1968 Family Handyman

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Contents - Special Feature - What You Should Know About Hardwood Paneling (If you have been thinking of paneling any of the rooms in your house with prefinished hardwood panels, you will find the information in this article invaluable. It contains all the facts on how to choose panels, typical costs and step-by-step instructions for the do-it-yourselfer on how to install paneling and moldings, and there are plenty of explanatory illustrations; Two-Zoning Your Warm Air Heating System (Install this system of automatic dampers and avoid the problem of uneven heat distribution in your home); Open Your Garage Door With One Finger (Here's an easily assembled device that permits you to open the garage door without getting out of your car); Reclining Headboard Wall Shelf (Anybody can make this delightful headboard that can be used as a back rest and disappears when not used); The Saw With Three Names (Called a bayonet, jig or sabre saw, this electric tool makes the job of cutting wood or metal a lot easier); Dry Sink Sewing Cabinet (Complete details on how to build this Early American dry sink cabinet with space for a sewing machine); Moth-Proof Closet Room Divider (Build this room divider that has access doors on both sides and provides moth-proof storage for clothing); How To Lick Winter Weather (Easy ways to eliminate roof leaks, open clogged leaders, stop drafts and make your home snug for winter) Departments - New Products For Old Problems; Garden Q And A; Editor's Tests; Booklets You Should Know About; Frauds You Should Know About; Nuts And Dolts; Shop Talk With The Publisher; Ask Handyman Q And A; Market Place; What It's Called And Where To Buy It; Index To Six Previous Issues Money-Saving Ideas For Do-It-Yourselfers - Gardenias As House Plants; Planting Geraniums; Bottlebrush Plants; Gladiolas All Year Round; Where To Get Burlap For Plants; Decorating With Color; Decorative Hardware; How To Install A Tile Floor; Wallpaper Application; New Ceiling Ideas; Handcasting Metal; Plywood Guide; Redwood Homes; Adjustable Shelving Ideas; Cedar Shake Panels; Decoupage Finishing; Understair Storage Space; Veneering A Concrete Stoop; Hardwood Floor Over Concrete; Removing An Old Finish; How Much Insulation; Installing Bathtub Enclosures; Sash Cord Replacement; Ventilating Soffits; How To Buy Wall Peneling; Wall Panel Installation; Zoning Your Heat System; Garage Door Opener; Disappearing Headboard; Choosing An Electric Jigsaw; Early American Cabinet; Closet Room Divider; Fixing Roof Leaks; Loose Asphalt Roof Shingles; Open Clogged Leaders; Repairing Wood Shingles; How To Draftproof Windows; Insulating A Floor; Making A Window Cornice; Moss On The Roof; Restoring A Porcelain Finish; Sweating Closet Walls; Flooring Underlayment; Cleaning Bluestone; Leaky Basement Wall; Reshingling An Old Roof; Tile On Plasterboard; Using Ladders For Scaffolding; Fixing Noisy Pipes; Restoring Wood Windows; Resurfacing A Countertop