Popular Mechanics - 1946

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In This Issue - Power From The Atoms: How Soon?; New Queens Of The Skyways; Where Redwoods Are Pygmies; Luxury Goes Back To Sea; Throwing Light On Mother Nature; Showman Turned Inventor; Platinum On Four Feet; Will The Atom Drive Us Underground?; The Dust Bowl Is Reckless Again; Rigging An Eight-Ton Tuna Net; School For Jockeys For The Craftsman - "Round-The-Corner" Table; Shotgun Footwork; "Overcoats" For Tender Shrubs; Model Gas Engine; Camera Becomes Enlarger; Milling-Machine Technique; Radio And Electronics Automotive - Y-Shaped Auto Snowplow Removes 24-Inch Drifts; Jeep Converted To Fire Engine; Largest Bus In Sweden; "Scrapmobile" Travels 30 M.P.H. With 1 1/2 h.p. Engine; Bus Powered By Two Engines Can Use One Or Both; Dashboard Baby Bottle Warmer Is Operated By Car Battery Aviation - Lifesaving Aids For Airmen; Nazi "Bubble Bath" Suits Protect Against Chills; XB-38, World's Largest Bomber, Dwarfs B-29; High-Performance Personal Plane; Belianca Cruisar Travels 183 MPH Carrying Four Passengers; Giant 20-Seat Helicopters Are Planned For Air-Bus Line; Auxiliary Engine For Soaring Plane Weighs 40 Lbs; Synthetic Plane Grease "Buttery" At 100 Below; Plastic Bubble Covers Antenna Of Radio Compass On Planes; Laboratory On Wings; Decompression "Test Flight" Amazes Experts; Servicing "Cafeteria" For Planes Boats - Near-Fireproof Paint For Ships Contains Aluminum Powder; Pilot Boats Adopt Facsimile Telegraphy To Report Incoming Ships; "Aquajet" Pushes Small Boats; "Covered Wagon" Life Raft Supports 20 Persons Farm - Farmers Use Walkie-Talkie To Reach Workers In Field; Homemade Tractor For Small Farms; Chemical Nutrients And Dissolved Fertilizers Injected Into Sick Fruit Trees; Zipper-Equipped Rubber Boots For "Bossy" Aid Hoof Treatment House And Home - Home Sealer "Bags" Leftovers; Circus Clown Uses Stilts At Home; Ammunition Cases Provide Part Of Lumber To Build House; Hot Box Keeps Food Hot For Three Hours; Ink Or Oil Spots Wash Off Rugs Made Of Plastic Coated Paper; Abandoned Lighthouse Moved To Solve Housing Problems For Enterprising Couple; Magic Mantle; House Moved On River Barge; Door Mat With Revolving Brushes Removes Shoe Dirt; Inside Stuff For Your Home; Peaches Frozen In Acid Syrup Hold True Color For Years Industry - Roller Conveyor For Steel Pipe; Big Bridge Across Rhine At Cologne Floated Into Position; Diesel Locomotive Incorporates Specifications Furnished By 22 Railroads; Accidental "Bath" For Silver Wire Reveals New Way To Polish; Turntable Aids In Polishing Huge Bearings Used In Giant Generators; Cotton Insulates Freight Cars; 1330-Degree Heat For Lenses Increases Strength 16 Times; Scented Oil Taken From Grass Perfumes Toilet Soap; "Para-Scooter" In Civvie Garb Carries Factory Messages Lawn And Garden - "Pattern" Sprinkler Waters Odd Plots; Combination Lawn Mower, Rake And Snowplow; Dual Purpose Lawn-Hose Nozzle Also Serves As Sprinkler; Spreader Cap To Sow Grass Seed Fits Over A Fruit Jar Outdoor Recreation - Card Table Secures Deck And Discards In Outdoor Play; Zipper-Sealed Chair Tent For Winter Sportsmen Turns In Any Direction; Spring-Powered Fish Catcher Sets Hook Automatically When Fish Bite; Steel Clamp Straightens Leaders Attached To Fishlines; Steel Gripper For Holding Fish Helps Angler Scale His Catch Photograsphy - Quick-Developing Color Film Processed In Any Darkroom; "X-Ray" Patterns With Your Camera; Extension Hood For Cameras Aids In Picture Composition; Trick Photos Of Girl Tennis Player Give Illusion Of Action; Numbering Machine Marks Film In Bright Daylight Store And Office - U.S. Patent Office Seeks Invention; Fluorescent Lamp For Stenographers; Processing Rack Keeps Work At Hand Level Tools - Automatic Soldering Iron Ejects Measured "Doses"; Special Wrench For Dual Wheels; Right-Angle "Driver" Fits Corners; Loader Fitting For Grease Gun; "Stethoscope" For Machinery Listens To Ailments; Work Holder Dials Angles Of Many Sizes In Joining Operations Miscellaneous - Old Process Is Revived For Casting Gas Turbine Blades; Radiophone Speeds Freight Pickup For Air Shipment; Sculpturing With Wire; Sandlotters Try Unsuccessfuly To Break "Ballproof" Glass; Artificial Eye Turns Naturally; Milan Pedals To Work; Mother Ship Of The Cable Lines; Sound Recorder Uses Paper Tape To Transcribe Radio Programs; Big Baby Buggy Is Labor-Saving At English Children's Home; Chemical Beads Dry Air In Toolbox Or Storeroom; Radio Steers Navy AA Rocket; One Finger Plays Four-Note Chords With Keyboard Attachment; "Elevator" On Bread Trailer Loads 645 Loaves A Minute; Talking Mountains; "Icebox" Hats; Lubricant Is Floated On Air In Form Of Dry Powder; Semiwaterproof Paper Bags Will Hold Contents In Rain; Motorcycle Ambulances Designed For Rough Terrain; Tiny Town Of Plastics; "Take It Or Leave It" Music; Surplus Hangers Become Workshop Craftsman And Shop Notes Index - Automotive - Getting Rid Of Hub Cap Rattle; Dog Is Kept Safely In Auto With Hook Fastened To Leash; Motorist's Vision Is Increased With Sliding Visor; Salt Solution Is Used To Check Accuracy Of Battery Hydrometer; Trouser Clamp Keeps Floor Mat Away From Working Space; Fixing Synthetic-Rubber Inner Tubes; Repairing Ignition System Shorts Farm - Fence Points Are Pointed Easily When Held In Standard; Feed Box In Hinged To Manger For Easier Cleaning; Driving Reins Kept From Falling If Looped Around Horseshoe; Amount Of Grain In Bin Estimated With Aid Of Chart Furniture - Oil Colors Applied To Scratches Touch Up Furniture; Panel Hooked To High-Chair Legs Prevents Bad Falls; Rack Patterned After Book End; Baby Walker Made With Chair Will Please Small Child House And Home - Envelope Sealed With Fingernail Polish Will Stay Closed; Formation Of Mildew On Leather Prevented By Copper Sulphate; Recirculating Connection Conserves Hot Water; Solving Home Problems; Masking Tape For Window Panes; Decal On Framed Piece Of Glass Decorates Child's Room; Spring Fastened To Eaves Trough Screens Trash From Downspout; Leaves Insulate House Foundation; Vegetables Are Accessible If Kept In Unheated Building; Aluminum-Lined Shower Cabinet; Removable Crosspiece On Ladder Simplifies Window Washing Outdoor Recreation - Play Ball Made From Basketball; Canvas Strips Tied On Bottom Of Skis Aid Uphill Climbing; This Disk-Throwing Game Tests Skill Of Players Photography - Decorative Ribbon Ornaments Framed Photos; Glass Strip In Developing Tray Keeps Film From Sticking; Marked Papers Eliminate Waste; Viewing Glass Aids Photographer; Animated Motion-Picture Titles Photographed Through Glass; Cloth Diffusers For Photofloods Are Attached Easily; Photographs Recessed With Iron; Clear Nail Polish Adds Lustre To Spotted Glossy Prints; Handy Shelf Arrangement When Ferrotyping Photoprints; Blue Cellophane Attached To View Finder Eliminates Need For Filter; Obtaining Longer Interval With A Photographer Self-Timer; Keeping Ferrotype Tins In Place; Cut-Film And Film-Pack Drier; Tape Is Used To Identify Film Radio And Electronics - Low-Cost 90-Watt Transmitter-Exciter Unit; All-Wave a.c. 4-Tube Receiver For Experimenters; Special Purpose Electronics Devices Tools - Clamp To Hold Small Articles Formed By Using Hardwood Clothespin; Straightener Held By Bench Vise Removes Kinks From Wire; File Has Pistol-Grip Holder; Craft Quiz; Rack For Hammer Assortment; Lathe Tool-Post Turret; Steady Rest Supports Long Pipe When Threading In Lathe; Trip Hammer Has Many Uses In Small Shop; Cutting Keyways Without A Milling Attachment; Blowing Tool Uses Valve Stems; Dolly Facilitates Quick Shifting Of Shop Tools; Adjustable Holder For Grinding Produces Accurate Work Toys And Novelties - Musical Merry-Go-Round; Carved Letter Opener Is Cut From Rosewood; Mailing Tube Novelties; Attractive Photo Bracelet From Lens And Letter Opener; Novel Photographic Content Is Cellulose-Tape Dispenser; Capsules Used On Model Airplane Add Realistic Touch Miscellaneous - Indicating Light On Map Makes Photography Fun; Two-Color Triangular Bandages Identify Different Knots; Ink Pad Uses Typewriter Ribbon; Free Lunch For Birds; Inexpensive Wood Filler; Rubber Cover Protects Padlock; Bolts And Nuts Are Stored In Jar; Etch It!; Nail Polish Used As Protection For Soap Carvings; Plastic-Glass Filler Mends Holes In Rotted Frames And Posts; How To Rivet Softwood Joints; Bead Aids When Slipping Tubing Over Insulated Wire; Canvas Pocket Strapped To Ankle Carries Finishing Nails; Bands Hold Oil Drum In Position; Thumbtack Plus Eraser On Board; Holes Punched In Fire Bucket Assure Its Proper Use; Backing Paper Held In Position With Rubber Bands