Popular Mechanics - 1938

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Special Features - Poor Boy Still Makes Good; The Age Of Color; Setting Traps For Fire Bugs; Steel Carves A Waterway; Millions For Movie Ideas; Toys For Men Only; Shipping On Underground Railways; Wild Horses Corraled From Air; Flying The Winged Bullets; Riding Herd On 2,000,000 "Horses"; The Romance Of The Locomotive; Picture Your Pets Automotive - Powerful Diesel Road Grader Has Reversable Blades; Anti-Skid Flange For Rural Auto; Wind Tests On Model Autos; Fifteen Riders Stunt On Three Motorcycles; Collapsible Camp House Carried On Car Roof; Air-Conditioner For Bus; Glassed Kennel For Dog On Auto Fender; Automatic Brake Checks Backward Roll Of Car; Wind-Electric Units Tested On Truck; Midget Racer "Fishtailed" For Speed And Safety; Speed Indicator Warns Driver By Flashing Light; Air Intake And Exhaust In Cab Roof; Theftproof Gasoline Tank Cap; Vapor Lock Eliminator; Cam Angle Protractor Synchronizes Distributor; Family Tours In Sea-Going "Covered Wagon"; Non-Petroleum Lubricant Takes Squeak Out Of Rubber; Engine Bucks Wind At Seventy Aviation - Pilot Tries Diver's Helmet In High Altitude; Rubber Pontoon For Seaplanes; Dry Sprinkler System Rids Planes Of Insects; Spare Propellers Carried Under Transport Plane; Giant Flying Boats For Week-End Cruises; "Plate-Lifter" Brake Latest For Airplanes; Tandem Propellers Spin In Opposite Directions Boats - Dredge To Seek Gold Lost In 1799; Propellerless Boat Cruises In River Shallows; Old River Boats Revive Early Rivalry Construction - Two-Wheeled Wheelbarrow; One-Man Plow And Winch Replace Gang; Round-Cornered Brick Makes Leakless Wall; Cement-Hulled Sloop Wears Its Ballast Outside; Lead Head Nail Locks Metal Roofing; Steel Framework For Plaster Strengthens The House; Wood Buildings Made Stronger By Timber Contractors; Wire Screen Protects Rain Gutters From Debris Household - Alarm Clock Wears Shutter For Traveling; Garbage Can Holder Prevents Loss Of Lid; "Map" Rug For The Playroom; Portable "Plug In" Electric Stove; Asbestos Collar For Stove Burner Saves Gas; Safety Window Washing Seat; Valve Mixes Water To Desired Temperature Lawns And Gardens - Lawn Mower Steered By Remote Control; Three Thousand Flower Colors Are Charted; Garden Made A Bird Sanctuary Models - Stradivary Violin Made In Amateur Workshop; Model Of "Stratoliner" Tested In Wind Tunnel; Auto Racer Builds Car Models; "Clay" Made From Old Newspapers Photography - Color Photos Projected For Backdrop Of Stage; Electric Drier For Photo Prints; Camera Sets Itself For Correct Exposure; Drawing projected On Desk From Microfilm; Rotary Fire-Finder's Photos Help Spot Flames; Handle For Miniature Cameras Radio And Electricity - Electric Sunshine Floods Night Baseball Game; Hydrogen Tank Forms Setting For Pagent; Bee Trouble A New Hazard For Trouble Shooter; Telegrams Ride The Tones Of Electric Organ; Red And Green Lights Police Power Flow; Loud Speaker In A "Manhole" Directs Sports Festival; Forest Patrol Radio Sends 500 Miles; Television Takes The Road In Twin-Van Studies; A-B Eliminator For Two-Volt Farm Sets; Portable Two-Tube a.c.-d.c. Push-Button Receivers; Portable Junk Box For Radio Workers; Practical Radio Hints; Auto Antenna Is Vacuum Operated; Phototube Relay In Kit Form; Push-Button Remote Control; Receiver In Combination Clock And Lamp Cabinet Science And Industry - Earth's Crust Tested By Blasts Recorded; Energy Sources To Replace Coal Learned From Stars; Castor Bean Used In Paint And Chemicals; Rubber Springs Absorb Shocks In Big Machines; Tarnishproof "Skin" Protects Metal's Color; New Drills Promise To Bore Miles Into Earth Sports - Bicycle Lamp Generator Mounts Under Saddle; Outboard Racing Boat Trailer Has Living Quarters; Wheeled Tripods Carry Boat In Trailer Fashion; Weedless Lure Without Barb Latest For Fishermen; Bike Trailer Carries Surfboard Tools - Scratcher Disc For Removing Paint; Wrench With Reversable Jaw Works Automatically; Pocket Size Hardness Tester; Table-Top Power Tool Unit For Modelmaker; Grinder And Drill With Lever Feed Mounting; Scraper Attached To Blowtorch Removes Paint Miscellaneous - Bayou "Battleship" Fights Plant-Locked River; Compressed-Air Gun Shoots Fish On Ocean Floor; Apples Milled Into Baking Flour; Sea Life Made Visible In Tanks With Portholes; Moistureproof Metal Locator; Police Carry Shield And Armor; Sawdust Practical Fuel For Heating Homes; Cotton Picker Does Seventy-Five Men's Work; Pumps No Larger Than The Hand; Ship Monument Marks Site Where Sweden Landed; Diesel-Powered Ocean Liner Sets Speed Record; Glass Spheres Sprayed On Signs Reflect Light; Four Mirrors On Table Show Head At Angles; Safety Nut Locks On Bolt; Collecting Poisonous Spiders Becomes A Business; House With Eight Sides Turned Into A Museum; Wall Washer Saves Paint And Reduces Work; Miniature Trailer Towed By A Tricycle; "Loch Ness Monster's" On Parade In Paris Craftsman And Shop News - Automotive - Fender-Straightening Tools Grouped In Rack; Helps For The Auto Mechanic; Clean Crankcase Ventilators Often; How Fleet Operator Saves Gas; Portable Sidewalk Signs Of Pipe; Inexpensive Hoist For Tow Truck; Battery Hydrometer Stored In Radiator Hose; Fitting Oversize Piston Pins; Horn Button Moved To Avoid Short Circuit; Tin Can Supports Inner Tube For Repairs Camping And Fishing - Fish Can't Swallow Triangle Hook; Chemical Kindling Ignites Campfires Quickly; Rubber Bands Provide Grip For Flashlights Electrical - Double-Filament Lamps In Single-Contact Sockets; Choke Coils Control a.c. Voltage; Rewiring Building With Aid Of Compressed Air Farm - Carrying Of Poultry Diseases Prevented; Barn-Door Hook Pulls Staples; Gate Held Open By Hook At Hinged End; Simple Ventilator For Poultry Houses; Gate Supported To Prevent Sagging; Wire Ring Supports Poultry Bucket On Arm Furniture - Modern Mirrors You Can Build; White Ironwork Adds Charm To Chairside Table; Hanging Wall Shelf Of White Pine; Tot's Own Dining Set; Stool Converted Into Baby's High Chair Hand Tools - Truing Up Distorted Thread Box; Gauge For Selecting Right Nail Quickly; Measuring Tapers With Two Scales; Spring To Eject Small Parts From Vise; Pocket Depth Gauge From Hacksaw Blades; Swinging Rack For Drills Home Improvements - Porch Light In Polished Brass; Attic Door Forms Bookcase; Tricks Of Hanging Wallpaper; Sparrow-Proof Martin House Household - Mask To Decorate Cakes And Cookies; Wool Socks Dried On Caot Hanger; Rubber Sink Plug Scours Kitchen Utensils; Guard Over Door Crack Protects Child's Fingers; Secret Latch For Bathroom Cabinet; Stovepipe Cleaned With Skid Chain; Bunny Letter Holder For The Children; Partitioned Clothes Hamper; Solving Home Problems; Removing Fish Odor From Dishes; Removing Odor From Bottle Models - Graphite Improves Model Planes; Modelmaker's Clamps From Safety Pins; Modeling A Viking Ship Photography - Photos Given Background Of Gold Or Silver; Tripod Adjusted To Take Photos Close To Ground; Photos Framed With Embroidery Hook Power Tools - Foot Feed On Drill Press Saves Time; Lathe Parting Tool Supported To Avoid Chatter; Keeping Work From Turning On A Drill Press; Midget Circular Saw For Precision Work; Knob Improves Drill Press Feed Handle; Tenoning Jig For Circular Saw; Pan Under Lathe Catches Oil And Chips; Spun Finishes For Lathe Projects; Heavy Arbor Centered Single-Handed; How To Build Small Gem-Cutting Bench Sports - Arrow Gun From Old Paintbrush; Golf Balls Stored In Airtight Can; How To Clean Your Gun; Camera Gun For Fasr-Action Shots Store And Shop - Rack To Carry Garments On Coat Hangers; Magnet Retrieves Hairpins In Beauty Parlor; Books Held At Angle In Window Miscellaneous - Neckties Held On Silent Valet; Sliding Boards Scored Before Sawing; Telescoping Rule For Inside Measurements; Bilge Pump Drains Boat Quickly; Hooks To Hold Bar Stock In View; Producing Microscopic Effects; Removing Bubbles From Varnished Surfaces; Defleaing Your Dog; Rotating Shelves For Small-Parts Jars; Scissors To Cut Deckle Edges; Aquarium Fountain Has No Water Connection; Inserting Extra Pages In Spiral-Bound Books; Vacuum Cups Deaden Vibrations Of Small Motor; Turned Clock Case Has Spun Face; Check Protected Against Altering In Typewriter; Drawing Board Improved By Strip On End; Hugo The Hound Whittled; Flowering Bulbs Grown Successfully Indoors; Warm Hands In Wet Gloves; Hand Pad Used In Carving With Chisels; Jig To Glue Mitered Joints; Wings Add Realism To Bird Cutouts; Concrete Forms Tied Across Top Can't Sag; Connecting Small Rubber Tube To Water Faucet; Glass Jug Protected By Rubber Harness; Scraper On Blowtorch Cleans Knife; Simple Reels Shaped From Heavy Wire; Refrigerating Compressors Started By Using By-Pass; Reducing Noise In Forced-Air Heating Plant; Installing Modern Centrifugal Pump; Bottle Converted Into Glass Funnel; Welding Rods Carried On Torch