Motor Trend - 1981

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March Cover Story - The I-5 Alive Drive (Border to border in Escort, Reliant, Accord and Rabbit) Road Tests - 1981 1/2 EXP/LN? (Sporty front drives), Side-by-Side Audis (5000 S vs 5000 Turbo), 3.3-Liter T-Top Capri (Performance, 1980s style), Malibu 4-Door Sedan (A solid survivor) Driving Impression - Ferrari Rainbow (All-time top show car) Features - Automotive Security Systems (Do you know where your car is tonight?), America's Top 10 MPG Cars (Baseball, hot dogs, economy...), Quickor Turbo Le Cart (Small needn't be slow), 1982 Trucks (Downsizing picks up), In Memoriam: Robert W. Irvin (Auto journalism loses its top reporter), Import Car Of The Year (Our toughest choice to date), Retrospect: 1928 Dodge Standard Six Coupe (A sturdy workhorse) Departments - Editor's Report, Running Report, Special Report, Readers' Report, Detroit Report, International Report, Roving Report, Motor Trend Marketplace, Auto Report, Competition Report

Preview Test - 1982 Honda Accord (Climbing the ladder of prestige) Road Tests - Chevy Cavalier vs. Pontiac J2000 (A family feud between J-cars); Street-Legal 320i Turbo (Finally, Bimmer lovers can put the 2002iii to rest); Ferrari Mondial (A long-legged, high-gloss profile piece); VW Golf GTI (Is it true that Europeans have more fun? You betcha) Driving Impressions - 1982 Celica (Toyota's "image" econocar) 1982 First Drive - Ford Ranger (Entering the midi-truck era) Adult Toys - Golf GTI Turbodiesel (Yes, Virginia, there is a fun-to-drive diesel); Turbo Chevette (Mini-GT/guerilla fighter) Features - Car Words, Part II (Completing your glossary); Subcompact Stereos (Great sounds for the smallest of cars); An LN7 At Bonneville (Everyone was startled, even Ford); 1982 Buick Century (Special spy preview); Creative Financing (Dealing in the money markets of the '80s); Retrospect: 1949 Buick Super (Spirit of the postwar renaissance); AC Ghia 3000 (British-style street sleeper) Technical Features - Kent Racing RX-7s (Hottest rotaries in America); Cars & Cameras, Part 1 (Get that professional touch) Departments - Editor's Report (Performance image for the 320i); Readers' Report (Capt. Scirocco & friends); Detroit Report ('83 Mustang/Capri mods); International Report (A 4-door Ferrari?); Running Report (Vital stats); FreeWheeling (Washington update); Auto Report (Costs of gasoline explained); Motor Trend Marketplace (Classifieds); Competition Report (Ford racing, home and abroad)