Popular Mechanics - 1940

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In This Issue - Wonder "Food" For Plants; It's Easy To Fly Your Own; Uncle Sam Helps Himself; Winning Races In The Pits; The Big Eye Takes Shape; Super-Senses Of Science; There's Magic In Everything; Radio Goes To War; Army On Wheels - Part II; The Young Giant Of Sport; The Rookie Goes To College; How Long Can Germs Live?; America's Dinner Rides The Rails; Counting Noses; Making Better Home Movies Automotive - Pliers With Milled Slots Remove Snap Rings; Tire Has One White And One Black Sidewall; Dashboard Light Warns When Battery Needs Water; Oil-Insulated Ignition Coil Has Hotter Spark; Incubator Ambulance Carries Babies In Safety; Expander Installed Without Removing Piston; Handy Card File For Automobile; Swamp Car Pulls Self Through Mud; Sidecar Loud Speaker Used By Police; Highway Sign Flashes When Car Passes Aviation - Parking Airplanes On Their Noses Saves Space; Steel-Hearted Aerial Camera; Safety Belt Is Worn Like Suspenders; Mechanical Brain Computes "Flight Plan"; Target Plane Controlled By Radio; U.S. Aircraft Plants Produce 15,000 A Year; Fliers Watch Own Planes Land By Television; Movies Of Takeoff Help Study Of Army Planes; Super-Liner To Fly 500 Over Atlantic; Fast Scout Plane Joins Navy; Thermocouples On Glider Detect Rising Currents Boats - Air-Propelled Boat Glides Over Shallows; Three-Man Submarine Makes 1,800-Foot Dive; Folding Metal Boat Trailer Household - Bed In "Minute Man" Design Trimmed With Guns; Six-Cup Tray Of Ice "Cones"; Electric Biscuit Baker For Top Of Table; Fan In Furnace Chamber Saves Lost Heat; Waffle Iron And Sandwich Toaster In One; Beanbag Ash Tray Can't Be Upset; Suction-Cup Hook Serves As Vacuum Lever; Weatherstrip Put On Without Removing Window; Wacuum Cleaner Bag Is Easy To Empty; Electric Iron Presses Clothes On Or Off Photography - Low-Cost Photo Print Driers; Camera Attached To Kite Snaps Aerial Photos; Flash Bulb Nicknamed "Mighty Midget" Radio And Electricity - Antenna "Paddles" Sharpen Television Signals; Tiny Water-Cooled Lamps In Giant Searchlight; Short-Wave Helmet Delivers A Radio Facial; "Hot Sticks" Repair High-Power Lines: Improved Radio Equipment For Small Craft; Beginner's Two-Tube Flashlight-Battery Set; Electrical Recording For Home Or School; Practical Radio Hints; Combination Reading Lamp And Radio For Bedroom; Portable Receiver Works On Batteries; Small Playroom Phonograph Is Motor Driven Science And Industry - Stainless Steel Applied To Iron At Low Cost; Ear Mask Protects Welder From Flying Sparks; Side Vision Tested To Find Driving Dangers; Prefabricated Track Laid In Sections; Alcohol Changes Iron To Steel; Atom-Smasher Latest Aid To Science; Safety-Belt Shock Absorber Breaks Fall; Gold Made From Platinum By Radium Gun; Sun's Corona Poses For A Television Picture; Lungfish Shipped In Can Of Dried Mud War - Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Has "Outrigger" Guide; Suit Of Armor Worn By Modern Soldier; Submarine Freighter To Evade Sea Raiders; Camera Fights Paintbrush In Camouflage War; Semi-Automatic Rifle For U.S. Army; London Is Ready For "Blackout" Emergencies Miscellaneous - Ski-Cycle And ice Bike Give Thrills; Sun's Heat Trapped In Roof To Heat Home; Mowing With Rotating Disks; Forest-Fire Fighters Parachute Into Treetops; Vise Holds Work At Angle For Machining; Bicycle Converted Into Tandem; Giant Oxen And Covered Wagon; Chart Plots Danger Of Fire From Forest Conditions; Interlocking Steel Shingle Is Waterproof; Slingshot Marksman Rivals Pistol Tricks; Telescope On Car Sells Peeks At Prison; Pillow Slips And "Dry Diving" Beach Fun; Model Steel Mill Carved From Wood And Ivory; Picture "Painted" With Inlaid Wood; Mines And Bridges Tested In Centrifuge; Storage Battery For Flashlight; Double-Deck Ambulance Cart Wheeled By Hand Craftsman And SHop Notes Automotive - Streamlined Midget Trailer; Celluloid Protects Upholstery At Bottom Of Door; Hub Cab Raises Wheel To Put On Chains; Quieting Noisy Hood Fasteners; Truck Endgate Serves As Stop; Vacuum Cup Covers Lock To Prevent Freezing; Auto Shortcuts; Bleeding Hydraulic Brakes Easily; Offy-Waste Lubricates Springs; Shields For Bumper Guards To Prevent Scratching; Warning System Aids Truck Backing To Platform Electrical - Shock Absorber Protects Flashlight Bulb; Brass Shim Stops Relay Sticking; Simple Tester For Short Circuits; Homemade Sign Flasher Farm - Insulating Pipe To Water-Storage Tank; Water-Pumping Engine Drives Grinder; Cleaning Cistern Without Removing Water; Auto Rim Protects Poultry Fountain; Hinged Windows Held Open By Iron Strip; Strong Wire Stretcher Made Easily; Simple Hitch Evens Pull Of Unmatched Team; Muslin Impregnatad With Wax Substitute For Glass; Pocket In Barn For Brush And Currycomb Furniture - Graceful Three-Tier Table; Furnishing The Doll House; Tubular Furniture Assembled WIth Babbit Plugs; Cabinets Fitted With Flat Drawer Pulls Hand Tools - Rings On Plumb Bob Provide Reel For Cord; Rubber Grip For Tool Handles; Simple Wire Bender; Tool-Handle Wedge Held By Corrugated Fastener; Monkey Wrench Turns Pipe; Simple Clamp For Light Work; Special Saw Cures Sticking Doors; Plate On Pliers To Help Hold Small Work; Lip On Chisel Avoids Flying Particles; Brad Keeps Wooden Wedge From Loosening; Scale Fixed To Angle Plate Saves Time; Sleeve Aids In Drilling Through Round Work Household - Everyday Uses For Rubber Suction Cups; Oil-Soaked Logs Burn Briskly In Fireplace; Absorbent Ruffles Slip On Stems Of Glasses; Solvint Home Problems Office - Stencils Cut From Old Negatives; Pocket On Typewriter Holds Eraser; Sponge Rubber Helps In Mimeographing Cards Photography - Splashless Pan To Wash Photo Films; Movie Titles That "Live"; Imitating Spotlight Effects On Photos; Tilting Head Tripod For New Photoflood Lamp; Camera Lens Shade From Trouser Belt; Easy Panoraming With Any Tripod; Handling Photo FIlm And Paper Power Tools - Chuck Attached To Drill Press WIth Screws; Fun With Steam Engines; Index Indicator On Lathe Saves Time; Jig To Form Coil Springs Quickly; Lathe Turns Large Discs; Rubber Bands Protect Grinding Wheels; From Pattern To Casting; Blast Burners You Can Make Store And Shop - Work Leveled With String And Envelope; Trough On Workbench Catches Small Particles; Shipping Clerk's Pencil Writes Several Colors; Shoe Trees Serve As Tag Holders; Novel Fruit Display Simulates Active Volcano; Sheet-Metal Worker Moves Flat Pieces With Mallet; Removing Enamel Letters From Glass; Washing Machine Actuates Sign; Gummed Tape Aids In Laying Out Sheet-Metal Work Woodworking - Gluepot Made From Two Tin Cans; Scrolled Hot Pads Of Plywood; Playing Cards As Template For Irregular Work; Medicine Dropper Spreads Glue Thinly; Wall Rack FOr Handsaws Miscellaneous - Block Holds Wood Saw While Sharpening It; Glass Rods Light Up Clock Face; Burlap-Sack Tray To Sort Vegetables; Paintbrush Kept Off Bottom Of Pail; First-Aid Equipment Slipped Into Car Quickly; Rigging Ship-Model Deadeyes; Soldering Torch Tip Shielded By Pencil Eraser; Waterproofing Seams Of Leather Shoes; Drip-Painting Flowerpots Gives Novel Effect; Slotted Bottle Stopper Vents Funnel; Novel Shell And Table Ornaments In Brass; Simple Motor-Reversing Switch; New Designs For Doghouses; Close End Of Acid-Core Solder After Using; Skull Caps Of Paper Easy To Fold; Oilcan Is Handy Gluepot; Rubber Pockets In Drawers Store Small Parts; Cannibal King Guards Ash Or Cigarette Holder; Rubber Thumbtack Tray On Drawing Board; Horseshoes Improve Chopping Block; Portable Holder For Artists' Ink And Pens; Trick In Uncoiling Wire Cable Avoids Kinks; Opening Drain Outlet On Roof; Slotted Wood Strip Saves Base Of Miter Box; Paper Clip Keeps Show-Card Brushes Shaped