Road & Track - 1991 Magazines

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November Cover Story - It has bells. It has whistles. It has a supercharged V-6 engine and a $30,000 price tag. But does the Bonneville SSEi have what it takes to be the image leader for Pontiac? With plenty of driving time in the SSEi under his belt and a full set of test numbers on the car, Detroit Editor Ken Zino answers that question) Features - Salon: 1954 Moretti 750 Gran Sport Berlinetta (Small is beautiful, and when it comes from mid-Fifties' Italy, small is quick); Ferrari 365P (A star at the Paris show in 1966, this cavallino rampante had Pinifarina coachwork, V-12 power and three-across seating); Long-Term Introduction: Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Coupe (Out with the turbo, in with the camshafts, and another long-term test begins) Road Tests - Honda Prelude SI-4WS (This fourth-generation sports coupe moves beyond the company's styling umbrella while showcasing its engines); Mazda MX-3 GS (Mazda's sporty new front-drive GT has a light V-6 engine, good looks and may even be a little too smooth for its own good); Volvo 960 (An all-new inline 6-cylinder engine goes a long way toward refining Volvo's flagship line - all the way across the country, in fact) Driving Impressions - Porsche 968 (Is this new 236-bhp 4-cylinder Porsche just a redone 944, or is it really the poor-man's 928 (for the poor man with $40,000)); New For '92 (The latest innovations and iterations of the Chevrolet Corvette LT 1, Toyota Camray, Dodge Daytona IROC and Jaguar XJ-S) u>Technical - Technology Update: Radar Revisited (Boy, you think you have toys - wait till you see what toys the local law gets to play with) Competition - Gone South (Speed checkered by NASCAR: Peter Egan visits Charlotte for the Coca-Cola 600 and the living history of stock car racing); British Grand Prix (Nigel Mansell puts on a show at Silverstone for his home-country crowd, driving so well that even SenNa hitches a ride); German Grand Prix (Mansell completes a hat-trick and Patrese supplies the icing as the Williams-Renault pull off the 1-2 exacta) Columns - Side Glances (Like the 100th monkey or the ninth Politburo member, is seven the magic number of pre-race vexations?); Miscellaneous Ramblings (Our Editor and his wife (sans surfboards) have become proud owners of a Ford Woodie wagon); About The Sport (What's old is new again: The SCCA revitalizes the Trans-Am while Dennis Simanaitis relishes Morgans at Mid-Ohio) Departments - People & Places; Letters To The Editor; Years Ago; Road Test Summary; Time & Place; Ampersand; Market Place; Reviews; Technical Correspondence; PS

December Cover Story - Two steps forward in technology, one step back in time. Rotary-engine admirers have been waiting to see (and hear) what Mazda was planning for its Wankel-powered sports car. The new twin-turbo RX-7 may capture the spirit of the Sixties, but the car's mechanical heart is deep in the Nineties) Features - Bof! Zap! (An animated low blow to the highbrows: Stan Mott takes a cartoon blast at the impolite side of polite society); Long-Term Introduction: BMW 325I (With a cross-country run under its beltline, our newest long-termer is already a seasoned traveler); Summer And Smoke (Peter Egan's pictorial account of heat and passion at the Chicago Historic Races at Road America in Wisconsin); Salon: 1931 Bugatti Type 54 O-Uhilk-Bodied Roadster (A tale complete with mystery, controversy and, of course, great beauty); Cars I Should Have Owned (Rob Walker looks back in bemusement on the missed-it-by-that-much automobiles that he has passed by) Road Tests - Mercedes-Benz 500SEL (With so much size, interior space, comfort and luxury going for it, the new M-B S-class puts most condos to shame); Toyoto Paseo (The entry level meets the exit line: Toyota mints a car for the enthusiast who wants to keep his head high and his payments low); Old And New: Camaro vs. Mustang (A 1970 Boss 302 Mustang, 1969 Z-28 Camaro and 1992 equivalents: The battle continues) Driving Impressions - Pontiac Trans Am Convertible (This top-down V-8 tourer displays a remarkable talent for attracting attention and making new friends); New For '92 (Four to the fore: taking a few turns around the block with some of the most interesting highlights of the new model year: Audi 1000 - one of the most pleasant surprises of the season; Honda Civic - in its 20th year, looking and acting younger than ever; Volkswagen Golf and Golf VR6 - the V-6 wait is over (and worth it); Mercedes-Benz 400E - M-B adds horsepower helper to the 300E) Competition - Hungarian Grand Prix (Return to Senna: After Nigel Mansell's dashing hat trick, Ayrton Senna finds his way back to the top of the podium); Belgian Grand Prix (McLaren gave the rest of the field its 1-2 punch, but the buzz on pit lane centered around Michael Schumacher) Columns - Side Glances (When the road is long and the driver is weary, no state is safe from The Old License Plate Game, not even Alaska); Miscellaneous Ramblings (What can you say about a luxury tax that could cost more to implement than it collects in revenues); About The Sport (Galmer Engineering's G9100 - the CART car designed specifically to deliver the Indianapolis 500 to Al Unser, Jr.) Departments - People & Places; Letters To The Editor; Years Ago; Road Test Summary; Time & Place; Ampersand; Market Place; Tech Tidbits; Technical Correspondence; PS