Mechanix Illustrated - 1943

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Special Features - Inside A Nazi Sabotage School!; How Good Are Our Planes? (The meaning of the OWI report on America's battle aircraft); North American "Burma Road" (America's new highway to "the most strategic place in the world); Coming Wonders Of Transportation (The fourth of MI's blueprints for life after the war, in "A World You Never Knew"); Drum Talk (How African wireless works); Announcing - MI's New Contest!; The Darndest Things Help Build A Plane!; Red Giants And White Dwarfs (Biographies of stars); Tank-Trappers (Some modern American pioneers); The Focke-Wulf F. W. 190 (An analysis of Germany's best fighter); Can YOU Be A Pilot? (Test yourself for the Air Corps); This Is A Small-Boat War! (The PT's and their death-dealing cousins) How To Build Features - How To Save Fuel This Winter; Playroom Furniture; "Manta" Fighter Model Plane; Baby Ice Scooter; Bill Bildit Gets In A Jam; Wee War Weapons Crafts And Hobbies - Photography - Flash Kinks; Monthly Contest Winners; Personal Photo Greetings; "Behind" The Snapshot Awards Workshop - Magic For The Millions; Playroom Furniture; Deer Foot Lamp; Framing The Felt; Roses From Rinds; What's The Horsepower?; Welder's Clamp; Milling With Tool Post Grinder; Nineteenth Hole; Home Aids; Portable Oil Stove Doubles As Heater; Can You Hitch Up A Horse?; Wood Carver Of Simple Construction; Precision Pocket Trammel; Boring Tool Holder; Resonant Line Transmitter; Radio Sparks News Of Science And Mechanics - New Diet For Turnstiles; No More Ups And Downs; Machine Tool From Junk; Boy In A Man's Job; Microscopic Microscope; No Guessing At Gas; Super Superstructure; First New Concrete Ship Leaves Yards, Up, Scooters, To War; A World You Never Knew; Bulletin Board Attraction; How Water Polo Looks To Fish; Cable Plowed Under; Used-House Lot; Non-Metal Cans; Spokesman Wins An "M"; Juke Box Grandpappy; Electronic Clock News Of Modern Warfare - U.S. Pilots Test Captured Zero; New Anti-Tank Fort; Jap "Chatterbox" Flash-Hiding Muzzle; Park Satchel, Blow Up Tank!; Cool Killer; Block-Buster Lovers; British Train For Mass Gliding; Warplanes In Overcoats; Paris Taxis Not What They Used To Be; Mining Steel In Our Streets; Mosquito With A Sting For Hitler; Trailer For Air Freight; Husky Dogs Of War; Muzzle Brake For Big Guns; Deadly Waterbug; New Double-Duty British Six-Pounder; "Tanker Torpedoed: Crew Saved"; Fashion Note For Eight Miles Up Aviation - How Good Are Our Planes?; Coming Wonders Of Transportation; The Darndest Things Help Build A Plane!; The Focke-Wulf F. W. 190; Can YOU Be A Pilot?; U.S. Pilots Test Captured Zero; British Train For Mass Gliding; Mosquito With A Sting For Hitler; Trailer For Air Freight; Fashion Note For Eight Miles Up; Manta Fighter Model Plane Departments - Your Invention Clinic; Chips From The Editor's Workbench; Moneymakers And Moneysavers (Classified Ads); News Of Science And Mechanics; News Of Modern Warfare; Photography; How-To-Build Section; Home Aids; Your Wartime Car