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Custom Bike June
Technical - Performance Hop-Up For Sportsters: Stage One, Chain Failure (A common but little known cause), Honda V65 Magna (Fastest of the Production Bikes) Products - Half Chaps (Protection where it counts), The HRD (Take another look, it's not a Harley) Feature Bikes - My Pegasus (A Shovel built to order), Ruxton Express (Top-Fuel Harley), Touch Of Class (East-coast Sportster), Trick Trike (Power by Harley Vee) People & Places - Just For Kicks (Custom Bike's 4th Annual), Daytona 1983 Speed Week, 1983 Miss Harley-Davidson Departments - Editorial, Mail Box, Sound Off, Newsbriefs, Parts Preview, Reader's Bikes, Calendar Girl

Cycle Illustrated May
Road Tests - BSA Victor 500 MX, Honda 100 SL Special Features - Inter-Am Motocros Final, Sound Thinking, Battery Maintenance, Cycle Illustrated Interview, Barstow/Vegas Desert Race, 1971 BSA Specs, Minibike Championship, Flow Testing, Half-Mile Speedway Spectacular, Twin-Carb Bultaco Regular Features - Western Scene, Service Department, Chain Reactions, Minibike Column, New Products

Dirt Bike August
Tests - Maico's Production Factory Racer (A brutally fast, super-handling shaker), Penton 125 Enduro Racer (John Penton gets his shifts together...all six of them) Technical - Gas Additives Meet The Dyno (Do they really work? We put them to the test and found out), Van Tech Springer On A CZ (An industrial swap to prove a point), It Runs - And Damn Fast Too (We test our superbike at the races) Features - The Hard-Riding Old Timers Club (Suds and scrambling in the California sun), Big Time Sponsorship ("So ya think ya wanta be a motocross star, eh kid...?), Three Wheel Overkill (Didja ever have a tricycle when you were a kid?), Secrets Of Sand Riding (Relax and hook it - sort of) Departments - From The Saddle (No trespassing - survivors will be prosecuted), Checkpoint ("Got dem old plaster blues again, mama..."), Riders Write (Outasight! but not out of mind), New Products (A barrel of laughs for a barrel of cash), Crash And Burn (A helluva way to spend a Sunday afternoon at Locust Grove, Oklahoma)

Motorcycle Buyer's Guide - 1975 Models
Contents - The High Roller From Suzuki, Operation Deep Freeze, Yamaha's Nitrogen Bombs, Gold Wing In Profile, Gold Wing In Flight, Spanish Flyers, Laverda 1000, Easy Rider, '75 Pony Bikes, The 250 Bunch, Lightweight Catalog, Middleweight Catalog, Heavyweight Catalog, Buyer's Guide: Helmets, Buyer's Guide: Goggles, Buyer's Guide: Moto-cross Tires, Buyer's Guide: Luggage Racks, Buyer's Guide: Tie-down Straps, Buyer's Guide: Big Gas Tanks, Buyer's Guide: Rear-set Footpegs, Buyer's Guide: Two-stroke Exhausts, Collector Systems, Cast Wheels, Buyer's Guide: Cast Wheels, Cafe Racers, Where It's At!

Rider February
Cruiser Consciousness: The Golden Age Is Now - Test: Suzuki Madure (The marriage of High Tech and The Profile yields yet another devastating cruise missle), Technocruisers (Manufacturers are lavishing their best engineering on cruisers. Do you wonder why?), Test: Harley-Davidson Low Glide FXRS (High technology, no. High desirability, yes. The Original is still number one), Cruiser Comforts (With a little help from your friends in the aftermarket, you can do a lot more than cruise_ Women Riders: It's Not Just A Man's World Anymore - Annual Ricer Women's Tour (Grace, Robyn, Bonnie and Mary test the bonds of rolling sisterhood), BMW R65LS: Eurosport Dreambike (Can Moto-Guizzi loving Bonnie Stubbs find happiness with a red teutonic fantasy?), 1979 Suzuki GS550E: My Own Bike (Don't laugh. It's paid for. Mary Austin upgrades her trusty steed), Suzuki GS1150ES: Power Prodigy (Robyn Bernhardt is a strong, athletic woman. In the GS, she found her mechanical counterpart), Yamaha Virage 700: Chic Classic (Grace Butcher loves BMW's. Naturally, Rider gave her a cruiser for this trip), Women In Leather (It's not a fetish. It's not a fad. It makes perfect functional sense. And its good, for the eyes, too) Features - D.C. Couriers (Ride with a courageous corps of motorcycle messengers through the national Capitol), Special K For 1985 (Kawaskai introduces its line for the new model year) Technical Topics - How To: In The Clutch (Your clutch does a lot for you and your bike. One of these days, you should return the favor), Tech Q & A (Wherein Mark Tuttle Jr. deals with your ratios, steering head bearings and stripped spark plug holes) Products - Inside Spotlight (Examine the Citizen's Coalition, Attor. Jungle King II, Brooks Boots and Bates Gloves), Eclipse Electric Vest (You can be warm and comfy without being as bulky as the Michelin Man), National Cycle Audio Cannon (For those who like musical accompaniment on their rides, the Cannon is hard to beat) Columns - Dents Rouse, Tash Matsuoka, Commentary, Grace Butcher Rider Lifeline - Road Lawyer, Touring Tips, Hot Line, Safety Forum Departments - Rider Response, Rider Calendar, Ad Index

Motorcycle Collector November
Features - Cover Story: 1939 Ariel Red Hunter (Designed in 1925 by famed engineer Val Page and later updated by Edward Turner, the 500cc, overhead valve Ariel Red Hunter was a popular model for many years. The success of the Red Hunters, along with a few other factors, put Ariel in the position to later purchase Triumph in 1935. Turner was promoted to chief designer and general manager for the Triumph side of the business and he went on to create many exciting new models in the Coventry factory. Our cover bike is a great looking example of the machine that played such an important part in motorcycle history), Van Order Collection (In Part IX of our series from the A.F. Van Order photo collection, we present photos from the old Marion, Indiana races known as the "Corn Field Classic"), The Story Of The Mitchell Motorcycle (The origin of the Mitchell motorcycle dates back to the late-1890's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They only lasted a few years, but, no doubt, provided some inspiration for their up and coming Milwaukee neightors...Bill Harley and the Davidsons. Part 1 of two parts), Reader Restoration (A reader reports on his Allstate moped restoration project), The Friedman Files (We feature a look at Motorcycle Speedway racing in the late 1960's and early 1970's), Motorcycle Hibernation (Part 1 of a two part story. Some useful tips on preparing your classic motorcycles for storage over the winter), Special Feature: Holiday Gift Ideas (Lots of great gift ideas for the holidays), Resource Spotlight (Cliff and Sharon Mahjor run Cycle Hub in Portland, Oregon. Their stock of Triumph and other British parts is one of the largest in the nation, if not the world), The Best Of Vintage Mounts (A selection of color photography acquired by MCM from the files of Vintage Mounts Magazine, a publication that was on the market in the late-1980's) Columns - Over The Handlebars, Vintage Racing, Collector's Insight, Tool Time Departments - Letters, News & Comments, Collector's Bookshelf, Calendar Of Events, Event Reports, Classifieds, Index To Advertisers