2007 Family Handyman

I have more magazines to list from the 10' x 20' storage locker that is filled with boxes. Check back often or send me what you are looking for.

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Features - 10 Tips For A Better Paint Job (Our opinionated pros sound off on the biggest painting mistakes and share their best techniques for first-class interiors); 10 Tips For Smoother Drywall (Use these special tools, materials and techniques to get pro-level results when your taping drywall); How To Test-Drive A New Window (Looking for high-performance? Put the window through this rigorous six-step check before you buy); Top 10 Electrical Mistakes (How to recognize and correct the most common electrical blunders that can endanger your home); Flip A Switch And Save $200! (Furnace on the fritz? Try these simple fixes before you make that expensive service call) Departments - Home Care & Repair (Spray paint for upholstery, fix for dented doors, and better and faster cleaning with microfiber); Ask The Family Handyman (...about waterproofing deck-ledger boards, testing for basement dampness and a sinking air conditioner); Workshop Tips (A design for a clever flip-up worktable, a technique for making a simple serving tray and more); Sharpen Your Skills (PEX, a new type of watter-supply system, is coming on strong. We show you what it is and the technique for installing it); Remodel Right (A pint-size bathroom remodeled to feel big, using lighting, handsome tile, better storage, a pocket door and more); Car & Garage...Expanded (Repair a faulty windshield washer and fix a mirror for cheap, plus tips for better visibility, tire pressure monitoring and jump-starting batteries); Handy Hints (Our readers will tell you how to avoid expensive mistakes in your dream kitchen, store spray cans and protect your car from messy cargo); New Products (A floating ceramic tile floor, a better wallpaper steamer, real clay wall fixtures, a pet hair remover and a high-tech garden trowel); Wordless Workshop (Find a few square feet or extra storage space with these shelves for narrow walls in your garage); Great Goofs (Installing a new, quiet dryer - the LOUD way, catching a pencil thief, and wearing earphones - on the phone) On The Web - Elegant Half Bath (With a wall-mount faucet, a vessel sink and a console table, you can transform that tiny bath into a room you'll be proud of); Small-Bathroom Storage (Triple the storage capacity of a petite bath with these three projects: A bigger medicine cabinet, Attractive open glass shelves, A built-in pantry cabinet); Cabinet Face-Lift (Are your kitchen cabinets looking a bit beaten up and wore down? Try new doors, fresh paint, open shelves and other simple upgrades); Handy Hints (Check out this slick way to store leftover paint, plus dozens of other why-didn't-I-think-of-that ideas. If YOU have Handy Hints of your own, submit them online and receive $100 each if we print them); Great Goofs ("Man's best friend" + fresh paint = a fine mess)