Mustang Monthly - 1996

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1996 Owners Tell All!!! - Does The '96 Mustang Stack Up To Its Legacy? Features - A Group Effort (Pat Potter's '65 convertible proves that too many cooks do not always spoil the soup); Spec'ed Out Speedster (Ben and Kay Broderick's Shelby GT500 is loaded, and ready for bear); First-Time Champ (Determination and a bit of homework earned Jeff Sevag a winner); Never Cry Uncle (The 1972 Mach 1 prevailed in spite of a musclecar meltdown); Sun-Dried Sleeper (Mike Moore and Mike Rice's 1969 SCJ Mach 1 weathered the Southwest heat in fine form); Ready To Rumble (David Duffee's '92 LX keeps chipping away at the ET mountain); 30 And Counting (Original owner Wanda Whitsell isn't about to put her pony to pasture) Vintage Retrofit - The Ultimate Rear Axle Swap (Retrofit a disc brake-equipped 9-inch Granda/Monarch/Versailles rearend to your vintage Mustang); Independent Front Suspension Conversion (The best page from the Mustang II chapter makes vintage Mustangs more fun to drive); Bossin' Vintage Mustang Shock Towers (Reinforce your Mustang shock towers with Pro-Motorsports Engineering's retro kit) Technical - Door Panels: NOS vs. Repro (Parts Review returns with an evaluation of standard '65 door panel choices); Roller Rocker Installation And Fulcrum Conversion (Crane's budget roller rocker conversion for 5.0 Mustangs and more) Hot Parts Sources! Catalog Section Departments - Hoofbeats; Pony Tales; Pony Express; New Bits; Resto Roundup; Late-Model Corral; Coming Events; Parts & Services; Beyond The Basics; Readers' Album

Features - The Art Of Persuasion (Becky Carre's persistence awarded her this Candyapple Red convertible); Idling In The Limelight (Dennis Mallum and his '68 GT-350 convertible is one of a mere handful that can claim a place on the silver screen); Celebration Of The People (Gearing up for the MCA's 20th Anniversary at Atlanta Motor Speedway...just like Charlotte) Mustang Monthly Spotlight - 1966 Sprint Six Hardtop (Celebrating one million Mustangs with a "no frills" special edition); High School Sweetheart (Susan Stadshaug's '70 Mach 1 keeps fond memories nearby and ready to roll); Choices (The 1984 Mustang line-up offered the widest variety in the modern era. That made for a difficult decision for Dwane Dobbs); Future Mustangs (Jason Hulst's assignment - design a Mustang for the year 2010); Mustang, Mildly Modified ( a radical sort of way) Technical - Parts Parts Parts (Parts Hunt returns with what's new and what's needed to keep your Mustang running); Quarterpanel Surgery (Taking the mystery (and fear) out of vintage Mustang sheetmetal repair); Rebuilding An Early Front Suspension (Rebuilding a classic Mustang's front suspension by blending budget-oriented vintage Ford parts); Saleen Ground Effects Installation (Saleen Performance Parts body kit will enhance the looks of any SN-95 Mustang); How-To: Repair Late-Model Heating/Cooling Systems (A leaking heater core, hoses, and warm A/C operation can be part of your 5.0s past); SVO Fuel Pump Install (Dropping in SVO's 190 lph fuel pump provides ample flow for your project 5.0) Departments - Hoofbeats; Pony Tales; Resto Roundup; Pony Express; New Bits; Late-Model Corral; Coming Events; Parts & Services; Beyond The Basics; Readers' Album

Features - Eight's Not Enough (Including this '66 hardtop, Marilyn & Kenny Newcombe have more than a week's worth of Mustangs); Day One Mach 1 (Bill Fioretti made his '69 428 SCJ a true vintage-era dream machine); Repentance (Gordon and Helen Vokey made amends with a 1965 fastback); Ongoing Project (Al Glazebrook keeps his 5.0 droptop on the road to performance); Gold Plus (Could Peter Liard own the top 1969 Shelby in the country?) Technical - How-To: Manual-To-Power Convertible Top (Retrofit your manual top 1964 1/2 to 1968 Mustang to an OE-style hydraulic power set-up); Fuel Filter ID Guide (Every last detail regarding 1964 1/2 to 1973 Mustang fuel filters); Boss Your Cleveland (Comprehensive 351C street combos for performance, reliabilty and stock/modified performance); How-To: Replace 1965-66 Turn Signal Switches (An easy do-it-yourself repair with a high-satisfaction quotient); Hot! SVO Parts Guide (The latest additions to any Blue Oval enthusiasts' wish list); 1996 Mustang Taillight Retrofit (You've asked for them. Now here's how to put '96 taillights on your 1994-95 pony); Quarter Window Quandaries (Methods to reverse the aging process on your late-model quarter window mouldings); Mr. Gasket's Desk Top Dyno For PC's (Have a computer? Now you can have a dyno cell too, without all the noise) Fun Tips - Two Lanes & 32 Valves (PCH + SVT = America's best road in America's convertible); Hit The Road (What are the best roads in the country to take your Mustang on the ride of a lifetime? The editors of Mustang Monthly give you their top picks); Florida: Coast-To-Coast (Bruce and Karen Weiss join us for a jaunt across our beautiful state in Karen's 1967 GTA convertible) Departments - Hoofbeats; Pony Express; Pony Tales; New Bits; Resto Roundup; Late-Model Corral; Coming Events; Parts & Services; Beyond The Basics; Readers Album