Motor Trend - 1980

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February Road Tests - Ford LTD vs. Chevrolet Caprice (Comparing full-size 2-door luxury coupes), The Sunchaser (Take one Toyota, add a targa/cabriolet treatment, and return to the days of your youth), 25th Anniversary Thunderbird (The Silver Celetration of a famous marque), Cross-Country in the Audi 5000S Diesel (Or, how we traveled 3400 miles on less than $108 worth of No. 2), BMW 320i Turbo (Aftermarket force-feeding invites some serious Porsche-hunting), Electric Test Vehicle (ETV-1) (This $9 million experimental car could be a forerunner of what you may someday find in your garage) Car Of The Year - The Nominees (Here they are: Buick Skylark, Chevrolet Citation, Dodge Mirada, Ford Thunderbird, Lincoln Mark VI, Oldsmobile Omega, Pontiac Phoenix), The Testing (After the flogging, it bacame apparent that these were truly cars of the 1980s), The Winner (Chevrolet's 1980 Citation outscored them all) Features - Living With Front-Drive (Prepare yourself to enjoy this bold new world of driving), Convertible Craze (Fresh-air fun isn't dead - it's just a lot more expensive these days), Retrospect: 1956 Alfa Romero 6C 3500CM (A good example of why man has built a love affair around the automobile), Reinventing The Corvair (A little lesson from history) Departments - Editor's Report, Readers' Report, Detroit Report, International Report, Competition Report

Cover Story - The 1981 Model E Ford (The all-new front-drive Escort may turn the world upside down) Road Tests - Cross-Country In The Audi 5000 Turbo (Damn the tornados, full speed ahead); TC3 Turismo (The 2 plus 2 Horizon moves toward becoming America's first new wave GT); Renault Le Car (Americanizing a little car with a lot of value) Inflation Fighters - 15 Econo Coupes Under $4500 (Digging for the bare bones of personal transportation); Recreation Salvation (The latest vacation vehicles offer solutions for the $1.50-a-gallon problem); Miracle Mileage (We still don't believe it); Slaking The Automotive Thirst (Alcohol, whether grain or wood, is a gasoline stretcher and an octane booster) Features - The New Economics (Are you ready for the new money rules of car ownership?); Porsche 917-30 (Last symbol of a bygone era); Retrospect: 1970 Fiat Abarth Scorpione (1958 is the year John Rich first went to Italy to meet Carlo Abarth); The X-Car Owners Survey (How they really feel about it out there) Departments - Editor's Report; Readers' Report; Detroit Report; International Report; Roving Report; Competition Report; Last Report

Cover Story - The AMC-Renault Connection (This match is more than a mere marriage of convenience); The Renault 18i (And this car may just make it all work) Countrywide Test - Mazda 626 4-Door Sedan (An effecient, attractive package) Road Tests - Chevette vs. Caprice (Economy is a relative thing); The Deutsche Mark Economy Run (Comparing the Porsche 928 and the Mercedes-Benz 450SLC) Driving Impressions - Austin Healey 3000 MkII ("Was 1962 really 18 years ago?") Features - The Economy Car Thicket (There's more to consider than fuel mileage); The Bulldog (A gullwing supercar from Aston Martin Lagonda); Retrospect: 1930 Cord L-29 Brougham (Sales success was not one of its outstanding features); The One-Way Bridge (Norm Lean is Toyota's man in America); Shopping By Mail (A guide to painless purchasing); Automotive Collectibles (Have we reached the beginning of the end?); Formula One Firefight Rekindled (Future regulations at issue) Departments - Editor's Report; Readers' Report; Detroit Report; International Report; Roving Report; Competition Report; Last Report