Motor Trend - 1958

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Contents - Special - Sam Hanks Tests Four Corvettes (And gives his frank opinions on their performance and handling); Car Design Contest (Aspiring stylists, here's your chance to win a sports car plus cash) Late News - Spotlight On Detroit; As We Go To Press Road Tests - '58 Oldsmobile On Trial (Putting the Dynamic 88, Super 88 and 98 through their paces); '58 Dodge On Trial (Testing both the Stock D-500 and the California Highway Patrol Special) Foreign Cars - New European Customs; Around The World In 30 Days Classic Cars - A True Classic? (Does the 1932 Lincoln deserve to join the immortals?) Custom Cars - 88 To 98 (A masterpiece of camouflage - changing a little Olds into a big one) Motor Sports - Racing Jinx Fails To Dim Maserati's Prestige; Nassau: Fun In The Sun; Motor Sports Service Section - Tax Savings For Car Owners (We can'g supply the aspirin, but here are some helpful income tax hints); Skids And How To Avoid Them; Starting Your Car At 50 Below Zero; Questions From Readers Technical - Products Use Test: Fan-O-Matric Departments - Memo From The Editor; Letters; Rumor Mill; Handy Hints; Trends In New Products; Sell 'N' Swap Ads

Contents - Best Buys In Used Cars (Depreciation - a factor not to be overlooked when shopping); Thunder On The Road (Behind the scenes of Robert Mitchum's new action-packed thriller); Testing Chevy's Small Car: A Satire (Just what this country needs - a Volkswagen-ized Chevrolet) News - Spotlight On Detroit; Around The World In 30 Days; The Abarth Story (The man whose magic can coax unbelievable power out of any engine) Road Tests - Testing And Comparing The Economy Sixes; The Improved Sunbeam Rapier; The Ever-Potent Porsche Speedster; The Hot Little Abarth 750 Trends - Blithe Sprite (New pint-sized Austin-Healey offers great fun for little money); Customs - East And West Adventure - "My Greatest Thrill" - Stirling Moss; Driving Around In Italy Who's Who - Mel Alsbury, Jr. - Three-Time Economy Run Winner Motor Sports - Motor Sports Pictorial; Want To Be A Race Driver? (Advice from Sam Hanks - "The Voice Of Experience") Service Section - Hints On How To Buy A Used Car; Guarantee Your Used Car; Handy Hints; Questions From Readers Product Tests - Battery Brain; Collapsible Transporter; Empire Speed Player Departments - Memo From The Editor; Letters; Rumor Mill; Readers' Sketchpads; Car Owner's Library; Trends In New Products; Sell 'N' Swap Ads; Escape Road

December Contents - Special - Studebaker Lark vs. Rambler American (Testing and comparing America's home-grown economy cars); I Drove A Stock Chevy 135 MPH! (If it's a '59 Chevy police car, don't try to outrace it!); Designed! - A Small Car (Announcing the winners of MT's car design contest) News - Spotlight On Detroit (How will new price-posting law affect the actual cost?); Around The World In 30 Days New Cars - '59 Mercury; '59 Edsel; '59 Lincoln Adventure - 'My Greatest Thrill' (Wheel-to-wheel GP) Imports - Driving Around - In A Lotus Club; The Biscuter - Bouncing Baby Sports - World's Toughest Trial (Tortuous grind around Australia on Mobilgas Economy Run); Motor Sports Pictorial; First Western Grand Prix Humor - The Man In The Pearl-Gray Pitch Technical - Engine-Nuity (Weird, wild engines at Bonneville and Oklahoma drags); It's What's Underneath That Counts; Caring For Lights And Fuses Use Tests - Bowmonk Dynometer; Coil-Rite; Formula D'Elegance; Power-Pak Muffler; Travel-Aire Car Cooler; Kai Soto Undergoing Face-Lift Departments - Memo From The Editor; Letters; Rumor Mill; Classicomments; Handy Hints; What's Your Question?; Trends In New Products; Sell 'N' Swap Ads; Escape Road