Motor Trend - 1970

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Features - Car Of The Year (After a long process of selection, the champ is here0; The Last Stop (A new truck, an old season and a new winner); It's A Maserrariacc, White Eyes (The new Firebird, a true Turin car); Bottled Heat (High performance on propane); Borg-Warner's Magic Duplicator (An overdrive for performance plus economy); Conservative Luxury (The Pontiac, Mercury or Chrysler for those who have arrived); Gurney-2, Andretti-1 (USAC's Championship cars at Riverside); Bridging The Insurance Gap (Oldsmobile's answer to supercar insurance rates); How The Bronco Builder Beats Bronco Busters (Holman & Moody-Stroppe build a Grand National Bronco); Only Six Left (U.S.-built Rolls Royce Speedster); La Verite (The truth about the Peugeot 504); Turin: Renaissance & Reformation (The workers were up in arms and the designers up to par); Erik Carlsson Interview (A talk with probably the world's best rally driver); The Latest In Beetle Schticks (A review of the building crop of VW shift conversions) Departments - Marking Time; It's Your Nickel; Inside Detroit; Rap 'n' Pinion; Import Report; Product Trends

Features - '70 Camaro (The Z/28: She ain't what she used to be); Hispano-Suiza (Hisso engineers powered airplanes...and some beautiful cars); '70 Racing Preview (A review of what to expect in the coming racing season); Trans-Am Racing (Penske, Camaro, Posey, 'Cuda...all of 'em); NASCAR Racing (Super tracks, super cars, super season); Super Stock Racing (Where 1/100th of a second counts); Can-Am Racing (How do you stop a steamroller); USAC Racing (Building for Indy and Ontario's California 500); Jackie Stewart (Can a champion race driver find happiness with long hair?; The Silent Majority (AMC vs. Ford vs. Chevy vs. Dodge); A Quiet, Calm Sunday Afternoon (Spending a race day in David Pearson's pit); 1970 Gremlin (Who said Detroit would never build a Commuter car?); Import Car Of The Year (Introducing the candidates); Foyt Wins/Jones Wins...Motor Trend 500 (Not every winner took the checkered flag); A Good 5 c 3-Valve Head (A treat from All-Amnerican Racers bag of goodies); Ohmsmobile (Mercedes-Benz builds an electric bus); 1970 'Vette (A new Corvette and perhaps a new direction); The London-Sydney Marathon (A rollicking, yet trying, cross-country rallye); David Lockton Interview (The man responsible tells about the space-age stadium) Departments - Marking Time; It's Your Nickel; Rap 'n' Pinion; Inside Detroit; Import Report; Product Trends

Contents - Establishment Motor Pool (Road testing the AMC Ambassador, Ford LTD, and Plymouth Sport Fury); Indy East/NHRA Nationals (Plymouth made it); MOTOR TREND Guide - How To Buy Your New Camaro (Secrets); The Engines Of IGN. Ferrari (History of racing's most famous powerplants); Fly Yellow ("Look down on Sunset, it's a Ferrari P3"); Eight Years Later (It wasn't easy working for Ferrari, Phil Hill knows); Cerv II - Corvette Experimental (non)Racing Vehicle (0-60 in 2.8 seconds - Honest); Indy West/California 500 (OMS gets baptized and a lot of people almost win it); EFI: A Squirt In The Right Direction (Electronic fuel injection enters the smog race); Special! Commuters: $1600 And Under (A little something from Fiat and Honda); A Mid-Engine For The Marshes (Vic Hickey's space frame, all-terrain Oldsmobile); Micro Muscle (Hot engine parts for Vega and Pinto); Car Of The Year Is Coming (Laying out the rules for competition); Tony DeLorenzo - Jerry Thompson Interview (Postmortem on a Trans-Am season); MOTOR TREND's "Name The Car" Contest (Win a Vega or any one of hundreds of other prizes)