Motor Trend - 1969

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Features - The Inverted Image Of Phil Hill; Motor Trend's 1969 Car Of The Year; If Cord Had Survived; You Can Be Replaced By A Machine; Volkswagen (1938-1969); Volkswagen 411; Big Bug; Peugeot 504; People Who Live In Glass Cars; Hershey, PA, Car Show; Cars In Bloom; Honest Dishonesty; Novelty...Vice Or Virtue; Luxury With A Flair; You Think You Drive The Baja?; Un-Invention Of The Steering Wheel; Used Cars; Dodge Adventurer Departments - Publisher's Page; Viewpoint; Inside Detroit; Overseas Report; Calendr Of Events; Letters; Trends In Travel; Q & A; Product Trends; Sell & Swap

Features - Lear's Steam Dream...A Reality?; The Hairiest Oldsmobile; Bug-In II; Super Stoppers; Volvo 164; AMX/2; Who Wants An Economy?; The Great Breakaway Conspiracy; He, She & The Stanley Steamer; Chevy Blasts Off With Astro III; Antique Junkyard; Iron Curtain Goldrush; The Long And Short Of It; James Garner's New Act; They're Big In Pasadena: Coronet, Fairlane, Rebel, Chevelle; Indy Preview: 1969; Buick Boom Departments - Publisher's Page; Inside Detriot; Overseas Report; Calendar Of Events; Letters; Used Cars; Q & A; New Books; Trends In Travel; Motorandom; Product Trends; Sell And Swap

Features - Brighter Days (Mercedes Benz has a whole new bag of tricks); A Date With Three Strippers (Intermediate-swized Supercars); The Revolution's Here (B&M puts together a racing automatic); Made In Japan...By Mazda (Japan's Wankel heads east); Swap Meet (Trash or treasure?); Car Of The Year (One step closer to the prize); HARK! Mid-Engine Cars Are Coming (And they may be closer than you think); The Shelby Lone Star (Look, but don't touch); Inconclusive Charlotte (Charger Daytonas, still looking); AMX - A Matter Of Detail (AMC gets a little bit closer); Studded Tires (Teeth solve traction problems); Instant Replay (Parnelli and Capt. Nice go at it); Coolant Recovery System Proven (Sure answer to a heated question); Mark III Dual Cowl Phaeton (Flassback to the Depression era); You Gotta Have A System (Carter finds a better way); Beautiful Downtown Frankfurt (Sow is an experience, not an event); Mort Sahl Interview (No raps on cars, Nader and the fuzz); The Bruce And Denny Show (The Brothers McLaren stumble, and win) Departments - Marking Time; Inside Detroit; It's Your Nickel; Rap 'N' Pinion; Import Report; Profile; Product Trends