Rodz - 2005

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Rodz Features & Tech - The Hunnert Car Pile-Up (Five hundred rides showed up to participate in the Midwest's most down-to-earth, no-trophy, all-fun hot rod show), The Earl Of Morgan (It started its life as a 1939 Mercury and had it fallen into the wrong hands, it just might have stayed that way forever. Luckily the '39 fell into the hands of manman Earl Steen), King Of Klubs #1 (This was the first annual two-day show put on by The Lifters in San Diego. There aren't too many shows where you can run what you brung. Some of these guys just couldn't get enough, running their rides until they ran out of gas), 2004 Mooneyes Xmas Show (A kustom kulture art and car extravaganza carrying on in the tradition of Dean Moon, an original innovator), Breathe Little Y-Block, Breathe (The exception to the rule, "Never pay someone else to do something I can do myself"), No Muff Too Tuff (When Geno determined it was time to give the Rodz some dual-exhaust, he called up the best place in town to get the exhaust flowing. Pro Muffler Shop, owned by Jim Long in Delray Beach, Florida), Shifty Biz (The inside lowdown from the Shifters CC, pioneers of the hot rod scene in SoCal), German Rods (No $15,000 paint jobs. No computer things with a shit load of wires. Just scratch-your-head-and-figure-it-out technology with no more than four wires running from the engine and 2/65 AC), Henry's Grand Finale (Scott Stewart's '47 Ford coupe is one of those cars that we all like to look at over and over again. It looks just right, has the right stance, the right period accessories and would make Henry Ford proud), Ol' School SInce Grade School (Russ Gagliano, Jr's first modified car was the family grocery getter. A '54 Chevy Bel Air 230 Automatic six-banger. On the days he drove it, he would modify it to look ol' school in the morning and change it back to the family car on the way home), Chop A '40 Fordor (Chopping a top is the apex of customizing. It is a combination of planning, measuring, cutting, welding and finishing. It can make or break your custom car. Eddie Paul shows how), Seek & Destroy T-Bucket (Nine months worth of night and weekend work turned what was once a hay-filled tub at the Hunnert Car Pileup into a T-Bucket on a mission), Hell Hath Fury (Back in the day, the 1961 Plymouth was voted "ugliest car of 1961", but with a little creativity and some slamming and shaving, Mike Charelian exposed sleek lines and aerodynamic capabilities and honed them to perfection), Mad Max Creations (While some artists prefer to work with oil paints, the guys at MMC prefers to work with metal. From wrought iron fences to retro styled neon light marquees for local businesses. Mad Max Creations does it all. But what this shop really specializes in is Classic American iron Hot-rods, customs and even motorcycles) Departments - Back Fire-Letters, The Lowdown-Editorial, Ol Skool Philosophy Class, Drivin' Around-Events, Greezy's Tech Tips, Rodz Merchandise, Kar Tunes-Music, Happy Daz', New Kool Stuff, Burnin' Rubber