Popular Photography - 1960

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A Popular Photography Special: Short Course By 9 Experts - Introduction; William J. Sumits: Your Unknown Camera; Arthur Rathstein: Develop Versatility; John Bryson: The Spontaneous Touch; Fritz Henle: Travel; Marty Forscher: Buying And Caring For Cameras; Ralph Baum: Importance Of The Darkroom; Howell Conant: How I Work With A Model; Rollie McKenna: Free-Wheeling Portraiture; Bruce Downes: How To Analyze Your Pictures Popular Photography $25,000 International Picture Contest - (Is one of these a Grand Prize winner?) Special Color Section - A Popular Photography Department For The Color Photographer (New device lets you copy, crop, correct color transparencies); (Travel Note: Use walls for extra color); (Let's talk about your picture) Popular Photography Reference Series - Available Light Equipment And Materials - Polaroid Joins The Automatics! Electric Eye Model 900; Two Kodak Cameras "Do-It-Themselves: Motormatic 35 and Retina Automatic 111 Movies - Script Like The Pros; Creating With Film; Kodak Goes Power Zoom: Zoom 8 Reflex Camera Automatic f/1.9 Departments And Columns - Letters To The Editor; Color Clinic; On The Go; Travel-Photo Tips; Glamor; Say It With Your Camera; Twin-Lens; In The Darkroom; For Beginners Only; Words & Pictures; The Rangefinder; Books; That's A Good Question

$25,000 International Picture Contest Grand Prize Winners - Introduction; How The Pictures Were Judged; List Of Prize Winners; Color Grand Prize Winners; Black & White Grand Prize Winners; Here's How The Prize-Winning Pictures Were Made; Meet The Top Prize Winners; Our Winners Go On Tour General Interest - How Valuable Is A Picture?; Karsh In Rome; High Speeds Aren't New; Where To Find Photo Facts You Need; Toy To Teach Photography Popular Photography Bonus Book - How To Stay Fascinated With Photography Shoot It Better - Christmas Cards; Holiday Dinners Equipment And Materials - Count To Ten And Coat - New Ten-Second Polaroid Film; Big Switch To Small Lights; 1/2-Frame Cameras - A New Trend? WHAT'S NEW - Field-Test Reports And Product Listings - Prism Stereo: 3-D For Everyone; PCA Prismat V-90 35-mm Single-Lens Reflex Camera; Miranda D 35-mm Single-Lens Reflex Camera; Alpa 6c 35-mm Single-Lens Reflex Camera; Komaflex - First Modern 4x4 Single-Lens Reflex Reference Series - Fact Sheet On Electronic Flash Movies - Interview With Kubrick; Creating With Film; Films From Christmas Cards; Bell & Howell Joins Zoom-Power Parade; Sun Gun: New Sylvania Movie Light; Kalart/VP-88 8-mm Movie Projector Departments And Columns - Letters To The Editor; Color Clinic; Glamor; Say It With Your Camera; Photo Tips; In The Darkroom; For Beginners Only; Just A Minute; Picture Markets; Twin-Lens; On The Go; Travel-Photo Tips; Nature; We Asked The Pros; The Rangefinder; Books, That's A Good Question