2007 Playboys

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Contents - Features - On The Authority Of The Senses (In this excerpt from the new book On God: An Uncommon Conversation by Norman Mailer with Michael Lennon, Mailer expounds on his intricately crafted personal religion in which God, the devil and humanity struggle for control of individuals and the universe); Classic Cartoons Of Christmas Past (We unwrap seven graphic wonders from our archives for your yuletide pleasure); Intercourse (We all wonder what our partners think about during sex. How about eavesdropping on the famous? Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Glen Butler imagines the thoughts of Hillary and Bill Clinton, Marc Antony and Cleopatra - and even Santa); Playboy's Holiday Gift Guide (These potential presents will bring joy to merry gentlemen everywhere); Everybody Loves Jimmy (Jimmy Kimmel is one of the most talked about hosts on TV, while girlfriend Sarah Silverman is the hottest female comic in town. Writer Bill Zehme hangs out with the happy couple as they bask in fortune's gaze); Tip-Off '08: Playboy's College Basketball Preview (David Kaplan looks at the sharpshooters taking aim at March Madness and concludes that experience will win out); Playboy's 2007 Music Poll (Tune in to our annual survey of the year's best music, featuring interviews with Will.i.am, Spoon and Texas firecracker Miranda Lambert); Truly, Madly, Deeply (Mostly Madly) (Celebrated fiction writers Jim Harrison, Maureen Gibbon, Sherman Alexie and Paula Fox address the raptures and tortures particular to acting for celebrities on whom one projects the most romantic fantasies) Fiction - Mute (A traveling salesman picks up a hitchhiker and pours out his heart about his wife's infedelity - with surprising results - in this short story) The Playboy Forum - Assisted Homicide In Oakland (Contributing writer and neighborhood block captain Ishmael Reed wonders if vigilante justice is the solution to drug-related shoot-outs in his urban wars) 20Q - Joaquin Phoenix (The actor with a taste for darker roles sheds light on his unusual childhood, life after death and why you'll never catch him schmoozing) Interview - Bill Richardson (Experience off-the-cuff honesty from the Democratic presidential candidate and governor of New Mexico as he pleads his case for the presidency and explains why he would be most effective in bringing change) Pictorials - Croatian Cutie (Dubrovnik's Leona Rajacic shows the value of foreign exchange); Sex In Cinema 2007 (Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and Monica Bellucci lead a legion of beauties who steamed up the cineplexes this year); Playing Rough (Our fourth annual tribute to the video-game beauties who keep our thumbs twiddling); Playmate: Sasckya Porto (Our Brazillian Miss December shows why, when it's cold here, it's hot hot hot down there); Crazy For Kim (Sexy celebutante Kim Kardashian shows the form that conquered L.A.'s social scene. Here's her racy Playboy pictorial) Notes And News - The World Of Playboy (Anna Faris films I Know What Boys Like at the Mansion; Kendra, Bridget and Holly appear on General Hospital); Dream A Little Dream (The party of the summer - Hef's Midsummer Night's Dream at the Mansion - boasts an intoxicating mix of beautiful people); Playmate News (The cars line up for Jayde Nicole's charity bikini car wash; director Eli Roth praises the curves of Marianne Gravatte) Departments - Playbill; Dear Playboy; After Hours; Reviews; Mantrack; The Playboy Advisor; Party Jokes; Where And How To Buy; Grapevine; Potpourri Fashion - A Night At The Box (Every woman is still crazy about a sharp-dressed man. The proof is in these stylish new tuxes)