Popular Mechanics - 1949

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In This Issue - The Navy Explores The Air Waves; Tip From The Camp Cook; They Must Land Safely; Where Fishing Is Rugged; Want To Buy Some Rain?; Small Cars For Britons; Prehistoric Crop; Backstage Miracle Makers; Brains That Click; They Hunt Wood; Science Hits The Bull's-Eye For The Craftsman - Hammer 'Em In Copper; Furniture For Your Bedroom - Part II; Use Cleaning Fluids Safely; Leathercraft; Make Your Rowboat Shipshape; Let The Shot Light Itself; Lathe Sanders; Two Farm Sprayers; Radio-Television Electronics; Clinic For The Homeowners Automotive - "Tattooing" Tires; Nonslip Car Jack; Insulation Spray For Ignition Wires; 1949 Pontiac; Playboy Station Wagon; Vitalizer Keeps Battery Strong; Road Lamp Flashes Warning; Road Sander For Cars; Aluminum Car; Window Folds As Top Lowers; Gasoline Tank Lock; Removable Trunk Fender; Platform In Car Serves As Desk Or Playpen; Three-Wheel Car; Ignition Tester; Flameproof Oil Lasts Life Of Car Aviation - Pilot Clips Wings Flying Through Wall; High-Speed Trainer; Pilotless Target Flies 220 m.p.h.; Wind-Tunnel Superspeeds; "Flying Easter Egg" Helicopter; High-Speed Patrol Plane; Giant Fuel Tank For B-36 Farm - Lightweight Sprayer; Gas Covers Protect Plants; "Jackknife" Harrow Fishing - Fish Caught At 16,000-Foot Depth; Lure Has Concealed Hooks; Plug Retreiver; Personal Bait Bucket; Metal Claw Takes Place Of Landing Net; Magnetic Fly Box House And Home - Automatic Refrigerator Defroster; Padlock-Bolt Secures Door Hasp; Fire Alarm; Sprinkler-Sprayer; Gooseneck Lamp; Glass Weather Stripping; Ball-Bearing Glider For Windows; Plastic Coating For Imitation Leather; Glowing House Number; Fiberglas Curtains; Stove-Top Water Coil; House Within A House; Gauge For Oil Drum Industry - Lightweight Panels; Trimmer Slices Canal; Radial Diesel; Atom Smasher In Can; Synthetic Mica; Scientists Study "World's Best Fire"; "Jellied" Gas Kindles Boilers; Tractor-Tire Tester Photography - Meter For Color Photographers; Cameras To Fight Heart Disease; Photographing Magnetism; Static Snaps Picture Tools - Snap Nut For Sheet-Metal Screws; Miniature Metal-Turning Lathe; Self-Locking Shingle Nails; Pneumatic Spade; Frame Guides File For Saw Sharpening Miscellaneous - Plastic Kit; Water Babies; Playing Tag With Lobsters; Sensitive Instrument Detects Lead In Air; "Scoot" Chases Poachers On Ice And Water; Power Wheel For Bikes; Timesavers For The Blind; Atomic Clock; Ben Franklin, Junior; Cigarette Lighter Has Visible Fuel Supply; Photocells Take "Census" Of Trees; Collapsible "Lung"; Shotgun Fires .22 Scatter Shells; Beauty Shop In A Bucket; Machine For Bailing Moss; Sit-Down Exerciser; Ranch Patrol Craft; Sensitive Ammeter; Youths Build Railway; Toy Rocket Plane; Nonblotting Drafting Pen; Hydraulic Lifter For Invalids; Radio Guuides "TNT" Ships; Midget Sub Craftsman And Shop Notes Index - Automotive - Improvised Wooden Gauge Checks Wheel Toe-In; Battery-Cable Insulation Protected With Section Of Hose; Determining Oil-Gauge Location By Exhaust-Pipe Position; Trailer Hitch Folds Under Car When Not In Use; Valve Springs Cause Tappet Noise If Installed Upside-Down Farm - Sliding Door On Rabbit Hutch Provided By Extension Screen; Covered Wagon Pulled By Oxen Forms Novel Rural Mailbox; Light Auger Raises Unbroken Soil Sample; Tire Provides Marking Guide When "Topping" Fence Posts; Farm Push Truck; Discarded Pans Utilized As Poultry Watering Dish House And Home - Ice-Cream Mix Frozen Quickly By Using Home Freezer; Kerosene Torch Aids Lighting Furnace; Bowl Cover Catches Crumbs; Solving Home Problems; Cork Disks Serve As Feet For Trinket-Boxes; Use Cleaning Fluids Safely; Shutters Made From Scrap Wood Enhance Plain Windows; It's Easy To Make Your Own Window Screens; Paste Application Removes Stains From Wallpaper; Permanent Solar Awnings Of Cedar Slats; Milk Can Provides Foot Scraper When Cut Out For Shoes Lawn And Garden - Birdhouse Constructed From Nail Keg; New Design Gives Back-Yard Incinerators A Lift; Corncobs Impaled On Rake Teeth Mark Garden Seed Rows; Young Trees Protected By Guards Cut From Garden Hose; Wood Ashes Rid Tree Of Borers; Spacer And Aligning Jig Aids Building Picket Fence; Hollow Concrete Blocks Form Strawberry Wall Machines - Slanting Improves Cutting Action Of Jigsaw Blade; Saw-Blade Guide Kept From Slipping; Grinder Doubles As Disk Sander; Bandsaw Tires Dressed Quickly With Sanding Block; Lathe Sanders; Splicing Broken V-Belt; Metal Collar Adapts Boring Bar For Internal Threading; Drip Oiler Lubricates Steady Rest Novelties - Outdoor Chess Played On "Flagstone" Board; Get On With Your Spring Plowing; Trinket Chest; Aluminum Humidor Holds King-Size Cigarettes; Cotter Pins Form Photo Stand Office, Shop And Store - Magnet Holds Spring For Cutting; Adhesive Tape Holds Small Parts; Substitute Thread-Cutting Oil; Adjustable Beam Compass For Rough Layout; Glass Plates Hold Notices On Bulletin Board; Large Pipe Cut Squarely; Pie-Plate Stand For Sign; Removing Rust And Restoring Polished Finish; Erasing Hint Helps Typists; Adjustable Shop Shelves Photography - Rack For Solutions Permits Easy Temperature Control; Label On Double Film Holder Describes Contents; Flash Gun Indexed To Aid Positioning Reflector; Containing Better Color Balance In Transparent Projection; Protecting Lenses From Chipping Radio-Television, Electronics - Keeping An Eye On Television; 1949 "Little Giant" Set For Experimenters; More Tubes In Less Space Tools - Extension Aids Driving Nails In Hard-To-Reach Places; Block Clamps Sandpaper Securely; Weighted File Handles; Angle Slots In Miter Box Laid Out Accurately; Level Wired To Straightedge Permits Easy Handling; Tool For Removing Hands Of Clock; Sawing Model-Railroad Tracks; C-Clamps Aid Moving Furniture; Straightedge For Finishing Sidewalk; Scissors Sharpened Expertly With Homemade Hand Grinder; File Tightened In Wooden Handle; Carbon From Dry Cell Provides Tip For Soldering Iron; Blacksmith's Forge Utilizes Old Vacuum Cleaner Parts; COrk Seals End Of Chuck; Set Of Punches For Home Shop Made From Drill Rod; Bracket Increases Usefulness Of Portable Drill; Hammer Claw Rounded To Aid Removal From Pocket Miscellaneous - Emergency Eye-Shade Fits Glasses; Stored Skis Retain Arch If Clamped On Ceiling Joist; Silencing Pounding Of Attic Tank; Paintbrush Suspended In Solvent; Screen-Wire "Lath" Backs Patching; Radial "Model Airplane" Cowls; Low-Cost Spotlight For Cabin Cruiser; Paint Preserved For Future Use; Pair Of Gloves Kept Together; Spring Holds Turn Button Snugly

In This Issue - Deep-Sea Mystery Story; They Keep The Old West Alive; Artists With Straw And Feathers; Hot Rods And Electrons; "Dust Bowl" Laboratory; First Of The '50 Cars; Call Out The Mules And Beetles; From Model To Monster; High-Voltage Magic; Hospital For Sick Cars; The Tool That Surprised Its Makers; Gems From Turkey Gizzards For The Craftsman - Salad-Bowl Novelties; Dining-Room Furniture - Part 1; Repainting The Outside; Don't Let This Happen To You; Viewer For Large-Size Color Slides; Jointing On Your Bench Saw; Better Boring; Sewage-Disposal System For Rural Homes; Radio-Television, Electronics; Clinic For Homemakers Where-To-Buy-It Index - Automotive - Oldsmobile Holiday Coupe; DeSoto Carry-All; Crosley Roadster-Racer; Nonslip Clamp Tightens Rope To Tie Load Atop Car; Automobiles Climb Hotel Wall; Rolling Stool For Mechanic; Bolted Tires, Free Retreads; Fire Extinguisher For Vehicles; Hill-Test Trailer For Level Ground; Diesel-Powered Car; Car Lighting System Serves As Turn Indictor Farm - Homemade Cutter "Mows" Treetops; Two-Engine Tractor; Computer Cuts Farm Figuring; Steel Skid Behind Garden Tractor Hauls Heavy Loads; Orchard Crews Work On Hydraulic "Ladders"; Jeep Trench Digger; Shotguns Blast Pollen Into Western Fruit Trees; "Chemical Frost" Strips Leaves From Cotton Plant Fish And Finding - Jar Top Catches Minnows; Bait Box Skims Surface Of Water When Boat Is In Motion; Boat Carries Fishline House And Home - Is Radiant Heading Modern?; "Homogenized" Heat; Handy Hanger For Ironing Board; Bottle Stopper Tightened With Wing Nut; Appliance Makes Biscuits Of Waffles; Dependable Clothesline Prop; Lamp Keeps Toothbrushes Germ-Free; Package Sealer For Quick Freezing; Noodles And Spaghetti Made At Home; Watering Can For Hard-To-Reach Pots; Moistureproof Lining For Baby's Creepers; Coiled Spring Heater; Coiless Radiant Heating; Automatic Electric Plug; Steel Cabinet Fronts; Low-Pressure Oil Burner Consumes Crankcase Drainings; Motor Flange Fits Most Oil Burners; Valve For Hot Water Radiator Vents Automatically Industry - New Lugs Vulcanized On Tires; Color Computer; Super Lubricants From Chemicals?; Nine-Foot Production Line; Tractor Winch Unloads Gravel From Gondolas; Hardening Steel; Trucks 12-Ton Load Carried In Sling; Underground Steam May Drive Turbines; The Rails Will Click No More In The Cascade Tunnel; Industrial Accidents Decrease; Prefab For Use Where Mercury Hits 112 Below Zero; Adjustable Cargo Cable Locks Like Key Chain; Low-Pressure Chamber Serves As "Flying Kitchen"; More Powerful Diesels Lawn And Garden - Light Canvas Cart For Garden Chores; Lawn Machine Cuts Up Leaves; "Wick" Stakes Repel Animals; Strawberry Wall Medical - The Hospital Comes To The Patient; Wooden Head Is Target For X-Ray Research; Glycol-Vaper Dispenser; Collapsible Stretcher On Wheels; Portable Respirator; Ointment For Insect Bites Office - Hand Mailer Moistens Stamps; Compact Duplicating Machine; Desk-Pad Intercom Photography - Panorama On A Giant Screen; Multi-Purpose Tripod Extension; Push-Button Camera Takes Identification Photos; New York "Bombed" For Night Photos Recreation - Machine Speeds Pin Setting; Complete Sports Clock; Gold Cart Rolls To Your Car; Stick-On Football Cleats Tools - Contour Cutter Speeds Lathe Work; Portable Machine Tool; Double Saw Blades Prevent Bucking; Chain-Hoist Accessory Tips And Holds Load; Combination Drill Jig And Drill-Press Vise; Multi-Head Welder Makes Wire Mesh; Injection Molder For Workshop Use Miscellaneous - Egg-Shaped Wheels Pull Through Mud Without Chains; Giant Traction Dynamometer; Powered Cradle Launches Lifeboats In Five Seconds; Return Of The Vikings; Dual Controls On Motorcycle; Touch Museum For Sightless; Flashlight Holder; Tray On Trestle Serves At Drive-In; Visual Tuning Aid; Cable Lock; Midget Teakettle Measures Altitude; Aircraft Turntable Checks Compass; Television In A Diving Suit; Dry-Ice Box In Rail Diner; Mechanical Beachcomber; Gas Under Pressure Operates Lighter; Underground Radio Waves; "Vacuum Cleaner" Pulverizes Leaves; Adjustable Metal Watch Band Craftsman And Shop Notes Index - Automotive - Tent Stretched Between Car Seats Confines Dog To Rear Floor; Suction Cups Form Pipe Rack For Car Windshield; Plow Snow With Your Car; Silencing Fan-Belt Squeak Farm - Grain Binder Tops Smartweeds To Aid Harvesting Soybeans; Auto-Trunk Lid On Grain Bin Forms Rodentproof Cover; One Man Spray Rig; Portable Posts For Electric Fence Supported With Concrete; Measuring Total Rainfall House And Home - Washer Improves Worn Faucet; Shoe Bag Stores Cleaning Items; Delinter For Woolen Garments; Netting Holds Securely To Baby Crib; Clear Plastic Makes Quilt-Block Pattern; Cutlery Box Serves As Tray Sewing Kit; Rickrack Kept From Shrinking When Laundered; Hint For Keeping Peeled Onions In Refrigerator; Wire Coat Hanger Bent To Form Hat Rack; Storing Flower Bulbs; Candles Can Be Made Dripproof; Guest Costumer; Moving Day For Trees; Siphoning Aquarium Facilitated By Strainer; Turn Button On Garbage Can Keeps Contents From Spilling; Sugar Deodorizes Teapot; Ridge Hook Holds Ladder Safely On Gable Roof; Cleaning Eaves Trough Facilitated By Easily Made Tools Novelties - Bird-Cage Novelty; Twin Spheres Form Mysterious Letter Holder; Chinese Coin Disappears Into Wooden Box For Amusement Of Both Young And Old Office, Shop And Store - Extension Cords Stored Safely By Winding On Metal Spool; Partitions Inserted In Cigar Box Divide It Into Sections; Metal Tray Filled With Linseed Oil Keeps Paintbrush In Good Condition; Reflector On Basement Ceiling Directs Light To Workbench; Stacked Pipe Prevented From Rolling; Cork Fastened On Drawing Board Forms Thumbtack "Pincushion"; Tabs Raise Draftsman's Triangle To Prevent Blotting Work; Headlight Shell Provides Bowl For Inexpensive Fountain Outdoor Recreation - Mooring Ring For Rowboat Improvised From Piston; Hand Drill Clamped In Vise Aids Winding Trotline; Cooking With Indian Meat Spit; Milk Bottles Set In Pail Of Water Provides Handy Camp Cooker Photography - Tank Holds Several Rolls Of Film For Simultaneous Developing; Turn Button Locks Wall Switch; Increasing Flash-Bulb Efficiency In Photoflood Reflector; Old Print Checks Easel Marks To Insure Uniform Border; Cable Release Clamped To Camera Is Operated With Left Thumb; Tape On Edge Of Paper Cutter Keeps Prints From Slipping; Handle For Photoflood Projector; Cable Release Mounted In Plug Provides Flash Synchoronizer; Oil Corrects Tripod-Head Slippage; Preventing Scratched Negatives; Camera Settings Checked Quickly; Tin-Can Holder For Photo Spot Tools - Scored Lines On Saw Clamp Check Proper Filing Angle; Wooden Chuck Speeds Setup When Turning Duplicate Pieces; Improvised Stop For Workbench; Files Cleaned With Adhesive Tape; Four Ways To Remove Frozen Nuts Without Using Cutting Torch; Hammer Handles Kept In Condition; Locator Marks Work For Drilling Registering Holes; Hint For Sawing Metal; Improvised Drill-Bit Extension; U-Shaped Jig Holds Beaded Ceiling; Expansion Reamer Forms Mandrel; Cover Protects Small Motor Miscellaneous - Paper Bags Tied To Stovepipe Retain Soot During Removal; Pearls Strung On Nylon Fishline; Safety Pin Braces Photo Frame; Telescope Tripod; Sack Held Open With Stick Is Filled Easiy; Light Aids Reading Water Gauge; Balancing Impeller Of Scooter Motor Radio-Television, Electronics - Plastic Console For TV Set; How To Build A Remote "Slave" Flash Synchronizer; Radio And Electronics Today

In This Issue - Logging "Cowboys" Ride The Sea Dozer; Army Hams To The Rescue; Plastics Spin A Rainbow Indoors; What's New For Your Home; Stoves That Eat Their Own Smoke; Modern Noah Peoples An Ark; Mexico City Is Sinking; Industry's Lifesaving Sleuths; Big Secret, U.S.A.; Ageless "Canvas" For Artists; Comes The Flying Assessor; Two-Man Gold Strike For The Craftsman - Table-Top Lighthouse; Living-Room Furniture - Part 1; Floor Care And Repair; Your Iceboat "Scoot" - Part II; Wood Shaper From Pipe And Plywood; Tool-Post Grinding; Arc Welding For Beginners - Part II; Radio-Television, Electronics; Clinic For Homeowners Automotive - Auxillary Auto Weighs 475 Pounds; Oil Stick With Spring Gives True Reading; Angle Attachment For Valve Grinder; Wood Panels Mount On Car Body To Add Station Wagon Look; Chrysler Station Wagon; Engine Heater; German Automobiles; Rollers Simulate Bumpy Road To Detect Rattles On Car; Adjustable Clothes Rack For Auto Mounts On Window Molding; Car "Road Tested" On Dynamometer; Back-Up Guard Stops Car; Single-Seater Auto Has One-Horsepower Engine Aviation - Trainer For Flight Engineers; Three-Jet Plane; Bail Out Rehearsal; Jet-Engine Starter; Jet Fighter "Flies" Without Leaving Ground; Spray On Paint Remover For Camouflage Enamels Boats - Lift Clamp For Outboard Motor Allows Shaft To Swing Into Boat; Swedish Speedboat; Glass-Fiber Dinghy; Army Cargo Launch Is Assembled From Three Sections; Amphibian Cycle Makes Sea Voyage; Plastic-Coated Starter Rope For Outboard Motors Farm -