Popular Photography - 1967

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Special Show Report: Photokina 1966 - 9 Days (...when more than 1,000 cameras were shown); Electronic Exposure: More And Better (...and maybe one day automatic focusing; too); Man Ray On The Future (The tricks of today are the truths of tomorrow); A Pocketful Of Quality: The Rollei 35 (The battle against bulk gets a winner); The New SLR Alphabet: CTL, SL, TTL, FT, VX...(Reflex lovers never had it so good); And Hers, 007, Is Your Camera (It even warns you when the batteries are nearly dead); Electrons: How Good Are These Fast Little Devils? (Very good, when they help solve photographers problems); What's New: More Products At Photokina (Capsule reviews and pictures of the latest models); The Great Show: What Does It Total Up To? Photography Today - The Hattersley Class (The girl next door); The Hattersley Class: Seeing The Family (Pictures from students); "...To See The World As It Is" (How a young scholar combines teaching and picture-taking); Holiday Lights (There's more than one way to shoot a Christmas tree); The Bechtold Formula (First, take one beautiful girl...); Wingate Paine: In A Class By Himself (Woman, Paine is the photographer); LBJ: He's Turned The Other Cheek (...and other Washington photo stories from our D.C. Correspondent); Critic's Choice: Arthur Leipzig (A remarkable child picture that just happened); A Small Gallery (These caught our eye this month) Equipment And Materials - E-4 May Open New Color Era (Story behind new Ektachrome Film); MRP Camera: Pioneer Or Pipe Dream? (Imagine this - up to 250 pictures on one negative) Movies - In Search Of Realism (Can you stage and direct cinematic truth?); Filmotheques (When light, as well as sound, inebriates); Film Notes; "How'd You Like To Sell/Buy Your Home On TV?" (Put your house on the reality channel); Test Reports (Nikon Super Zoom 8 Camera: Automation Plus Information; Keystone K-550 Super 8: Well-designed projector) Departments - Letters To The Editor (Our readers write us...); Help! (Our readers want to know...); Newsfront (Latest report from the Photo World); Color Clinic (Electronic flash problems exposed); Hanson/Rothschild/Pierce: Photo Beat; Just Out (Product listings); Viewpoint (It bagan with Photograms); Travel (Camera on a Cycle and a Castle); Tests & Techniques (Testing films & prints for residual hypo); Sound For Photographers (The Sound of Children); Aids To Better Photography; Editorial (Thoughts in a German cathedral); POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY's Travel Service; Advertisers' Index; I Want To Buy...(...and where can I get it?)

Photography Today - The Hattersley Class (Breaking the 3-Foot Barrier); A Reply To The SLR Know-It-Alls (Are through-the-lens meters always right?); Photographer's Guide To EXPO '67 (Get set for the big show north-of-the-border); The Electronic Museum (On your home screen, you'll dial a picture by Penn); Even On Sunday (Don't lay that camera down, friend); Anselm M. Spring: He Has Pictures To Burn (Should you match your slides?); The Powerful Portrait (...does not flatter or lie) Equipment And Materials - Tom McCarthy Tries The Fish-Eye Everybody Can Afford (...and will want to shoot with on land or sea); Big Chicago Show: Lots Of New Stuff (An advance look at the Windy City clambake); How to Get The Most Out Of Dynachrome (Two different ways to see the world in color); Instant Color Enlarging Without Trays (It's so easy, thanks to polarcolor film); Trst Reports (Weston Ranger 0: Reads 1,000,000:1 Brightness Range * Spectra Universal: "Top-Flight" Incident-Light Meter) Movies - The All-8 Projectors (...can now do the job that once took two) Departments - Letters To The Editor (Our readers write us); In The Darkroom (The Happy Workplace); Newsfront (Latest reports from the Photo World); Color Clinic (The Drum's Little Helpers); Viewpoint (A PSA Judge defects); Travel (In defense of wasting film); Just Out (Product listings); Hanson/Rothschild/Pierce: Photo Beat ( * New Color Film Makes No Mistake * Golonial, Son of Fotoval * Mach Schnellschuss! * More Negative Color Films> * Archival Quality In 18 sec * Daylight Loading For Rapid Film); Sound For Photographers ( * Is new sound honest? * Testing 1-2-3...Lafayette RK-840 Stereo Recorder * Inside Track * Tape Tips * Just Out); New Books In Brief (Instant reviews, favorable and otherwise); Tools & Techniques (Improvising camera supports - Outdoors); Here's How (Cleaning optical glass); Editorial (Life vs, Photography); Aids To Better Photography; POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY's Travel Service; Asvertisers' Index; I Want To Buy...(...And where can I get it?