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Fishing Annual

Table of Contents - Tactics For Early River Walleyes, Bigmouths In The Potholes, Why The Expert's Rods Is The Stiff Rod, White Bass - The All-Purpose Fish, Sonar - Your Window To The Fish's World, Great Lakes Fishing Is The Best Of All, Top Midwest Anglers Pick Their Favorite Lures, The People Pleasing Yellow Perch, Catching Stream Trout With Spinners, Hammerhandles or Lunkers - Which Will It Be?, A Time For Short Lunch, Trophy Musky Tackles, Surefire Crappie Tactics


Features - Lake of the Woods, The Peregrine Falcon, Fishing in the Weeds, Lake Michigan's Discharge Dynamite, It's Bluegill Time in Michigan, Solving Tough Walleye Problems, Don't Overlook The Crawfish!, Michigan's Super Spring Salmon Fishing, How Good Is Your Knot, Coming To Terms With Carp, Rubber Band Release System, Don't Buy A Barge, Buy a Canoe, Let The Bass Tell You Where To Fish Departments - Ask Fins and Feathers, We Tried It, Great Lake State Ramblings, The Kennel, Editorial, Charley's Corner, Campfire, Recipe File, Sporting Life Specials - Trading Post, New Products, Fishing Contour Guide to Hodenpyle Backwaters, Manistee National Forest Wexford County Michigan


Features - Michigan's Walleye Fishing Keeps Getting Better, Making The Crappie Connection, A Vote For The Spinnerbait, The Great Doughnut Hunt, Pier Pressure Pays Off, This Fishing School's Blackboard Is 50 Feet Deep, Make A Deer-Hide Wading Pack, A Young Setter Comes Of Age, The Country's Most Beautiful Duck, A New Twist To Jigging, Bass Pros Talk Tourneys, To Float A River Specials - Reader Survey, Sportsman's Guide to Lake St. Helen Roscommon County, New Products, Trading Post Departments - The Michigan Report, Great Lake State Ramblings, We Get Letters, The Campfire, Shooting, The National Report, Dock Talk, The Kennel, Pages From The Past, The Last Word

Hunting '88

Features - Predicting Whitetails (Your chances of getting a deer are greatly improved if you understand factors that influence their movements); Wisconsin Hunting Forecast (It looks like deer will be leading the parade of game for the 1988 hunting season in Wisconsin); Where There's Corn (There's trophy deer in there if you can just find them; it's not anything like woods hunting); Out-Of-The-Ways Whitetails (Terrain that's too steep, too thick, too swampy or too far from the road can yield whitetails too good to be true); Slug It Out (A shotgun firing today's slugs can be as effective as a rifle for the woods and farmland deer hunter); Fred Bear's Luckiest Shot (The legendary hunter recalls the most unusual, and luckiest shot he ever made); Empty Skies: America's Ducks In Crisis Follow-Up (Interview with USFWS agent Dave Hall and report from retired USFWS agent Vic Blazevic regardilng the controversial Louisiana poaching expose); Wax Plucking Waterfowl (Plucking waterfowl is never fun, but it can be done quick and neat with this simple process); Sportsman's Guide To: )Chain, Clear, McCann Lakes) Departments - The Wisconsin Report; Wisconsin Ramblings; Shooting, Kennel; Dock Talk, Bowhunting; Trading Post; Recipe File; New Products; Sportsman's Source; The Last Word