janitor's Push Broom Made From Corrugated Hose; Artist Makes "Water Fountain" Out Of "Whipped Cream" Can Photography - Portable Slide Viewer; Data Chart Held In Belt Loop Of Exposure-Meter Case; Dustproof Bags For Film Holders; Rubber-Covered Wedges To Tilt Enlarger Easel; Folding-Camera Neck Strap Is Inexpensive Attachment; Front Support For Extended Camera; Print Dodging Precaution; Protecting Flash-Gun Reflectors Tools - Adjustable Cone Mandrel; Large Diameter Holes Drilled With Adjustable Boring Bar; Wrench Kit; Hand-Operated Printing Press; Radial Saw; Trailing Caster; Combination Power Tool; Speed Reducer; Ornamental Cap; Three-Spindle Turret; Dimensional Air Gauge; Vacuum Cleaner; Electroplater; Honing Machine; Cam-Type Vise; Interchangeable Reamers Woodworking - Illuminated Wall Cabinet; Make Your Own Garage Door; Plan Of The Month - Gossip Bench; Rustic Smoking Set Made From Piece Of Log; Portable "Beauty Shop"; Pagoda Shelves Set Motif For Figurines Workshop Hints - Section Of Rubber Tubing Provides Round Sanding Block; Handle For Carrying Saw Blades; Prepare Brush Before Shellacking; Improvised Bandsaw Tire; Put A Brilliant Finish On Plastics With Ordinary Polishes; Paint Can Secured To Ladder; Tape Applied With One Hand; Hole "Drilled" In Glass With Molten Lead; Bar Clamping Wide Work; Hammer Claws Provide Handy Scale For Determining Drill Sizes; File Taped On Hacksaw Frame Notches Work For Easy Start; Electric-Drill Cord Held By Attached Spring Clip; Extra Carpenter's Pencil Kept Handy; Preventing Countersink Chatter; Grooved Block Aligns Jigsaw Blade For Accurate Chucking; Lock Wrench Held In Bench Vise Grips Work While Cutting Miscellaneous - Shellac Used As Thread Dope; Kink For Cleaning Spectacles; Miniature Grease Gun From Pencil; Snow Scooter Is Light And Swift; Lipstick-Tube Container Stores Spare Flints And Small Parts; Safety Pin Holds Pen In Pocket; Sander For Model Builders From Electric-Fan Unit; Section Of Garden Hose Slit To Make Riding Quirt Radio - Television - Electronics - Communication Receivers Feature Dual Conversion; Twenty-Watt Super-Fidelity Audio Amplifier Has Low Distortion; Slip-On Spindle Replaces Record Inserts; Silent "Mike" Stenography; Desk-Type Clock Radio; Remote-Control Switch For Radio Or TV; D.C. To a.c. Converter For Your Car; Valet For A Phonograph Record

In This Issue - Who Says Animals Are Dumb?; Fortunes In Toy Ideas; Star Hunting By Radio; The Owners Report On The Nash; Helicopter Tug To Launch Planes; Prospectors In Parkas Chart Canada's Oil; Rice By The Square Mile; Bullets Strictly For Bull's-Eyes; Smoke-Eaters With Sea Legs; Moosehide Canoe; Logging Booms In The Guianas; Radio, TV And Electronics For The Craftsman - Period Tables Feature "Plastic Inlay" Tops; The Job's Half Done With Steel Legs; New Life For Old Books; Christmas Toys; Make Wooden Threads On Your Drill Press; Novelities In Bent Metal; Holding Work With Clamps And Wedges; Heavy Duty Drill Press From Auto Parts; Clinic For Homemakers AutomotiveAviation - Airlines Offer Mobile And Drive-In Ticket Offices; Fighter Packs 104-Rocket "Sunday Punch" In Wing-Tip Pods; B-36s Fly Combat Planes To And From "Work"; Fire-Sensative Cable Developed For Airplane Protection; Landing-Speed Indicator; Rocket-Powered Guided Missle Exceeds 2600 Miles Per Hour; Transport "Swallows: Fighter Shorn Only Of Its Wings Chemistry - Chemical Stops Mold; Gamma Rays Used For Food Preservation Also Destroy Vitamins; Radioactive Magnesium Aids Chlorophyll Study; Antirust Fluid In Oil Tank Stops Leaks For Three Years Construction - Buckle-On Stilts Aid Home Construction Workers; Metal Sheets "Buttoned" Together Without Rivets Or Bolts; Pipe Lines Laid To Depth Of 243 Feet Under Straits Of Mackinac; "Hot Gun" Porcelainizes Surfaces Of Bridges And Buildings; 200-Pound Falling Weight Drives Posts Into Ground Farming - Meter Tells Farmers When To Irrigate Crops; Table-Model "Brain" Solves Barn Problem; Tractor Shuts Itself Off If Operator Falls; Portable Grain Conveyor Simply Shoves Into Bin: Chicken Sex Determiner House And Home - Electric Drainboard Dries Dishes Rapidly; Individual Ventilator Replaces Glass Block; Silicone-Water Mixture Seals Masonry Walls; Inland Sink; Folding Wardrobe Rack; "Cold Light"; Hot-Roll Cutter; Midrange Griddle; Combination Ladder; Wall Cabinet; Wheeled Snow Shovel; Automatic Baffle Lessens Heat Loss Medicine - "Daylight" Machine Makes X-Ray Prints Available In Minute Military And Naval - Britain Demonstrates "Sombrero" Flame Thrower; Heartbeats Relayed From Jet To Ground; "Jammer" Sends Messages While Interfering With Enemy Reception; Britain's Sarah Uses Television To Rescue Downed Airmen Novelties - Folks Around The Office; Robot Song Master Stimulates Sunday-School Singing; High-Riding Cyclist Runs Perilous Course; Tiny Carnival Operates Inside A Five-Gallon Hat Office, Shop And Store -