Modern Photography - 1961

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Picture Taking Ideas - Hot Way To Real Cool Color (S.C. Valastro toasts his color slides and achieves other way-out effects); MODERN's Babies (Here's how our editors photograph their children); Fast Film Indoors And Outdoors, Too (Thomas Hopker's pictures of pretty girls were taken in a variety of lighting situations with just one fast film) Technical Articles - Make Your Own Polaroid Land Camera (Maynard Frank Wolfe redisgns the 80a); Too Hot To Handle (MODERN answers probing technical questions from its readers); Dry Rot In Photo Books (To help you avoid the many bad technical books on the market, MODERN lists some of good ones); AG-I Snafu & How To Get Out Of It (Tiny, light, powerful - but not uniform. Some solutions to the AG-I problem); MODERN's Guide To Color Film Filters (A handy listing of which filter to use in which light with which 35mm color film); Official Depth-Of-Field Tables (A completely integrated set of tables for your general and critical photographic work with 35mm cameras and lenses from 21mm to 1000mm); MODERN Tests (An exclusive monthly appraisal of equipment) Movies - Movie Viewer (An interview with a director); Movie Maker (8mm sound, Part II); Take A Room, Make A Movie (Your own living room makes an ideal background for movies of your children) Departments - Coffee Break; Letters To The Editor; Salon Calendar; Behind The Scenes; Picture In A Moment (Quick & easy reloading); New Products; Modern Color (The FR Color Kit); Techniques Tomorrow (Cameras in orbit); New Photo Books; 35mm (A report on Ansco Hyfinal); Well Traveled Camera (Vacation accessories); Ultraminiature (Close-up techniques, Part II); Large Camera (What Eliot Elisofon uses); Monthly Contest