Modern Photography - 1964

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Picture Taking Ideas - Eliot Porter (Brilliant color landscapes); Think Outside-In For Candid Portraits (Peter Basch shows how to produce dramatic pictures); Discovery (Geog Bergmann); Feininger (Human faces make images); Edward Steighen Way Out (The old master made improvisations long ago); Monthly Contest (Don't let 'em get away) Technical Articles - Too Hot To Handle (MODERN answers probing technical questions from its readers); They Said It Couldn't Be Done...And It Wasn't (Voigtlander's great cameras that were never produced); Your Darkroom: What To Get, Where To Put It; The Truth About Color Print Labs (What should you expect when you have color prints made?); How Good Are The Home Study Schools? (MODERN analyzes faculties, courses and lets you compare); MODERN Tests (An exclusive monthly appraisal of equipment) News Articles - Ansel Adams; Giant West Coast Exhibit; Inside Russia - Latest In Guided Camera Tours Movies - Today's 8mm Cartridges Are Versatile - Tomorrow's May Be Instamatic; Movie Maker (What's good and what's bad at the Cannes film festival) Tape And Sound - Sound Advice (Final roundup of the 1963 N.Y. High Fidelity Show) Departments - Coffee Break; Letters To The Editor; Books In Review; Get The Picture (Publications to keep you informed); Techniques Tomorrow (Breaking the low-light limits in photography); Large Camera (Hints and tips on focusing and related camera adjustments); 35mm (How to get the most speed from your film); Keppler On The SLR (Automatic or preser, which is the best buy); Color Workshop (Planned color combinations for effective shots); The Well Traveled Camera (A skiing vacation means great picture taking opportunities); Behind The Scenes; Pictures In A Moment (A report on some of the problems with Polaroid's pack film)

Picture Taking Ideas - Are Winners Really Winners? (Match your opinion with the experts on Kodak's International Color Competition); Tele??? (Use selective focus for parades, nature, portraits and landscapes); Discovery; Monthly Contest (Don't let space come between you and a good picture); Tele Close-Ups From A Distance (Take your camera to the zoo) Technical Articles - Super Telephoto Outfit (1800mm for only $30); Too Hot To Handle (MODERN answers probing technical questions from its readers); How Good, How Sharp Are Tele Converters? (You can triple your focal length); Which Filters For Tele Photography?; Tripods (Fictions, fantasies and truths); Are Mirror Telephotos Practical? (The amazing catodioptries); 1500mm Telephoto For $15 (Assemble a 1500mm lens in less than an hour); MODERN Test (An exclusive monthly appraisal of equipment) Movies - Movie Maker (Shoot within your limits); Think Telephoto For Tighter Movie Scenes Tape And Sound - Sound Advice (Tape old 78's conveniently and inexpensively) Departments - Coffee Break; Letters To The Editor; Get The Picture (Action at slow speeds, landscapes in the rain, wide-angle candids); Behind The Scenes (New Agfa Karat system); Color Workshop (Focus on flowers and gardens); Techniques Tomorrow (How to get sharp images with teles); Pictures In A Moment (Keep your Polaroid Land Camera cool); Keppler On The SLR (Monoculars vs. Telephotos); 35mm (Astonishing new method for washing film); Large Camera (More about close-ups and macro-photography); The Well Traveled Camera (What to take and what to leave home on your vacation); Ask For It