Road & Track - 1993 Magazines

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May Features - When Lease Can Be More (Following a path of "leased" resistance? Here's a primer on the ins and outs of leasing a car); Malaysia's Trans-Peninsula Rally (Indiana Sammy braves the Monsoons of Doom and the evil Jungle of Scary Photographers); Salon: 1953 Kurtis K500 Indianapolis Roadster (In which Bill Vukovich wins back-to-back Indy 500 races in the early Fifties); Update: Long-Term Cars (Checking in on the lives and times of our Mazda RX-7, Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and Mercedes-Benz 400E); Along The Route Of The Aggressive Bunny (Paris to Monaco: Pack your Baedeker's, your appetite and your sense of adventure) Road Tests - Little Squirts (Concentrating on fun and finances, we rate 10 sportabouts with a little help from our friends, the R&T readers); Dinan BMW 5-Series (Tuner Steve Dinan gives you two ways to reach for 400 bhp in a 5-Series BMW: the 535i Turbo and M5) First Drives - Ford Mondeo (From Europe, Paul Frere offers a sneak preview of North America's next-generation Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz) Columns - Miscellaneous Ramblings (Any youth can be a Phil Hill, Barney Oldfield or Stroker Ace, all it takes is a good book and an imagination); Side Glances (The anxious observer combs the "for sale" car sheets, hoping prices will come down a bit more to meet his lifestyle); About The Sport (Always remember to finish what you started: P.J. Jones has one of the best days of his life in Daytona); Inside Formula 1 (Williams is again the team to watch this year, but if you don't keep an eye on the rest, you may miss something); Inside IndyCar (American Honda versus IndyCar: The first round of the 1994 series is fought not on the bricks, but in the boardrooms) Departments - People & Places; Letters To The Editor; Years Ago; Ampersand; Time & Place; Road Test Summary; Tech Tidbits; Technical Correspondence; Reviews; Showcase; Market Place; PS

November Features - Ford Mustang Styling Analysis (Jonathon Thompson and Dennis Brown combine forces in a critical dissection of the new Mustang); Salon: 1953 Porsche Spyder 550-04 (May, 1953: An inspired car with great lineage ushers in an era when Porsche really goes racing); Happy Birthday, 901 (How did my baby grow up so fast? Senior Editor Joe Rusz's photolog of the Porsche 911's 30th birthday party in Germany); Long-Term Tests: Cadillac Seville Touring Sedan And Ford Probe GT (Taking stock of the Americans in our long-term test fleet) Road Tests - 1994 Acura Integra GS-R (Scratching the surface of the hot-hearted Integra, we discover the high tech under the controversial skin); 1994 Chrysler LHS (The upscale version of Chrysler's new LH-platformed New Yorker arrives long on leg room, luxury and looks); BMW 540I (BMW plays the eights up its sleeve to come up with a winning handful of rejuvenated 5-Series versions, including this sedan); Volkswagen Golf III GL (After a two-year drum roll that lasted from Wolfsburg to Mexico to here, how loudly will the cymbals (symbols) crash?) First Drives - Dodge/Plymouth Neon (Chrysler's answer to the call for compacts); Volvo 850 Turbo (Another new Volvo to set your Uncle Olaf reeling); 1994 Saab 900 (Deserving of a spot high on anybody's whoosh list); 1995 Volkswagen Passat GLX and Golf Cabrio (Fresh airings); 1994 Infiniti Q45 (with a gentler attitude and a grinning new grille); Rolls-Royce and Bentley for 1994 (Here's what's new from Crewe); 1994 Ford Mustang (On the trail with America's number one ponycar); Chevrolet Camaro Convertible (In top form with the top down) Columns - Miscellaneous Ramblings (Stirling Moss and a sterling time at Meadow Brook remind our Editor that he has the "best job in the world"); Side Glances (Somewhere along the line, cruising down the Boulevard has been replaced by a quick trip to traffic court); About The Sport (Sending a message to IMSA: Ask not for whom the checkered flag drops, it may be dropping for thee (and for thy future)); Inside Formula 1 (Damon "Hard Luck" Hill leads the pack in Hockenheim but can't make it to Victory Circle...until Hungary); Inside IndyCar (If Nigel Mansell keeps winning on oval circuits, the Queen may be inspired to bestow the title of Sir Cirference upon him) Departments - People & Places; Letters To The Editor; Years Ago; Amperisand; Tech Tidbits; Technical Correspondence; Road Test Summary; Time & Place; Showcase; Market Place; PS