Hot Rod - 1989

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Features - Power Combos, Name That Tune (How do you tune your engine for best power? Here's how.), Potent Rodents (All the right parts to make those Mouse and Rat motor scream!), Flo To Go (Flow-Testing Chevy's Mouse motor production cylinder heads.), Matchmaker (Combining the right heads and camshaft for a powerful engine.), Baad Vipes (A Cobra replicar with the bite of a blown hemi!), Fat & Classy (Mario Olgiati's snazzy '37 Ford ragtop.), Superb *Cruising on a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine - All Ahead Full.), '89 Olds Calais 9 Taking the mod Quad for a spin.), Old/Newstalgia (How about Joseph Mead's flathead '32.), Pulse Power (An overview of the latest aftermarket EFI Systems.), Classic Scenario (Part 1 of the build-up on a Classic Carriages '32 roadster.), Pro Street 101 (Joe Bruenig's beautifully crafted Pro-Blown Camaro.), User's Guide (Tools for the job.), Mo-Genta (There's nothing subtle about this blown 440 Challenger.), Carb Command (A look at Edelbrock's new Performer carburetor.), Grandest Prix (Dale Hunt's all-Pontiac Super Gasser.), IROC / Roll...Now / Stop (Chevy's gripping disc brake upgrade for Camaros.), Yamaha FZR1000 (It's all business.), Standard Operating Procedure (John Somberger's high-zoot StovebolT>0 Departments - Starting Link, Reaction Time, New Stuff, Roddin' at Random, Pit Stop, Swap Meet, Finish Line

Features - Mustangs; Silver Stallions (A history of Ford's significant performance points); King Of The Windsors (John Vermeersch outlines building a budget stroker 372 Ford); Road Test: Sizzlin' Saleen (The first look at Saleen's 290-horse anniversary Mustang); Trans-Formation (Rick Rodeck's revival of the Follmer Trans-Am Mustang); Studs (There's only one word that describes these hot rod Mustangs); Bow-Tie Breakthrough (Chevy's inexpensive entry into the new engine market); Power Surge (Impossible to run nine seconds on street tires? Ask Dan Brown); Racer X (Joe Demyan's Rat-fast Camaro that's as bad on the street as it was on the strip); Feedback Fables (Hi-po tips on power-tuning the electronic Q-jet); Burnt Orange (Ron August's classy custom-er); Small World (Gettin' down with the winners of the Hot Rod Model Car Contest); Spring Ahead (Updating '70-'81 Camaros and Firebirds with a unique new suspension); Jeep Date (A Paxton blower and EFI turn this truck into a stormer); So Low (Posie's radical red '33); Classic Scenario - Part 2 (The finishing touches on Classic Motor Carriage's slick '34); Bike Test: Kawasaki ZX-10 Ninja (A 170-mph King of the Superbikes); Major Minor (Sam Mallory's blown 427 Ford roller skate); Draggin' Wagon (Is Rat motor power the perfect Beetle Juice?) Departments - Starting Line; Reaction Time; New Stuff; Roddin' At Random; Pit Stop; Swap Meet; Finish Line

Features - Sledgehammer (Callaway's outrageous 254-mph street-driven Corvette.), Fun 'N' Frohlich (Dan Frohlich's '33 Cabriolet.), Haulin' Al (Al Teague's 380-mph backyard Bonneville effort.), S-Tension (A pop-a-top S-10 trick mini-truck.), Hot Rod's Swizzling Swimsuits, Calculating Minds (High-tech hi-po car computer programs that you can;t live without.), Flat-Out Ford (A right-on Pro Street '55 Ford.), Wishful Thinking (A parts washer using biodegradable solvents.), Sho Tauraus (Ford adds muscle to its slick sedan.), Caught In The Act (A Pro Street S-10 major mini.), Coupe-A-Copia (Not just another red '32.), Bell Tech Attack (How to lower you new GMC pickup.), She-Streeter (Leslie Reynold's low-budget but quick '55 Chevy.), Laser Surgery (A DOHC 190-hp, 1.9 liter mini-rocker.), Go Solo (An introduction to the fun sport of parking lot racing.), Against The Wind (A look at aerodynamics: what it is, and how to use it.), Grand Canyon Statement (A Pro Street Duster with plenty of style.), User's Guide (Wheels and wheel accessories.), Color Me Fast (Steve Dekkenga's subtle '72 442.), Kawasaki ZX-7 (A production 750 that's more racer than street bike.) Departments - Starting Line, Reaction Time, New Stuff, Roddin' at Random, Pit Stop, April Events, Swap Meet, Finish Line

Features - Shoe-In (It's the attack of the flagrantly fast shoeboxes! Run for your lives!), Modification M-A-N-I-A (a selection of do-it-yourself performance how-to's.), Underhood Detail (How to make your engine compartment as handsome as the rest of your ride.), Intake Bolt-On (Wherein we unravel the mysteries of intake installation.), Custom Exhaust (Getting Tubular without interference.), Installing Shocks (The finer points in jounce and rebound R&R.), Interior Revitalization (Cockpit cues for a more livable interior.), Selectiong Tires and Wheels (Avoiding the "rub" when fitting that rotund rubber.), Dash Painting (The low-buck spray can way to a refined dash.), Built on a Budget (Tony Bindus' handsome, low-buck '68 Camaro.), Winternationals (High tech means fast times at the NHRA's inaugral blast-off.), Debut Z (The '67 Z/28 Camaro.), ROC Solid (The evolution of the IROC-Z Camaro.), Matt's Attack (Matt Larusso's Pro-to-go '66 Fairlane Pro Streeter.), Hot Licks (Graphic trends and trick ideas for the latest stick schemes.), Metal Magic (The basic tools and techniques for metal maneuvering.), True Colors (Slick undercoatings and paint to keep the evil rust monster at bay.), High Boyce (Boyce Asquith's stompin' 900-horsepower '32 highboy.), Great F-spectations (Chevy enters the concept-car fray with it's version of the '32 F-car.), Bells and Thunder (Part II of our look at Bell's super-trick truck.) Departments - Starting Line, Reaction Time, New Stuff, Roddin' at Random, Bike Test, Pit Stop, May Events, Swap Meet, Finish Line

Features - Tips & Tricks (Actually more than 125 plans, schemes, ideas and dreams to do it better, faster and easier.), Runnin' Mild (Brian McCormack's multicolorful Road Runner.), High Bred (Randy High's beautius maximus '34 Chevy Cabriolet.), Shops of the Fast & Famous (Vince Granatelli's ultimate race shop.), Sensored! (A look at exhaust emissions and how they relate to high-performance street engines.), Mike's Iron (A '29 A-bonus with a healthy 383 Mouse for motorvation.), Gilt Trip (Coatings, platings and all the gliltz that is hot rodding.), Living The Dream (Whit Bazemore at speed in Ten Coombis Fuel Funny.), Pony Express (Hot Rod's corral comparo of a 64 1/2, '69 Boss 302 and the '89 Mustang GT.), Hoover's Move (We've could've called this '32 the Nostalgic Rat.), The Degreeing (Tires roll better when they're pointed in the right direction.), Ah, Some Z! (Bob Hickman's blown '69 Z/28 Camaro Pro Streeter.), Maxi-Mouse - Part II (Leaping tall buildings with a 12.60-second, 383-street Chevelle.), Good 'N' Evil (A pair of potent rodent-powered Novas.), Treasure of Sierra Vista ("Badges? You don;t need no stinking badges to read this story".), Deja Dodge (Terry Dierks' chameleon Challenger.), User's Guide (Aerodynamic parts and pieces.) Departments - Starting Line, Reaction Time, New Study, Roddin' at Random, Bike Test, Pit Stop, June Events, Swap Meet, Finish Line

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Features - Reader's Rides (Over 20 pages of Cars of the Stars - and maybe yours, too!); Of Hooligans And Hell Raisers (The oh-so-bad days of early hot-rod movies); Red And Race-Ready (Team Rossler's rad and bad 8-second '55 Chebbie); Anchors Aweigh (The budget solution - 500-cid Cadillac torque monsters); Dan's Overland (Dan MacLander's 12-second British Columbia cruiser); Shock Talk (All the ins and outs of shock absorber basics); Metallic Avenger (John Mills' blown '67 Camaro); Quad Squad (Team Oldsmobile's Showroom Stock, street-ready racers); 'Glass Of '57 (Jerry Moreland's alky-burning McEwen clone); Wild In The Streets (From Indy cars to the tender-bashing sedans, they were flyin' at Long Beach); War And Pieces (The Hot Rod Model Car Show); Doin' The Bump-Stick Shuffle (Testing Rhoads' cam and lifter package); Mod Rod (The '34 "Radial Rod" is back and beautiful); User's Guide (Sound systems); Road Test: Light Hauler (GMC's 4.3L S-15 pickup) Departments - Starting Line; Reaction Time; New Stuff; Roddin' At Random; Pit Stop; August Events; Swap Meet; Finish Line

Features - Best of Hot Rod, 1989 Top Ten, Person of the Year, Baddest Engines, Best New Trends, Best New Performance Cars / Best Engineered, Top Ten 1989s, Best Wild Rides, Baddest Hot Rods, Most Awesome Race Cars, Green Beretta (Tom Davis' green-to-the-gills blown Pro shooter.), Hypertech Computer Car Nationals (The chips were flyin' in Memphis.), 'Glass Lipper (Ray Lipper's blown 440 MoPar '32 highboy.), Second Time Around (Dave Lewis blown rat pickup just gets better with age.), Getting Sideways (Rick Northrup's slick Pro Street Thunderbird.), Lickin' Good (The outstanding Brizio-B&M-Mumford '32 highboy.), F Notes - Part 3 (Transforming an RS Camaro into a monster canyon-carver.), Stacked Attack (Dean Brown's well-stacked Pro Camaro.), Haulin' Salt (An honest-to-goodness 190-mph pickup.), User's Guide (Ignition systems.), Celebrity Status (Jeff Poore's star-studded Pro Streeter.), Good, Bad & Ugly (The Salt Report: Bonneville '89.), Unidentical Twins (Seeing double with a pair of '32 Fords.), Ignition Curve Basics (Taking the mystery out of ignition timing.), The Big Chill (Intercoolers for superchargers.), Pleasantfun (The Goodguys street-rod show invades Northern California.) Departments - Starting Line, Reaction Time, New Stuff, Roddin' at Random, Bike Test, Pit Stop, December Events, Swap Meet, Finish Line