Motor Trend - 2013

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Tests & Drives - Serene Survivalist - Range Rover (Sampling the latest in leather-lined AWD emergency preparedness); The Missing Link - Audi R8 V10 Plus (Radically elevating the flagship); Potent Pairing - Audi S8 vs BMW Alpina B7 (Teutons square in a duel of luxury and speed); Plug 'n' Play - Chevrolet Volt vs. Toyota Prius Plug-In (Socket, socket on the wall, who's smartest one of all?); On With The Game - Mazda6 (Aiming for a piece of the heartland); 2013 Motor Trend Truck Of The Year (Updates mean a lot in these tough times) Feature & Departments - Forward (A year of growth and change); Trend (News / Opinion / Gossip / Stuff); Your Say (What's your story?); The Klinote (Rolling sea change); Technologue (High volt age); Newcomer (McLaren 12C Spyder); The Big Picture (Perception vs. Reality

Tests & Drives - Power Steering - Ford Focus ST vs. Subaru BRZ (Brute force and finess face off); Track-Ready Muscle - Ford Mustang GT vs. Chevrolet Camaro SS (At the limit with two racehorses); Mission: Fun - Lexus IS (Dear Germany and Japan: This evolved IS should worry you); Crossbred Delight - Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid (In search of mpg, we take a semi-familiar way home); Going Commando - Audi Allroad * BMW X1 * Land Rover * Range Rover Evoque (We take the crossover fight door to door); Trident True - Maserati Quattroporte V-8 (This changes everything - except the soul) Feature & Department - Forward (Kudos); Trend (News / Opinion / Gossip / Stuff); Your Say (What's your story?); The Klinote (Showtime); Technologue (Re-tiring green); Newcomer (Buick Encore); The Big Picture (Name games)

Supercar Suite - Laferrari (Rolls-Royce Wraith * Lamborghini Venono & Aventador * Bentley F/S & GTC * McLaren P1 * Mercedes-Benz SLS & E63 & C63 * C7 Corvette Convertible * Porsche GT3) Tests & Drives - Sport Medicine Honda Accord Sport * Mazda6 Grand Touring * Toyota Camry SE (Find family sedans boring? Go for something zippier); Death To The Dull Mercedes-Benz E-Class (This refresh takes a strong step forward); In It To Win It Kia Forte (New compact sedan has an ample bag of tricks); The (Favorite) Song Remains The Same Porsche Cayman S (Lightest Porsche second verse: same as the first); Numbers Be Damned Mazda MX-5 Miata Club 8 Scion FR-S (At the track and on back roads for a superclose finish) Features & Departments Forward Trend Intake (This month's hot metal); Newcomers (2014 Kia Sorento, 2013 Mini Cooper, S Paceman ATT4); We Say (A word from our editors); The Klinote; Technologue; Detour (Gear, facts, info); They Say (Interview with Fred Diaz, president and CEO of Ram Trucks); Your Say (Readers talk back) Features - The 25% Solution (Crash testing in a Volvo XC60); King In The North (An epic Swedish drive in a G-Wagen)

Tests & Drives - 2014 SRT Viper TA (Ralph's revenge setting the record straight in MT's own Viper); Capricosa 2014 Chevrolet Impala (Suddenly, it's 1966 again); Small In Didge Dart * Honda Civic * Kia Forte * Mazda3 * Nissan Sentra (The latest compacts face the champ); Wunderkind Benz Mercedes-Benz CLA250 (Stylish, playful coupe recalls the 190E); Winged Victory Volkswagen XL1 (Hybrid could reach 209 mpg); Turbo Treats Ford Focus ST * Mazdaspeed3 * Subaru WRX Special Edition (Track-tuned, cheap and versatile); Better From Top To Bottom 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel (High-end class and low-end torque) Departments - Lohdown; Trend; Intake (This month's hot metal); Newcomer (The Hyundai Santa Fe); We Say (A word from our readers); The Klinote; Technologue; Detour (Gear, facts, info); They Say (Interview: Paul Walker: star of the Fast & Furious movies); Your Say (Readers talk back); The Big Picture