Modern Photography - 1978

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Picture Taking Ideas - Taking The City's Pulse (Ernst Haas and Harald Sund reveal techniques for memorable portraits of cities); Michael Bishop: A New Perspective (Contemporary color, in gravure, that challenges conventional photographic notions) News Stories - What's What (Calcu-Light's state-of-the-art meter, Kodak's incredible cybernetic film box, two super-small flash units, a somewhat funny forgery, and more); The Best Is Yet To Come (New product report from the latest Chicago show) Movies - Moviemaking (The American Friend - a cinematographic jewel, plus preview reports on new Beaulieu projector, Chinon's 200-ft, film-load sound camera, motorized sound editors, and more) Technical Features - Too Hot To Handle (We answer reader's probing questions); Long Tele vs. Long Tele Zooms (Before you spring for one of the big guns, consider the pros and cons of getting several big guns in one barrel); How To (Build Peter Gowland's Body Light: a jiffy light box, and more); Zooms (Bar-by-bar display of the latest lenses available); Modern Tests (A monthly appraisal of equipment) Departments - Letters To The Editor; Color In Your Darkroom (Why shoot ASA-400 color film when you don't have to?); View From Kramer (Exposure factors computed for your convenience); Quick Notes (New items worth a look); Instant Pictures (A strip in time saves nine (or more) exposures); Seeing Pictures (Walker Evans influence is particularly important on today's photographers); Techniques Tomorrow (What goes on them new targeted electronic-controlled cameras); The Camera Collector (Here's a medium-format marvel that some call Kodak's turkey, but it's really a nice rare bird); Courses (Our second installment of summer workshops); Books In Review (The latest picture, how-to and technical works); Behind The Scenes; Keppler's SLR Notebooks (Future SLRs may be simpler than you think - or wish); Special Mail-Order Section; Index To Advertisers

Picture Taking Ideas - Currents: American Photography Today (An examination of contemporary photography and its precursors); Wide To Ultra Wide (Dangers and delights of wielding wide-angle lenses); Pioneers Of Commercial Color (Outerbridge and steichen began a new photographic era in the '30s) News Stories - What's What (The Sipley collection is full of surprises, optical birds of a feather, and more); All New For '79 (Advance word on some of the goodies likely to show up at the world's biggest photo exposition) Technical Features - Too Hot To Handle (We answer readers probing questions); Inside Your Camera Series #27 Pentax Me; Ektachrome 400 (Does Kodak's latest, fastest high-speed color slide film really knock the socks off "old" Ektachrome 200? Mostly yes); How To (Make your own color duping rigs, and more); Modern Tests (A monthly appraisal of equipment) Movies - Moviemaking (New budget? Beaulier sound camera, lower priced film-to-video transfers, and least color video cameras yet - plus full report on Beaulieu's first sound projector) Departments - Letters To The Editor; Behind The Scenes (Has Kodak abandoned 110 slide shooters? Fuji goes E-6, and more); Phototronics (You can't always get accurate autoflash exposure if your cell is imprisoned in your strobe - and here's why); The Camera Collector (Minolta's mid-50s "Leica" - or is it a "Canon"? Plus Agfa's dexterous Ambi); Techniques Tomorrow (We told you so - two major makers innovative lens designs); Quick Notes (New items worth a look); View From Kramer (Why a Wista? It's an 8 x 10 view with an affordable price tag); The Well-Traveled Camera (A practical guide to x-raying at airports); Keppler's Nobebook (Sharp close-ups are easier than ever, thanks to Budget II); Instant Pictures (Don't throw away that 35 - it, too, cqn make an instant picture)

Picture Taking Ideas - Currents: American Photographer Today (Robert Frank's iconoclastic view of America in the '50s reverbrates in today's photography); Editor's Pix: Pro And Nix (Our staff shows its true colors photographically and critically); New Talent (Ron Steinberg's spare, abstract studies of light and shade serve as "metaphors for feelings") News Stories - What's What (Reviewing the Aries photo test, previewing Photokina pictue part, Stieglitz's favorites on view, a camera for the wrist, and more); More News For '79 (Egad! More mouthwatering new equipment appearing at Photokina, the world's largest photo exposition) Technical Features - Break Into Books (Eager to see your pictures in print but wary of entering the publishing rat race? Why not publish yourself?); Too Hot To Handle; Can You Really Push Film? (You can get acceptable prints with Tri-X at E.I. 1600, but have you actually increased its speed?); How To (Vacuum your camera, use film and chemicals at half-price, rig up a footswitch for your darkroom, and more); How Sharp Can You Get? (Can a "normal" lens on a modern 35mm camera deliver the mythical figure of 100 lines per mm? Yep, but it sure is a pain in the pentaprism); SLR Directory (1978 Comparison charts reveal all about the latest models in 3 formats); Modern Tests (A monthly appraisal of equipment) Movies - Moviemaking (Infallible method of shooting slides into movie film for professional effects, plus Sony's new portable video system) Departments - Seeing Pictures (This year's festival in France showed that not everyone takes photography as seriously as we do); Letters To The Editor; Color In Your Darkroom (Is the dichronic syndrome creeping in your darkroom?); Techniques Tomorrow (Resolving the resolving power of a "perfect" lens); Instant Pictures (Instant rewards stem from instant acts from the traveling); Phototronics (Can you achieve multi-strobe lighting ratios and have autoflash convenience at the same time?); View From Kramer (Are those sophisticated Minolta spot meters all the're stacked up to be?); Courses; The Camera Collector (Zeiss scores again with another magnificent (and collectable) marketing disaster); Contests; Quick Notes (New items worth a look); Books In Review (The latest how-to picture and reference works); Ask For It; Index To Advertisers