Chevy Classics

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No. 1

Nomads - The Right Equation (427 L88 + '57 = HOT HP), Nomads (Wildest wagons in full color), The Way It Was (An original '56 Nomad), The National Nomad Club (The wagon train to Nomads' land), Family Affair (A restored '57 Nomad), The Sundance Kid (A flash of chrome and a healthy ho ho Nomad( History - The Chevy Nomad (History of the world's greatest station wagon), The Hot One (The history of the '55-'57 Chevy) Engine Mods - 350 Street Builder (How to buuild the perfect engine for your classic Chevy) Trans Tricks - Turbo Trans Mounts (A most reliable holdup), Turbo Trans Tricks (How to improve your Turbo 350 transmission) Restoration Tips - Finishing Touches (Doin' the razzle dazzle dash), Making Do With Like New (A guide to some of the more commonly-requested reproduction parts), Interior Restoration (Interior pieces are now as close as your mailbox), Stainless Steel's The Show (Give your classic's stainless chrome a new luster for life) How-Tos - Power Steering Conversion (The 60's takes plenty of jive), That's The Brakes (Matching discs to drums), A 'Glass Act (Give your front end a lift and a flip) And - First Time Around (There are many ways to reach a goal, and this '56 traveled most of them), The Classic Chevy Club (The rank and file of the golden years and miles), Instant Surprise (Turbosharging makes this '55 come alive), Painter's Delight (Even Minnesota's biting winters ca't cool this blown '57), Fresh-Aid Bel Air (Classy convertible cruisin' cloud 9), Rapid Transit (This sharp little '56 is driven daily), Brandywine (This Texas-style '55 was restored in a big way), Ride On (A fine '55 that's all new inside), Black Ice (Slippery F/Gas '57 210 racer), Editor's Choice (A most believeable wagon), Texas Gold (A twin-carbed 4-speed black beauty), Law and Order (This '56 Chevy is blowin' the whistle), Something Different (A flipped out '57), Radical Readjustment (This '55 got more than just a sumple chop), Would You Buy A Classic Chevy From This Man (Take a look and see why mmore than 3000 others have)

No. 2

On The Cover - Street Building a Chevy 350: Target For Today, Camaro Suspension Tricks: F-Body Fitness Program Special Vette How-To Section - Narrow Minded: Late Vettes Get Narrow Frames For Wider Tires, Lightening Strikes: The New Vette Aluminum Rearend, Vette Update: Remove Paint From Fiberglass; Fiberglass Fix For Paint; A Shiny Shape, Troubleshooting Vette Brakes Features - Kick In The Gas, Crawlin' From The Wreckage, The Sting, Concours Conditioning Showcase - Showroom Plus, Pressure Cooker, Camaro: The Early Days, 'Glass Menagerie, Chevy Classics, Street Heroes, Blown 'Glass, Low Camp, Stickin' To Details, Ponies Aplenty, Altered Perception

No. 3

Features - Chevys Galore (Late but Still Great Gems from the Fifties), Deluxe '55 (This Bel Air is a Real Crowd Pleaser), Quick Delivery (An Updated Way to Haul in Style), Shop Scene (Super Chevy Classics), Texas Trophy Taker (A winning '55), Pre-Caminos (These Two Predate the El Caminos), Parts Mart (How to Find What you Need), Mean Joe's Green (This '56 Flies Low), Canadian Convertible (A Rolling Testomonial), Modern Art (This '55 is an Art Classic), Better Than New (A Few Minor Changes Go a Long Way), '57 Chevy (The 25-year Romance), NASCAR Sneaker (Looks Can Be Deceiving), Classic Couple (A Special Duo of Family Cars), His '55 (Tom Steele's Half of the Classic Couple), Classics For Sale (The Chevy of your Dreams can be yours), Swap Meet (Yet Another Source of Chevy Parts), Street 'N' Strip (An Unclassified Classic) Technical - Caught By Surprise (A Crazy MoPowered '55), Built To Stay Tough (A Nitrous Small-Block Chevy), Restoration Tips (Using Codes to Get Exact Results), Bowtie Brigade (Chevy Performance Parts) On The Cover - Nomad Plus (A Subtle Truck '55), Go Mad For Nomads (Minimal mods for Max Beauty), Her '57 (The Other Half of a Classic Couple

Volume 5
Number 4

Features - Back From Beyond (You can't keep a good 'Vette down); The Ultimate Sin (Watch out. This Nova's appearance can be deceiving); Black Rushin' (This four-wheeled ice bucket is fast); Of Unknown Origin (Canadian Chevys disguised as...Pontiacs?); Glory Days (One man's mechanical tribute to an era long gone); Survivor (A rare '57 factory racer); Street Machine Nationals (If you think the weather was hot, look at the Chevys); 57th Heaven (You'll be hard pressed to find a better 'Vette); Hidden Thunder (One of the most awesome lineages: the hi-po Nova); Engraved Invitation (Glass etching for a distinctive difference) Showcase - Heaven Sent (A resto/rod '55 Nomad parishioner); Heavy Metal Mogul (A pair of potent post-war pavement pounders); The Dynamic Duo (Two decidely different approaches to street machines); Chevy Love (Going steady with their Chevys); Lone Star Nova (Harold Young increases the brightness of his '66 Nova); Salt Shaker (A stunning Stovebolt built to tackle Bonneville); The Rod Report (The road to street stardom need not be paved with gold); A Fast Blast (A righteous ragtop that's more than just another pretty stocker); Passion For Chevys (Baseball, apple pie and a big-block Chevelle) Technical - Painting 101 (An introductory course in autmotive graphics); Oil Systems Go! (Pre-lube your engine to extend its life); Rev Counters Of The Third Kind (Add a VDO tachometer to your classic Chevy); Disc-O-Tech (Bolt-on disc brakes for '55-'57 Chevys); The Great Escape (An exhaustive look at installing headers); Battery Shuffle (How to relocate your battery to the trunk); Nose Job (Getting a handle on Nova front suspension); Gauge Panel Repair (Make your instruments look like new); High Voltage (Ignition wires make a significant performance difference); Sound Chamber (Create a sonic paradise on wheels) Departments - Required Reading; The Parts Store