Modern Photography - 1963

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Picture Taking Ideas - Shoot Cool Water Color (Techniques for summer stoppers); Become A Versatile Amateur (Techniques make versatility a two-way street); 35mm Special Effects (Techniques for way-out action); Shoot Candid Kids (Techniques for the wildest coverage); Monthly Contest (Try your own people-to-people program) Technical Articles - How Far Have We Gone? (MODERN tests outstanding cameras of the past. This month: the 1938 Kodak No. 1); At Last (MODERN's '64 Product Preview Reaches Last Roundup); Astronaut In Orbit (Shooting way-out landscapes from far-out space); Too Hot To Handle (MODERN answers probing technical questions from its readers); Compare 'Em: 35mm. Half Frame & Ultraminatures (When, why, and how much do results differ); 4 Ghastly Wide-Angle Lens Errors And How To Avoid Them; 35mm Ektachrome-X (MODERN's Test Show It May Even Surpass Kodachrome; MODERN Tests (An exclusive monthly appraisal of equipment) News Articles - Photography Behind Cuba's Iron Curtain Movies - Break The Rules For Exciting Movie Color (Special effects, exposure, filters, framing, lighting); Movie Maker (Make your backyard a theatre) Departments - Coffee Break; Letters To The Editor; Get The Picture (Travel scenics on the wing); Keppler On The SLR (Test and correct for lens color); Behind The Scenes (Canonex SLR - Weston Master V); Pictures In A Moment (Rescue the scenic); Large Camera (What to look for in lenses); The Well-Traveled Camera (Copenhagen); Techniques Tomorrow (Absolute color correction of lenses); Color Workshop (Color at the beach); Sound Advice (Tape your own home movies); 35mm (Films/developers for quality); Salon Calendar; Ask For It

Picture Taking Ideas - Impact! (Try Horst Schafer's techniques for stoppers); What Is Style? (Great pictures that have set the photographic style since 1893); Find The Right Angle For Scenics (Careful planning makes the perfect 35mm landscape); Monthly Contest (Don't be square, use the 2 1/4 reflex); New Look In Camera Tours (Let Thru The Lens Tours guide you); New Look In Eclipses (An ingenious amateur devises a unique photographic approach) Technical Articles - Too Hot To Handle (MODERN answers probing technical questions from its readers); Can You Really Tell The Difference? (2 1/4, 35mm, half-frame, ultra- and sub-miniature results compared); What Makes Projected 35mm Slides Unsharp? (The complete story); A Master Printer Tells How (Let a darkroom expert show you all the tricks); MODERN Tests (An exclusive monyhly appraisal of equipment); How Far Have We Gone? (MODERN tests outstanding equipment of the past. This month: the 1928 Kodascope B 16mm Projector) Movies - Movie Maker (How reflector floods are an important part of home movies); Best Answer Yet (Behind-the-lens meters for 8mm cameras) Tape And Sound - Sound Advice (Taping FM stereo); Sound Products Departments - Coffee Break; Letters To The Editor; Color Workshop (Using the Munsell Color Wheel); Pictures In A Moment (Modifying for color); The Well-Traveled Camera (Vermont); Behind The Scenes (Wall-sized color prints - and more); Large Camera (Choosing lenses); Keppler On The SLR (What to carry in the field); 35mm (Are you a bi-focal SLR user?); Techniques Tomorrow (Automation - Today); Books In Review; Get The Picture (A potpourri of travel subjects); Salon Calendar; New Products; Ask For It