Motor Trend - 1982

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Cover Story - Import Car Of The Year (More cars + higher quality = closest results yet) Road Tests - Corvette Twin Turbo V-6 90 (Today's car, tomorrow's engine); Avatar (The 14.62 second sunshine supercar); Ranger XLS Pickup (Ford goes truckin' in the midi-market); Piazza XE (A preview of Isuzu's slick new trend-setter); Abrahms M1 (On the warpath with the Army's latest) Driving Impressions - The Biturbo (Small car, big performance, new image) Features - Project XR3 (Build your own EuroEscort); K-Cars: One Year Later (A 33,000-mile update); Retrospect: 1956 Maserati 300S (Always a thoroughbred); Racing Schools Road Test (The top institutions of higher rpm) Tech Feature - Sound Advice (Stereo road test) Departments - Editor's Report (MT lands the Flying W); Letters (Doin' the old GM rag?); Detroit Report (Chrysler gets stealthy); Running Report (Statistically speaking); International Report (Talbot does the Samba); Auto Report (Gasolution revolution); FreeWheeling (IIHS hit list); Motor Trend Marketplace (Classifieds); Competition Report (Sic Trans-Am gloria)

Cover Story - Volvo 760 GLE (Same old virtues, brand new package) Road Tests - Camaro vs. Mustang (Maybe there is a substitute for horsepower); Porsche 944 (Half an eight makes a better 924); Project Merlude (Or, if you like, Project Precedes); Peugeot 505 STI (A soupcon of flash for a sophisticated sedan); Saab APC Turbo (The whistler improves its tune); Fiat Spider 2000 Turbo (Old enough to drive, lots more fun) Driving Impressions - Renault Fuego (Lets just call it Le Bargaine); Toyota Celica GTS (Does Gurney know about this one?); Opel Ascona (Der Euro J-car doffs its kopf) Features - The Tishman Bucciali (World Trade Center school of design); The 24 Hours Of Kent (Daytona from the driver's seat); Retrospect: 1911 Marmon Wasp (Unique in Indy history); '81 Mazda RX-7 GS (25,000 miles later) Departments - Editor's Report (A matter of incentive); Letters (Sticky subjects); Detroit Report (Lincoln's new super swoop); International Report (Z28E: Camaro goes to Europe); Technologue (A question of diesel "Purity"); FreeWheeling (America rediscovers the speedometer); Motor Trend Marketplace (Buy, sell, swap, enjoy); Competition Report (Allison in wonderland)