Hot Rod - 1974

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Features - Irwindale Van Boogie (Latest and greatest van happening); Mini Rail (Drag-N-Fly, the 78-c-i-c dragster from England); Mickey Rail (Bob Rossi's quick C/Dragster); Big Noise From Illinois (Racing is threatened in this state); Independent's Day (How Benny Parson's won the championship); Score One For Mickey (An off-road race that everyone can watch); Portland Car Show (As seen through Ed Monaghan's camera); Rim Riders Rule! (Western U.S. Sprint Car Championship); The Street Rod Civil War (Brizio vs. Butters) Technical - Ultrasonic Induction (25 mpg from your street V-8); Getting Your Slip Together (Positive traction differentials); MoPar Engine Swapping Guide (How to do it yourself); Auto Shop Series (Bolts and torquing); Install Port Windows In Your Van (Here's how to do it for less); Vince Simone's C/SA (A tech breakdown on the record holder); Suspended Animation (Easy suspension tricks for your van); What Do All Those Instruments Mean? (This'll tell ya); How Much Compression? (Find out exactly with this guide); Two-Barrel Placement Science (Gain 40 hp by moving your carb one inch) Cars - Candy's Dandy (One beautiful Corvette); Racing Action (Warren & Coburn heat up our centerspread); The Deuce Is Mild (The 1974 Mustang II); Venomous Vega (World Finals-winning AA/FC of Jim Green); Racing Action (An Edsel in the Baja?); Twelve Years After (Floyd Holegaard's '29 A sedan delivery); Project Chevy II (Redoin' the Deuce, Part Two); A Sterling Idea (A great-looking car in a kit you can buy) Motorcycles - Kawasaki 250 (Middle of the road off-roader - almost); Up On Two Wheels (Future of the rotary engine) Departments - PPC Editorial; Editorial; Eastern Stuff; Stock Cars; Roddin' At Random; The SEMA Scene; Post Entry; Readers' Page; Coming; Canada; Shop Talk; What's Hot; Catalog News; '73 Feature Index; Hot Rod Mart

Features - Sloopernationals (NHRA records fell again, despite the rain); First West Coast Van Nationals (Photo coverage of the happening in King City); More Vans (Color features on dynamite vans); Heavy Traffic (Five-axle semis on a slalom course); The Wood Brothers (NASCAR's winningest team and their Merc); The Street Rod Civil War (Part II: air conditioner/heater combo); Third Annual San Francisco Car Show (Ed Monaghan works out in the Bay City); Baja vs Parker (Back-to-back off-road coverage); The Real Last American Heroes (Modified racing in the Mid-Atlantic states); Oil Spill Nationals (OCIR Manufacturers Funny Car Championships); The 13-Year Overnight Success (Profile on Gary Beck); 75-80 Bracket Race Championship (Bracket racers do their thing in Maryland) Technical - Gas Mileage Tips (They're taking you gas away. We're giving it back); The Ridged Runner (Economy/ecology vs performance); Vee Double-Bubble Van (Here's an inexpensive sunroof for your van); How Does Your Alternator Work? (Hot Rod Wanda tells all about it); $10 Transmission Jack (An adapter that converts your floor jack to a trans jack); Automatic Improvement (Reprogram your automatic trans for performance); Sheetmetal Tools (What to use to trim the tin); Switched-On Ignition (A low-buck trick to improve performance); Auto Shop Series (Carburetor troubleshooting) Cars - Rotary Bug (Blown Mazda-powered Volkswagen); Ultimate Yamahauler (Toyota's new trick pickup); Racing Action (Two kings of the highway); An Old Brougham Sweeps Clean (Larry Woods' beautiful '32 Nash) Motorcycles - Honda MT-250 Elsinore (New bike from Honda); Barstow To Vegas (Biggest desert bike race of the year); Up On Two Wheels (Bob Greene on sidecars) Departments - PCC Editorial; Editorial; Stock Cars; Eastern Stuff; Canada; Roddin' At Random; The SEMA Scene; Post Entry; Readers' Page; Shop Talk; What's Hot; Coming; Catalog News; Hot Rod Mart

Features - ...And Now The Good News (Eight pages of tips to beat the fuel crunch); Slowdown Hoedown (Crager's 5-Second Club members at Irwindale); Mini-Car Customizing (From the pen of Kenny Youngblood); The Imperials (Four pages of some very cheap lowriders); Lucky (That's one of the personalized license plates you can order); Cale Reigns At Rainy Riverside (First NASCAR race of the season); Chicago Car Show; Gimme A Brake! (Don Garlits almost won at Phoenix( Technical - Pollution-Free Performance (Let's hear it for fresh air and performance); Cleveland Squeezers (TRW's latest pieces for the Ford 351C); Lumber Bumper (Hand-carved wooden bumpers for your van); Dynamic Dyno (Tune-up, performance and gas mileage figured right in your car); Project First Car (Results of our poll); Auto Shop Series (Tire balancing and truing); Magic Box (Liberty's new "clutchless" four-speed) Cars - Happiness Is 32 Miles Per Gallon (Honda road test); Hmmmmmmmm (We test Mazda's latest); Road Grader (Bob Hensley's show/go 150-mph Mustang); Racing Action (Action at the SCORE race); United Nations (A Japanese Funny Car from Sweden) Motorcycles - Low-Buck How-Tos For Your Motorcycle; Harley Springs A 175 (A new hotshoe bike from H-D); Up On Two Wheels (Some of the new models) Departments - Editorial; Stock Cars; Canada; Roddin' At Random; Post Entry; Readers' Page; The SEMA Scene; Shop Talk; Catalog News; What's Hot; Coming; Hot Rod Mart
Water damaged

Features - Yesterday's Car Today (Buyer's guide to the musclecars); I Was A Teenage Top Fuel Driver (Profile of John Stewart); Detroit Car Show Shorter & Sweeter (Winternationals '74); Daytona 450 (Richard does it again); Steve Evans & Bill Doner (Profiles); Car Lovers Of The World Unite (How to form a car club) Technical - The Great Header Emission, Mileage And Noise Flap; Chevy 4 Valve Small-Block Heads (New from Westlake); Could Be A Long, Long Season (Richie Zul is a bucks-down but heads-up Pro driver); Ramp, Ramp (Car ramps for under $20); Indy Preview (What to expect at this year's 500); Gop Art (Lastest trick from the Kalifornia Kustomizers); The Honer You Drive (Hone overdrive unit); Pickup Lockup (Build a trunk for the truck for under $20); First Car, Part II (Tune-up tricks); Instant Kustom! (Customize your car with Hot Licks decals); Auto Shop Series (Manual transmissions) Cars - HO Locomotive (The new Hurst/Olds Indy pace car); Police Package (Stearns & Weinhold road racing Camaro); Simon-Ized Supercars (Stock and modified Fiat 128 coupes); Centerspread (Ivo's fiery 200-mph crash at Pomona); The Street Rod War (Part 3) Motorcycles - Refried Alpina (Testing the 350 Bultaco); Up On Two Wheels (Plastics come to motorcycling) Departments - Editorially Speaking; Eastern Stuff; Stock Cars; Post Entry; Canada; SEMA Scene; Roddin' At Random; Readers' Page; What's Hot; Shop Talk; Coming; Catalog News; Hot Rod Mart

Features - "You Can't Send A Kid Up In A Crate Like This" Vol. 2 (Profile of Rickie Panch); The Brothers Carry The Money Off (California 500 coverage); Silent Running (Bicycle motocross); Vans-Am Of Kansas City (The hose club for Truck-In '74); Car Show (Cleveland, Ohio); Vette Section (Color and black and white of the best there is) Technical - Here's Two Ya (Two-barrel carbs at the drags); The Mouse That Squeaks? (Chevrolet's all-new V8 for 1975); Project First Car (Keepin' all four on the ground); Chevy Up, Part 6; Vette Veneer (A product report); 'Glas Patchin; No Baloney Corvette Parts (Pieces for that '63-or-later Vette); Auto Shop Series (Emission systems); High-Energy Ignition (Delco's revolutionary new distributor) Cars - One Sharpened Datsun (Bob Sharp builds a screamin' B210); The 1974 Corvair (Solar/Kelmark's mid-engine V8); Run She May, But Shine She Must (C.J. Baker's record-setting Chevelle); Tule-In Around (Roy Field's Chevy-powered Sprint); Project VW Rebop (A 100,000 VW gets a face lift); Project Mileagemaker (Can a 1974 Camaro LT Z/28 find happiness during the Energy Crissis?); Racing Action (Don Prudhomme during an earthquake) Motorcycles - RD-350 Streetburner (Mileage, looks and high-performance all in one); Up On Two Wheels (Larry Bornhurst betters his own Baja record) Departments - Editorial; Canada; Stock Cars; Eastern Stuff; Roddin' At Random; The SEMA Scene; Post Entry; Readers' Page; Shop Talk; What's Hot; Coming; Catalog News; Hot Rod Mart