Motor Trend - 1964

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January Features - Plymouth Sport Fury Road Test (Drag strip performance from a well behaved street engine); Motor Trend's Search For Stylists (Four full-tuition scholarships, promising future for winners); Chevelle Road Test (Haven't we met this newest addition to Chevrolet family before?); 1964 Stock Racing Preview (Leading race figures tell what's in store for new season); Motor Trend Riverside 500 ('64 cars in action for the first time); Fairlane Road Test (Ford's new intermediate should prove popular); Los Angeles Time Grand Prix (American engines finally come into their own); Stop Stop Stop (Disc brakes on Corvair make for faster, smoother stops); Comet Enduro (Hour after hour, day after day - for 100,000 miles); Tempest G.T.O. Road Test (A little brother for the Pontiac Grand Prix); Charlotte National 400 (Junior Johnson and Chevy pull upset over big, bad Fords); Mercedes 300-SE Road Test (This model adds to prestige of revered name); Clinton Reynolds' Strange Car Collection (Untimely passing reveals a man's unfulfilled dream); Hitch & Go (Pros and cons of housecars vs. trailers and campers) Departments - Spotlight; Auto-Graphs; Letters' Car Clinic; New Products; European Report; Classic Comments

Contents - Olds F-85 Vista Cruiser; Buick Skylark Wagon Road Test; How To Pick A Power Pack; Valiant V-8 Road Test; Six With Four-Wheel Drive; Why Studebaker?; Cadillac Sedan De Ville Test; Used Cars In Uraguay; Firestone Fires Up; Engine Filters: How Important?; Datsun SPL-310 Road Test; Those Mighty Minis; European Report; Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon Test; 1964 Stock Car Race Predictions; Last Of The Great Packards; The Thundering Blitzen Benz Departments - Editor's Auto-Graphs; Spotlight On Detroit; Letters; Car Clinic; Classic Comments; Stock Talk

Contents - Spotlight On Detroit; Editor's Auto-Graphs; Letters; Car Clinics; New Products; Cobra Daytona Coupe; Lincoln Continental Road Test; Motor Trend Riverside 500; Opel Kadett And Caravan 1000; Indy Diary; Sears Tries The Big Time; Olds Jetstar 88 Road Test; Why Economy Drivers Get Grey; Chrysler New Yorker Salon Test; Falcon And Valiant Invade Europe; Palomino Sport Pickup; Cortina GT & Wagon Road Test; Chevy Tops The Trials; Classic Comments; Hitch & Go; Stock Talk; Sell 'N' Swap