Popular Photography - 1964

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POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY's Contests - Winners Of Contest #6 - 'My Best Picture' Special Lens Issue - Midway In The Optics Revolution; The Versatile "Normal" Lens; The Key Is M.O.P. - Mount, Optics and Price; 18 Most-Asked Questions About Lenses; How To Shoot Soft-Focus; Five Photographers Talk Color & Lenses Special Reports - Newsfront Special: Pre-Show Report - Automation Will Dominate Chicago MPDFA Show; 7-Min. Color-Print Process By Kodak; Movies: MPDFA Pre-Show Report Picture Feature - Critic's Choice: John Runk Travel - POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY's Travel Service; Seventh Annual Travel Photo Handbook - 16 Pages Equipment And Materials - Just Out! - Product Listings; Test Report: Simmon Chromega Enlarger; Aids To Better Photography; Tech Section: (Darkrooms Of The Future); (Accent On Transistors); (Those Super-Speed Lenses); (What's In A Lens Name?); (Test Reports: Accura Accu-Grip Camera Grip; 60-mm Distagon f/4 lens; Alpex Pro Bags; Leitz Focorapid Lens Mount; Accura Double-It Projector-Lens Attachment; Rollei Projector Adapter; 105-mm Spiratone f/2.5 Telephoto Lens Movies - How To Pick The Right Battery; Methods & Materials; Telcan: First U.S. Show; Inside Telcan; Press Reaction; Video Home Movies?; MPDFA Pre-Show Report; Test Reports: Agfa Movex Reflex Camera; Kodak Chevron Model 10 Projector; Korting TR 4000 Tape Recorder; Advertisers Index Departments And Columns - Letters To The Editor; Color Clinic; Critics At Large (Kodak's new teaching tool); Viewpoints; On The Go; In The Darkroom; Sound; Twin Lens; Photo Tips; Newsfront - Latest Report From The Photo World; Editorial; POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY's International Exhibits; That's A Good Question!

Special Bonus - Camera Guide To The New York's World Fair Creative Controls - Why Creative? Why Control?; Big Aerture...; And Small Aperture; The Slow Look...; And The Wink; Filtering The Sun; Grain - When It Helps The Picture; Distortion For Drama; Finally, In The Darkroom; Controls In Color General Interest - Newsfront Special: Photochromic Glass: It Darkens In Light, Clears In Darkness; A Photo "Bubble" Surrounds You; Critics At Large: "Best Of The Editions Of Neblette"; First Look At A Monumental Encyclopedia; Newsfront Special! Color 3-D Printing Process Permits Mass Press Run, Glassless Viewing; Newsfront Special: Agfa & Gevaert Announce Merger; Newsfront Special! Additive Color: Will It Lead To Better, Cheaper Film?; Portraits: The Casual Way Picture Features - Critic's Choice: Thomas Eakins Equipment And Materials - Just Out: Product Listings; Aids To Better Photography; TECH SECTION; Do You Need A Better Camera?; One Lightmanship; The Clean-Living Camera; TEST REPORTS: Mamiya 23 Press Camera; Miranda Automex II Camera; Konica Auto S Camera; Heliotron/CC Supra Electronic Flash; Zeiss Ikon Contina Camera; Voigtlander Vitoret R Camera; Ricoh 35 L Camera; 180-mm Color-Telinear f/4.5 lens; Miranda F Camera; Contessamat SBE Camera; Linda 35-mm Slide Projector; 80>160*mm Minolta Auto Zoom Rokkor f/3.5 lens; 21-mm Super Angulon f/3.4 Lens; Benser Base Plate Lens Holder Darkroom - How To Make A Light-Tight Window Shield; Keep Your Safelight Safe! Travel - POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY's Travel Service Movies - Travel-Film Career Girls; Methods & Materials; Focus On Al Maysles; Movie Test Reports: Kodak Electric 8 Zoom Reflex Camera; Bauer 88 R Camera; Freeman 660 Senior Recorder; Sunday On The River; Movie Tip; Ideas & Scripts; Advertisers' Index Departments And Columns - Letters To The Editor; Color Clinic; Is It True?; Glamor; In The Darkroom; On The Go; Viewpoints; Sound; Twin Lens; Photo Tips; Newsfront - Latest Reports From The Photo World; Editorial; Books; Contests & Markets; That's A Good Question!