Popular Photography - 1968

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Photography Today - Our Goldberg Covers A Rube Goldberg Show (Flashcube with throwaway battery?); The Hattersley Class (Scissors & paint); Truth, Myth, Fallacy, Humbug, etcetera...(Does photography have a folklore?); Freedom To Find Pictures (A portfolio by five free-lancers); Kidbirds, Cinemates, And Seeing-Eye Children (A clergyman mixes his media); The ABC's Of Bez (M for mystical, Y for yare); "If I Were The Camera Industry..." (Carps and crotchets of a technical editor) Equipment And Material - This Is A Good Hang-Up! (Where to put nine feet of paper); Shoptalk (Lubrication: Experts only); Spot Meter Inside The Contarex (The Super moves it indoors); The Price Is Right (Ricoh Singlex TLS camera); Small & Handy, It's A Dandy (Konica Eye 2 camera); A Scope Or A 1,500-mm Tele? It's Both (Celestron); Six-Format SLR (Gowlandflex Compact camera); A Bantam That Performs Like A Heavyweight (PRO Powerlite 42); Auto-Focusing For The Merry-Go-Round (Kodak Carousel 850 Slide Projector); Baby View Does A Man's Work (2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Square Cambo camera); Stretch Your Eye (18-mm UW Rokkor f/9.5 lens); The King-Sized-Pack Spot Meter (Sekonic L-206); The Camera With A Take-Charge Flash (Minolta Autopak 500); Stingy On Batteries (Trioblitz X-116 electronic flash); Easy To Mount, And Modular Tpp (Minicam ringlight); How To Get The Most Out Of A Red Filter (Not only for blur-black skies); Photomate Heat Printing (The $30 toy that eliminates darkrooms and trays) Movies - Expo (More screens than Expo '67?); How Old Are The "New" Screen Formats? (Cineorama started it all) Departments - Letters To The Editor (...our readers write us); Newsfront (Latest reports from the Photo World); Color Clinic (Ring in the new with slides a go-go); In The Darkroom (The Incredible Lab of Aaron Rose); Sound For Photographers (The Decline and Fall of SFX * Tape Tips * Inside Track * Testing 1-2-3...Panasonic RQ-501S recorder * Just Out); Viewpoint (For Photographers Who Care: A Helping Hand); Drukker?Hansom?Poli: Photo Beat (Sky Eyes Over Vietnam * Insulating The Mind * Hot Stuff * The New Barbarians * Minimizing Mechanism * Brighter Future For Panalure * Off-Color TV); Offbeat (A Visit to Karl Heitz Inc.); Travel (Bookshelf For Tripping); Tools & Techniques (Flashbulbs - Color Them Amber); Help! (Our readers want to know); Gowland's L.A. Scene (Shooting a Model's Composite); Aids To Better Photography; POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY's Travel Service; Advertisers' Index; I Want To Buy...(...and where can I get it?)