Motor Trend - 1966

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Spotlight On Detroit; Letters; Laurence Pomeroy Probes Engine Development; Reciprocating Progress; Wankel Progress; Turbine Progress; What's New In '66 Engines; 1966 Engine Specifications; Volkswagen 1300 Drivescription; Volkswagen 1600 Drivescription; Buick Riviera GS Road Test; Plymouth VIP Road Test; Ralph Stein Shops For A Classic; A Stormer And A Stroker From Chevette; Barracuda Can Bite!; Barracuda Bolt-On; Classic 7 Contest; Driving The Continental; Gentlemen: Crank Up Your Hemis; Bobby Ball Memorial Race; Cars A La Carte; Vintage Comments; Autorandom; Sell 'n' Swap; New Products

Contents - Spotlight On Detroit; Letters; Autorandom; Special Racing Section: American Racing Engines; Hardware For Indy '66; Ten Off The Top; Rules For Racing; Jim Hall Speaks Out; Formulas For Flat-Out; Engines Around The World; Ray Nickels Stiffens The Stockers; Richard Petty Stokes The Stockers; The Drags; 600 mph - What It's Really Like!; Falcons - A Pair; Olds Dynamic 88 Road Test; Bedlam Of The Featherfoot Fleet; Cars A La Carte; Porsche Faces Life (Twice); Opel: Fastback Bug-Chaser?; Corvette 427 Road Test; Cunningham's Wonderful World Of Cars; Jaguar Drivescription; Flivvers Are Fun; Thunderbird Road Test; Cars And The Law; Car Clinic; "103 Skiddoo"; Sell 'n' Swap; New Products; Vintage Comments

Spotlight On Detroit; Letters; Autorandom; Quality Control: Fact Or Fiction; Where It All Starts; How It Works On The Line; What Are Your Rights Under Warranty; Whither AMC; Red-Blooded American; The Winthrop Rockefeller Collection; Daytona 500; GTO/GTO - A Tale Of Two Tigers; NHRA Winternationals; Dart GT Road Test; Electra 225 Road Test; BMW 1800-T1 Road Test; Cars A La Carte; AHRA Winter Nationals; Jeep With V-6 Muscle; Utility With A Flair; Simca 1000; Vintage Comments By Ralph Stein; Stock Talk; Performance Clinic; Sell 'n' Swap; Cars And The Law