Road & Track - 1975 Magazines

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Comparison Test - Nine Super-Economy Sedans (Comprehensive test of the smallest & lightest sedans sold in America: Datsun B210, Fiat 128, Honda Civic CVCC; Mazda 808, Renault 12, Subaru DL, Toyota Corolla, VW Beetle & VW Rabbit) New Models - Jaguar XJS (Exclusive preview of Coventry's brand-new luxury-sports 2+2); Renault 23 & Rover 2200/3500 (New cars to be introduced later this year); Rolls-Royce Camargue (It's the new $70,000 car you've been reading about); Honda Civic RS (A high-performance version to give Civic owners ideas) Road Tests - Triumph TR-7 (British Leyland's first all-new sports car forecasts the future); Toyota SR-5 Pickup (Surprising combination of utility and driving pleasure) Features - Profile: Elliott Forbes-Robinson (An American driver waiting for a break); The VW That Never Was (Mid-engine sedan that was to replace the Beetle); Buying A Used Car In Europe (A good way to get a lot of car for your money); Salon: 1926 McFarlan Twin Valve Six (Remarkable car from a grand era); Racers In Retirement (Mark Donohue, Dan Gurney, Parnelli Jones & Jackie Stewart tell what it's like after successful racing careers); TR-7 Styling Awards (Werner Buhrer studies Triumph's wedgey two-seater); Goodyear Motor Sports Club (A new way for the enthusiast to participate) Technical - R & T's Auto Dictionary (Second installment in a series defining & illustrating automotive terms & concepts. This month: the Bs) Competition - Day At Daytona (Mike Knepper lives with the BMW team during their American racing debut at the 24 Hours of Daytona); Argentine Grand Prix (First event in the 1975 Formula 1 racing season); Brazilian Grand Prix (An eventful second race in the season, plus a flying scare & a revolution to make Rob Walker's journey interesting) Departments - People & Places; Letters; Years Ago; Laws & Your Car; Road Test Summary; Time & Place; Miscellaneous Ramblings; About The Sport; R&T Quickquiz; Reviews; Ampersand; Market Place; Technical Correspondence; PS