Mustang Monthly - 1995

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Technical - The Windsor Details (How to detail your '69-'73 Mustang's 351 Windsor engine) Vintage Troubleshooting Tips - Cooling Systems (How to prevent you and your Mustang from boiling over); Electrical Systems (Tricks for keeping the spark in your veteran pony); Fuel Systems (How to avoid and solve carb, fuel pump and other "fuelish" problems) Features - Shelby Anniversary - SFM5R534 The Original R-Model (Harris Conner's unrestored '65 Shelby GT-350 R-model is the blueprint for the country's best racing Shelby restorations); Original Boss (Jim Fannin's '69 Boss 302 proves there's still a few diamonds in the coal pile); Generation II (Wendy and Harold Bradshaw's '67 390-poqwews GT fastback represents the Mustang's first step into the Musclecar arena); In Mustang's Image (When is a Mustang not a Mustang? A look at today's and yesterday's items bearing the Mustang likeness); Round Two (After a brief retiremeent, Mark Linenburg is putting his '66 convertible back in the ring) Departments - Hoofbeats; Pony Express; New Bits; Pony Tales; Resto Roundup; Readers Album; Coming Events; Parts & Services; Beyond The Basics; Horsesense

Road Trip - Road Trip (Four guys, five states, a '66 convertible, and 2,008 miles in five days - a flirt with disaster, or the ultimate highway free-for-all); The Pacific-To-Atlantic Mad Dash ((Or, How to Visit America, Steeda Style)); New Directions (Mustangs Across America takes a turn north to Washington state, and leads the hobby on a familiar route) Features - The View From Here (Wayne Lee sees the Mustang world from a different angle); Togeether Again (After 28 years, Dan Drury has returned his '75 Mach 1 to one piece); Preserved Performer (Shelby's '67 GT-500 receives this Pope's blessing); Trans-Am Terror (The 1970 Boss 302 represented the peak of Ford's Total Performance Years); My Way (Tom Doerksen wanted something different...and he got it) Technical - Weld At Home (Mustang Monthly covers the proper tools, shop setup, use and safety of an enthusiast's home welding system); How-To: Retrofit Vintage Power Brakes (Master Power Brakes has the parts you need to throw away your anchor for good); Quick Tech: Vinyl Dyeing Basics (When your only option is a black vinyl part, dyeing offers a quality alternative); Late-Model Wheel And Tire Buyer's Guide (Great-looking street, race and drag combinations for '79-'96 Mustangs) Exclusive - Summit's New 342 HP 5.0 Crate Engine Buildup (Follow along as Summit Racing turns our worn 5.0 engine into their first 302 drop-in powerplant); How-To: Install '94-'96 Export Wheel Flares (Performance Parts Inc. digs up another rare Ford part for improved late-model styling and protection) Departments - Hoofbeats; Pony Tales; Pony Express; New Bits; Resto Roundup; Late-Model Corral; Coming Events; Marketplace; Beyond The Basics; Readers Album