Popular Photography - 1980

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Photography Today - The New Wave Of Picture Agencies (Young and daredevil, they're revitalizing photojournalism); Summer Echoes (Alan Porter's "think small" studio photography finds vivid expression in flower still lifes); Alfred Gescheidt's Add-On Color (New look for b & w photography); Macrophotos From 100 Feet...Up! (Zeroing in on wildlife, the hard way); Ansel's Intensifier (How photography's master craftsman uses selenium toner for safe, lasting negative intensification); A Mickey Mouse Wedding (A toy camera was the life of the party and caught some untraditional portraits); POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY Bonus: Tips From "Selling Your Photography" Equipment & Materials - Special Report: Late Flashes On New Products; First Look: Agfapan Vario-XL (Latest chromogenic b & w film uses color couplers for superior quality); First Look: Kiron System; Lab Report: Minolta XG-9 Departments - Letters To The Editor; Editorial; Offbeat (Why I prefer color-slide film); Shoptalk (New lenses need rare element); Viewpoint (The Bauhaus and T.Lux Feininger); Instant Photography (Images by Steven Hirsch); Tools & Techniques (Make use of feelings); Traveler's Camera (Camera bags - an overview); Markets & Careers (Publisher thinks small); Books ("First Photographer" is well-researched); Workshops; I Want To Buy...; Gadgeteria (Seminars for pros and amateurs); POP PHOTO Snapshots; Shows We've Seen; Movie Methods (Making stills from Super 8); Aids To Better Photographers; Index Of Advertisers; Just Out

Photokina 1980 - POP PHOTO's Watchers On The Rhine Cover The World's Fair Of Photography; 35-mm SLRs; Compact 35s; Instant Photography; Lenses; Electronic Flash; The Picture Shows; Movie/Video Equipment; Darkroom; 110s; Films; Accessories; Still Projectors; Pro Gear Equipment & Materials - Insight: David Burnett (A top photojournalist covers world events in pictures that have special impact); Outside Looking In (A Japanese photographer uses windows and reflections to show a glamorous New York); Basic Portrait Lighting: How To Use Two Lamps (You can create a portrait with mood); Fisheye Lenses: You Either Love 'Em Or Hate 'Em (What's available, what they do, and how do they differ); "Paint Can" Lighting System (It's easy to build and offers stability and flexibility at rock-bottom cost) Departments - Letters To The Editor; Editorial; Critical Focus (Solutions without problems); Shoptalk (Keeping up with technology); Viewpoint (Early Camera Work days recalled); Offbeat (My love affair with autowinders); Tools & Techniques (Nonglossy RC paper); Time Exposure (History errors abound); Shows We've Seen; Markets & Careers (Outdoor photography); Movie Methods (Lightest video recorder ever); Photo-Electronics (Useful flash accessories); Protechniques (New Cibachrome formulas); POP PHOTO Snapshots; Aids To Better Photography; Index Of Advertisers