Road & Track - 1983 Magazines

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September Cover Story - Pontiac Fiero (Detroit's first mid-engine 2-seater is ready, willing & (pretty darn) able. Our 4-part probe examines its humble commuter-car origin, its development as a sports car - with complete technical & styling analysis & road test) Road Tests - Isuzu Impulse (A mobile sculpture, to be sure, but is it enough?); Nissan Pulsar NX Turbo Update (What was nimble is now quick, but); Volvo 760GLE V-6 Update (A commendable balance of luxury, performance & handling) Features - Profile: Michele Mouton (What's a lovely lady doing in the macho world of pro-rallying? Quite well, thank you); Cyclops Fashions (No wacky Bob Mackie here; Stan Mott's creations show how form follows function); Group 44 Jaguar XJR-5 (An enduring Anglo-American marriage produces a winning breed of car); Corvette Owner Survey (Only the dealer service dampens the enthusiasm of these Vette owners); Salon: Ferrari 250 GTO ("This damn coupe" turned out to be a winning race car and a beautiful road car); The Lyon (It's not a replica, it's a revival of classic style and form); 1984 Chryslers (Introducing the innovative T-wagons & much, much more); BMW 524td (This may be the fastest, quietest - and sportiest - diesel in the world); Toyota Van Wagon (A 7-passemger van that's remarkably small, nimbble & ultilitarian) Competition - Getting With IT (Improved Touring offers up-to-date racing at yesterday's prices); Formula Vee Birthday Party (Celebrating 20 years of thrills, chills & spills); A Ride On The Wild Side (All that glitters is not big-time road racilng); Monoco Grand Prix (Rosberg is slick and quick enough to beat the turbo brigade); Belgian Grand Prix (Prost proves his prowess as Formula I comes back to Spa) Departments - People & Places; Letters; Time & Place; Road Test Summary; Years Ago; Reviews; Cars In Scale; Miscellaneous Ramblings; Letters From Europe; Letters From Detroit; About The Sport; Ampersand; Market Place; Technical Correspondence; PS