Road & Track - 1989 Magazines

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January Cover Story - V for Victory. V for Virage. From the shadow of the factory in England, R&T rolls the newest Aston Martin into the sunlight. It has a stunning aluminum body, a Callaway-engineered V-8 and just happens to be one of the last front-engine/rear-drive exotic cars Features - The Cars, The People, The Money (Fast times at the Monterey vintage races and Pebble Beach concours); Infiniti Unveiled (Nissan's luxury division draws a breath and takes a bow for the press in Japan); The Battle Of Paris (East Bloc, West Bloc, all around the world: the 1988 Paris Automobile show); Volkswagen Fox GL Sport (A 5-speed manual transmission adds a little more wolf to the Fox's spirit); Year Of Shame (Ed Serotta versus his dad's Rambler: a case of the wagon dogging the tale-teller); Audi V-8 (Is this $50.000 German luxury sedan's confident moniker real power or just posturing?); Salon: 1949 Maserati A6GCS (Only a legendary handful were produced, less than a handful survive) Road Tests - Jaguar XJ-S V-12 Convertible (Taking the top off the coupe just might put this car back on top); Pontiac Turbo Trans Am (This 20th-anniversary rocket can't decide whether to pace at Indy or enter); BMW 535I (A good-looking shape, powerful engine and positive road attitude - that's entertainment) Competition - Italian Grand Prix (Miracle at Monza: the McLarens DNF and the Ferraris go 1-2 at home); Portuguese Grand Prix (Ivan Capelli and Thierry Boutsen on a wild Prost chase at Esteril) Columns - Side Glances (Egan's environmentally correct tribute to the fuel-saving days of restoration); Miscellaneous Ramblings (On the road to becoming a 100-point, concours-quality enthusiasts magazine); About The Sport (All roads lead to Coventry as Jaguar aces the 1988 Group C World Championship) Departments - People & Places; Letters To The Editor; Years Ago; Road Test Summary; Time & Place; Market Place; Technical Correspondence; Ampersand; PS

March Cover Story - Who would have predicted that Japan would ascend so easily and skillfully to the throne of sports-car production; that the heart and soul of enthusiasm for cars could be programed? We sent Dennis Simanaitis to Japan to discover the latest gifts from Mazda and Nissan. He profiles the new, lightweight Mazda MX-5 Miata on page 44, and the stunning 1990 300ZX on page 52 Features - Wrapup: Long-Term Acura Legend Coupe L (The last word on a car so good we kept it in the family); Volkswagen Cabriolet (Canary Yellow VW Bugs, Suzuki Samurais and thou, Rabbit, for my daughter); Subaru Rex Combi Super Charger ECVT (This runt of the litter is, ounce for ounce, king-size fun); Munich's Marvel (The BMW Z1 has come so far, goes so fast and feels so good, but not in the U.S.); Update: Long-Term Cars (Hello, Mitsubishi Galant GS; goodbye; GMC Safari Van & Pontiac Fiero GT); Reims Remembered (Innes Ireland returns to the scene of the climb (to fame) and a good bar fight); This Is A Test (A conceptual look at a screamer toutes as the next Firebird; the Pontiac Banshee); Salon: 1951 Riley 2 1/2-Litre Drophead Coupe (The other car from Coventry nestled into modernity) Road Tests - Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais International Series H.O. Quad 4 (Long on name, and longer on performance); Volvo 740 GLE (No more nouvelle cruising for this solid Swede, it's back on terra firma where it belongs); Mitsubishi Galant GS (When the market says "tech," Mitsu asks "How high?" and then jumps to deliver) Competition - Japanese Grand Prix (Senna earns the World Drivers Championship with a wire-to-wire victory at Suzuka); Australian Grand Prix (McLaren winds up the season 1-2 as usual; the turbos wind up for the last time) Columns - Side Glances (Peter Egan stars as the troubled automotive pack rat in "Treasure of the Siesta Garaje"); Miscellaneous Ramblings (Two great men and the company they kept - Phil Hill and Jim Crow); About The Sport (R&T's best advice to aspiring race-car drivers: Stay in school and get a good education) Departments - People & Places; Letters To The Editor; Road Test Summary; Time & Place; Years Ago; Market Place; Technical Correspondence; Ampersand; PS