Modern Photography - 1979

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Picture Taking Ideas - Whose Point Of View? (What's wrong with these pictures? What's right with them? Our editors analyze each other's photos); Make Mine Matte (A new generation of low budget filter holders means easier special effects for all); Currents: American Photographt Today (Mark Cohen's provocative photographs function on many levelssimultaneously) News Stories - What's What (The view from Venive. Steichen in retrospect and more) Movies - Moviemaking (Simple lighting set-ups provide natural, good-looking images - plus test report on Elmo's 412-XL camera) Technical Features - Good Grief, Look At All Them Wires And Weird Things (We explain the electronics in fine leading SLR cameras); How To (Make a practical camera harness for skiing and more); MODERN Tests (Olympus XA, Ricoh KR-5, and more) Departments - Seeing Pictures (Your own photographs can teach you a lot about yourself); Letters To The Editor; Color In Your Darkroom (Here now instant color enlargements from slides. Here's how...); Instant Pictures (Instant teaching equals instant learning - Polaroid gets closer); Techniques Tomorrow (Wherein we complete the front group of our "ideal" tele lens design); The Camera Collector (The Ekakta Saga, Part 1: Amidst an exposition of the first 35mm SLR system, proof of the author's integrity); View From Kramer (A tripod's no stronger than it's weakest link - an illustrated guide); Keppler's SLR Notebook (Fire your camera by remote control; color copying made easy; new sensational Fujica AX-5 SLR, Vivitar XV-3); Phototronics (If man can build a better mousetrap, you bet you can make a cheaper ringlight); Special Mail-Order Section; Ask For It