Popular Mechanics - 1952

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In This Issue - Wanted: Jobs For A Trillion New Chemicals; Science Tackles The "Sixth Sense"; Treasure Hunting Is Good Business' The '52 Ford Rolls Out; Report On The Foreign Cars (Part 1); The Bottom Of The Barrel; Army Meets The Big "A"; From Boot To Electronic Whiz Kid; I Was The Gadgeteer For A TV Madhouse; What's New For Your Home; Mexican Safari; Sports Cars Take Over The Town For The Craftsman - Adding The Final Touch; Build A Desk For Your Typewriter; Cookie - 15" Model Hydroplane; Combination Bed-Tent Fits On Car Roof; Finding And Stopping Roof Leaks; Know Your Car's Nervous System; Servicing Geared Drill Chucks; Better Metal Drilling; Shopping For Tools; Radio, TV and Electronics; Clinic For Homeowners Atomic Research - Science Manufactures Two Heaviest Atoms; Atomic Reactor Makes Electricity; Atomic "Trace Track" Boosts Electron Speed Automotive - Trailer Bed Folds Out Of Way; Detroit Listening Post; 1952 Plymouth; "Level Loat" Trailer Axle Aviation - Helicopter Forecast From England; Turbomotor Helicopter; Biggest-Known Jet Bomber; Flying Flashlight Pinpoints Targets; Portable Elevator; Ten-Jet Troop Carrier; Speedy Refueling Of Jets Farm And Garden - Pills For Plants; Chemical Prevents Elm-Tree Disease; Water Heater Floats In Stock Tank; Beetle Fights A Battle; Brush Cutter Hobbies And Novelties - Nylon Trappings For Cowboy Trade; Chains For Shoe Soles; Reclining Bicycles; Chalk Sculptor; Child's Jet Airplane Powered By Vacuum Cleaner House And Home - Stick-On Ruler; Shelf Unit; Freezer Thermometer; Canned-Milk Dispenser; Venetian Blind Cleaner; Curved Toothbrush; Dish Rack; Pan Gripper Industry - Robot Machinist; Automatic Paint System Uses Electrostatic "Spray"; Tin-Can Compressor; Explosion Test Chamber; "Pipe Organ" Oil Driller Military - Army Unwraps Improved Rifles; Test Gun Fires Tiny Missles; Altimeter Is Supersensitive Photography - Lens Test Bench Produces Parallel Rays; "Inside The Camera" View; Tough Base For Movie Film Miscellaneous - Aerial Cable Car Pulls Itself Along; Machine Replaces Heart Or Lung; North America Abounds In Harmful Insect Pests; Spider-Leg Cataran; One-Piece Hooks Attached By Feel; Hot-Air Radiant Heat In Catacombed Floor; Model Tames Raging River; Plastic Tie Plates For Rails; "Yacht Of Future" Is Enclosed From Deck To Trim Superstructure; London's Post Office Railway Craftsman And Shop Notes Index - Automotive - Boiled Sun Visors Renovated By Reversing Positions; Tire Talcum Dusted On Tube Lessens Pinching Tenderness; Matchbox Abrasive Used As File For Breaker Points Farm - Pig Creep Built From Gates; Adjustable Outboard Ground Shoe Protects Combine In Rough Fields; Tractor-Tire Valve Stems Protected With Sheet-Metal Guards House And Home - Newspaper Guide Helps Position Pictures When Hanging; Decals Conceal Chipped Porcelain; Cleanout Pipe Set In Ground Simplifies Cleaning Of Sewer; Solving Home Problems; Locating A Short Circuit In Home Appliances; Trapped Water In Steam Radiator Siphoned With Syringe; Placing Spring On Bed Frame; How To Build A Flower Box; Corner Rack For Bath Towels; Rubber Tubing Connected To Faucet Secured With Waterproof Tape Metalworking - "Tooled" Pictures In Metal Foil Simulate Hammered Designs; Porch Lanters; Dial Indicator From An Old Watch Novelties And Toys - Candle Placed Inside Flowerpot Produces Novel "Hurricane" Lamp; Inexpensive Easter Baskets From Berry Boxes; Clock With Works Removed Makes Inconspicuous "Piggy" Bank Paint And Painting - Tips On Enameling Woodwork; Painting Outdoor Furniture; Spray-Gun Water Trap Photography - Synchronized Flash With A Studio Shutter; Storage Cabinet For Hobby Photos; Roll-Film Tank Emptied Quickly By Blowing Into Filler Hole; Bobby Pin Suspends Thermometer To Check Bottled Solution; Flashlight Fitted With Filter For Darkroom Use; Rubber Bands On Lightstand Arm Improve Gripping Surface; Packing Cut-Film Holders In Carrying Case; Flood-Reflector Ventilation Holes Indicate If Lamp Is Turned On; Auxillary Strap Added To Camera Case Used For Carrying By Hand Tools - Wire Stand Attached To Electric-Drill Housing Protects Bit Cutting Edges; Miter Box Adjustable For Wear; Improved Grip On Drill Chuck; Plumb Bob For Emergency Use; Beam Compass Improvised From Dowel Rod; Using C-Clamp On Pipe; Hose Washer Protects Lathe Center; Converting Lathe Dog To Safety Type; Graphite Lubricates Drafting Tools; Wing-Type Bit; Chisel-Tooth Circular Saw Blade; Combination Wrench; Shaper Head; Voltage Calculator; Twist Drills For Portable Electric Drills; Claw-Hammer Attachment; Earth-Sugar Accessories; Parrot-Head Pruner; Sharpening Jig; Auxillary Clamp On Lathe Chuck Increases Capacity Woodworking - Plan Of The Month - Extension Dining Table; Wrench Aids In Driving Screw Eyes; Out-Of-Reach Nail Started Easily When Held By Hammer Claws Miscellaneous - Sponge Rubber Protects Fingers While Starting Small Nails; Boat Traile Has Fenders Made From Old Tires; Clothespin Serves As Clamp To Hold End Of Steel Tape; Paper-Bag "Mittens" Aid Dressing Child; Alarm-Clock Movement Cleaned Without Disassembiling; Tracing Legibly Onto Copper; Method For Determining Location Of Concealed Leak In Vertical Run Of Pipe; Sponge-Rubber "Ball" Provides Realistic Drive During Golf Practice; Heat From Light-Bulb Clusters Speeds Seedling Growth; Swinging Shelf At Top Of Ladder Provides Extra Tool Space; Plastic Straps Clen Files; Campfires Started Quickly With Waterproof Igniters; Bar Clamp Made Like Sawhorse; Cushion Holds Phonograph Needles; Sections Of Car Inner Tubes Make Bins For Small Parts; Paper Coated With Lighter Fluid Made Temporarily Transparent; Drawer Pull On Glue-Can Lid Facilitates Opening; Plastic Jig Holds Ribbon Taut For Hand-Lettering; One Man Is Able To Load This Mixer Onto Truck Or Trailer; Section Of Eave Gutter Shields Mouse Trap; Test Shows Polarity Of Electric Wires; Holder For Job Tickets Radio-Television, Electronics - TV-Set Data For Servicemen; Putting Movies On Tape; Electronic Range; Plastic Lens For Big-Screen TV; Portable TV-Set Has Big Screen; Spacemaker Record Storage Unit; Metal Detector; Pack Set Power Unit; Vari-Typer Branding Machine; Scotch Electrical Tape; Modular Radio Equipment