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Features - The Three Guardsmen and Marshal Nix (While working for Marshal E.D. Nix, U.S. Deputy Marshals Heck Thomas, Bill Tilghman and Chris Madsen became Oklahoma's most legendary lawmen.), Sacagawea of the Lewis and Clark Expedition (Traveling across the Wild West with a baby on her back, the young Indian mother Sacagawea was, as William Clark wrote in his journal, "a token of peace">), Fort Laramie: Gateway to the Far West (To protect the thousands of pioneers traveling on the Oregon Trail to the Far West, the old trading post was transformed into a military fort 150 years ago,), Kickapoo Counterattack at Dove Creek (Confederate Regulars and Texas militiamen attacked a peaceful Indian camp on the morning of January 8, 1865, a costly raid that would haunt Texans for years to come.), 'A Quiet Christmas in Indian Territory Days in 1887' ("Now, this Della Humber had said he was the one tht killed Jim Guy, so I wanted him and did not care how much how I got him" wrote the famous U.S. Deputy Marshall.) Departments - Warriors and Chiefs (At Fort Robinson in 1879, Dull Knife told his fellow Cheyennes, "Let us never give up to these people, to be taken back south to the country we have run away from".), Western Lore (Twenty years before the California Gold Rush, the Twenty-Niners were pouring into the rugged mountains of North Georgia in search of golden nuggets.), Gunfighters and Lawmen (The law seemed unable, or unwilling, to do anything about the Notch-Cutter Gang's murdering and thieving, so the citizens of McDade, Texas turned vigilantes.), Artists West (Larry Edgar captures a Dalton Gang moment at Coffeyville in Brothers of the Gun.), Westerners (When botanist Thomas Nuttall set out for the southern Rockies in 1819, he found himself relying, more than he ever imagined, on a mysterious trapper named Lee.)