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Cover Story - Dyno-Proven Small-Blocks (Affordable ways to make sure you get 300, 400 and 500 horsepower) Tech/Tests - Monte Carlo Resto Guide (Chevrolet's performance luxury car is hot on the restoration market); Valve Body Hop-Up (All it takes is an afternoon and a G.E.R. kit to modify your 700R4); Sway Control (Old shoeboxes need not sway with a Just Suspension Anti-Roll Bar); Saginaw Strategy (Lee Manufacturing shows the way to high-performance steering boxes); SImply Dashing (Simple tricks for restoring a fresh look to instruments and gauges); Check, Please (Beginners need help, so we compiled an engine builder's checklist); You Gotta Pay If You Want To Play (The new ZR-1 Corvette is 4056hp strong and worth every penny) Features - Ten-Second Mouse (A mail-order engine is the foundation for this 500hp small-block); Twister (Want a different look for your late-model Chevy Truck? Call Pacific); Resto-Perfect (A Camaro-lovers dream that is fully restored and looks flawless); Second Look (Bob Evan's '69 Nova has been dressed up with red paint and a hot V-8); Slightly Modified (This '68 Chevelle has won almost 120 trophies, and more are coming); Blue Suede Shoebox (George Norovich drives a blown, but comfortable, Pro Street '55 Chevy) Departments - Skid Marks (Act now to save your hobby); Letters (Writing in about your Chevy); Resto Shop (Parts to restore your car); Bow Tie News (How Chevy Showdown set); Calendar (What's happening and where); Chevy Parts (Hot equipment for your Bow Tie); Chevy Showplace (Readers' brag about their rides); Performance Q & A (Amswers to your Hi-Po questions); New Wheels (A look at the S-Blazer & Jimmy); Resto Q & A (Restoration problems solved); Ad Index (Where to find our advertisers); Short Block (Tangles cleans up his garage)

Cover Story - 50 Paint Tricks (We answer questions you need to ask before painting your Chevy) Tech/Tests - Frame-Off (You can restore your El Camino/Chevelle frame and add bigger tires); 100 Horsepower In Two Hours (It doesn't take long for this Mark V Rat to corral a bunch of ponies); TPI Swap (Adding tuned point injection is just as easy as installing a stereo); Goin' Racin' (It takes plenty of preparation before heading to the racetrack); Machine Shop Guide (What you need to know before taking your engine to a machine shop); Airtight (Here are the hot tips on cooling off with a new air conditioner); New Wheels (Driving the 40th Anniversary Corvette Convertible and Lumina Euro) Features/Events - Concours Resto (Have you ever seen a nicer looking '64 Impala Super Sport Convertible?); Green With Envy (Six Chevelles gave their all so this one could grace our cover); Chopped & Channeled (On hot, yellow screaming Pro Street Truck with lots of custom touches); Fish Out Of Water (What do you get when you stuff a hi-po boat engine into a Nova?); Father-Son Chevelles (The ultimate family project - build two wicked Pro Street Chevelles); Sweet Camaro (A mean looning show stopper wilth plenty of chrome, gold and pizzazz); Win A '70 Z28 (Here's your chance to win one of the hottest Camaros ever manufactured); Nova Notes (A look back at the hot Novas, and sources for Nova parts and services) Departments - Skid Marks (Thinking about real resto); Letters (Writing in about your Chevy); Performance Q & A (Answering your tech questions); Resto Shop (Hot parts for restoration); Bow Tie News (Racing the '93 Camaro); Musclecar Report (A close look at the NMCA); Chevy Parts (Hot equipment for Chevys); Calendar (What's happening and where); Chevy Showplace (Readers show us their cars); Resto Q & A (Restoration problems solved); Ad Index (Locating our advertisers); Short-Block (Helpful hints, tricks and tips)