1964 Family Handyman

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Extra Feature Sections - #1 Lunch, Luau Or Loafing (In your own kitchen/ family center. The fine old tradition of kitchen living is made all the more attractive by this do-it-yourself remodeling story which shows how almost any existing area may be expanded or altered to include a family lounge - complete with handy built-ins, a slick divider wall and the popular snack counter. Easy is the word for it when you follow our complete instructions), #2 Short Cuts To Inner Space (An 8-page wrap-up of how the pros install wallboard. All the tricks of the trade professional mechanics use, and how they will save you time and motion when you understand your next room addition or alteration. Good for experienced handymen who want to acquire the finer points, excellent for untried do-it-yourselfers in need of the complete story in step-by-step photos) Features - Collector's Choice (A princely and proper display case of Early American origin for workshoppers who want to produce a showplace for collections of favorite occasional piece or whatnots. Clean of line, it's an excellent choice), Furniture That Grows With The Children (One of the best ways to keep up with growing kids' furniture needs is the wall-mounted module, a very smart do-it-yourself unit conceived in 5 variations - all individually convertible or used in a series. Install as required), 2 Ways To Divide A Room For Two (This is a two-for-one space bonus for do-it-yourselfers who are faced with doubling-up on existing quarters. Not one, but two easy-to-build choices), Screecher In The Shop (Know your tools - expecially ol' screecher, the router. Detailed descriptions of the basic unit, the many fascinating bits and cutters, and the savvy for using it to make the most intricate cuts with ease and confidence), Winter At Its Worst (A straightforward reminder to be prepared for the worst of winter's toll - home and property damage - and the temporary, emergency repairs you can make to minimize loss until conditions permit permanent replacement), Remodel - Or Else (Bursting the seams of your dream cottage, for want of more living space? Before you take the plunge on a new house or a major remodeling project, hear out these arguements - all important facts toward the best decision), Install An Automatic Thermostat (The automatic clock thermostat is the closest thing yet to an electronic brain for your home heating system. Here's how-to installation procedure), Safety In The Workshop (None of us are ever so shopwise or profecient with power tools that we can't afford a sharp reminder about the dangers of careless working habits) Departments - Things You Should Know About (Loads of interesting new houseware and hardware items for the home and shop, all designed for more personal convenience and lightened chores), Frauds You Should Know About (An impressed owner agrees to allow others to use his home as a showcase, accepts a check and gets taken for a high-interest loan he wasn't aware of), Shop Talk With The Publisher (All our readers are such interesting people, including the Russian official), The Handyman Gardner Q & A (Remedies and sound advice for the green-thumber with plant problems), Tips You Can Tote (Fully illustrated sharpening procedures for the life of your tools and cutters), Tips You Should Know About (A bumper crop of very practical tips from readers who've solved problems), Booklets You Should Know About, Ask Handyman (Readers who want to know get all the facts from FH's home and shop pro.), What's It Called And Where To Buy It, Handymania, Index To Six Previous Issues