Road & Track - 1984 Magazines

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Cover Story - Honda CRX Spyder (A little sunshine and fresh air for the couped-up Honda) Road Tests - Volkswagen Jetta GLI (A GTI with Lebenstraum for the Kinder); Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plas (Sometimes the quality goes in just a bit after the name goes on); Ruf Porsche Turbo Cabrio (Finding your favorite station on the velocity dial) Features - Profile: John Watson (After 10 years and 151 Grand Prix, his last bow?); Abt Audi Quattro (Better power and handling for the car that thought it had everything); Group B Porsche (Werner Buhrer draws the 400-bhp 911 descendant); Salon: 1908 Mercedes Grand Prix Car (When progress was measured with a larger yardstick); Gone Fishing In The Vanagon Camper (Transport and dry socks for the compleat angler); Gamin Prix (Formula car racing for France's enfants not so terribles); Passion And Progress (Ninety years of the Grand Prix photographer's art) Competition - Aeropolis Rally (A long, very old and winding road through Greece); Brazilian Grand Prix (Prost takes Round One of the fuel wars); South African Grand Prix (Driving like clockwork, Lauda ticks off another victory); Long Beach CART Grand Prix (Mario demonstrates the fine art of never putting a wheel wrong) Technical - Speed Graphic (The computer takes a hard look at the driving styles of Andretti, Peterson and Stewart) Columns - Side Glances (There we were, our parachutes eaten by rats); Miscellaneous Ramblings (West is east and a Chevy 4-door is the world's greatest car); Ampersand (Dodge Omni GLH: Shelby gives the sleeper a strong cup of coffee); Letter From Detroit (Re-proving the breed, Motor City returns to racing); Letter From Japan (DeTomaso Dathatsu? What country is this anyway?); Letter From Europe (GTi fighters from Renault and Lancia and a Montego from Austin-Rover) Departments - People & Places; Letters; Years Ago; Time & Place; Road Test Summary; Reviews; Market Place; Technical Correspondence; PS

Cover Story - 1985 Fiero GT V-6 (50% more power is only half the story) Road Tests - 1985 Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo (New king of the pocket rockets); 1985 Mitsubishi Galant (High lux, low bucks) Driving Impressions - Bitter Perspective (Another salvo from Opel's unofficial glamour dept.); Alfa 33 4X4 (Think of it as a designer Subaru from Milano) Features - The Shuck And Jive Of 55 (This election year's most neglected issue); Dallas - Another View (As seen through the bloodshot eyes of Texas) Motorsport - Le Mans '84 (A weekend not to have missed); Grand Prix Times Three (North America says bienvenu, welcome, and howdy to the Formula One circus) Long-Term Test - Jeep Cherokee Limited (10,000 miles of final assembly) Retrospect - 1932 Studebaker Indianapolis Special (A survivor from the "Junk Formula") Departments - Editor's Report (Revival in the Bahamas); Letters (Thank you, Prince Barwani); Circumstances (Design versus development); Trends (Boutique baby Benz); Detroit Report (Sneak preview: '88 T-Bird); International Report (The Astra-nomical Kadet); Technologue (ABS: braking into tomorrow); Competition Report (IROC VIII hails King Cale); The Jane Lew Dialogues (A shrine in Santa Fe Springs)